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How to Order Beer in Spain | Devour Madrid

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Ordering a beer may seem simple, but here in Spain, it can be a little tricky. So, we’re here today in the beautiful Casa del Abuelo. One of the places, one of the family-owned tapas bars, that we visit on our tours, to see exactly how to order a beer like a local here in […]

Shanta Prince – Throw Wine “2018 Soca” (Barbados)[BassInk]

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Shanta Prince – Throw Wine “2018 Soca” (Barbados)

Taste the Grape — Funny song about wine tasting

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The wine taster says, detect the mint, black cherry and the artichoke heart He says there’s diesel exhaust on the finish and tobacco on the start Sniff that bouquet of violets & horse manure mixed with huckleberry seed I said what a load let’s hit the road this wine guy’s smoking weed Well I don’t […]

What Happens If You Drink a Glass of Heavy Water?

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SciShow is supported by a problem-solving website that teaches you how to think like a scientist. Mmmm, a refreshing glass of cold water. If you think I’m talking about H-2-O, then you’re right. But I could be sipping on heavy water, or deuterium oxide, aka D-2-O, just as easily. Well, not just as easily… […]

My Adopted Daughter & I Play Truth or Drink (Cynthia & Tabitha) | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– What’s something that I do that embarrasses you? You don’t have to make a list, you can just pick one. – Everything. (laughing) – I’m Cynthia, and I’m the mom. – I’m Tabitha, and I’m the daughter. – Four. They were all adopted from foster care. She’s the oldest, she’s 21. – Sure. (laughing) […]

Finn Hill Winery: Wine Tasting Shuttle Partner

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So, this came from a particular vineyard called Rosebud. They have some Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon vines that are 30 years old which is old for Washington. It’s one of the most important things we do as a wine maker, is to choose the source of the grapes it’s like if you’re a chef. The […]

Marketing the Wines of Chile

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We took 21 students down to Chile in a global initiatives course Because Chile is an emerging market we decided to take an industry that was successful and that was the wine industry We broke up the course into groups, teams of students that would be focusing on individual wineries and so we ended up […]

How To Get High | Wim Hof Method

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You can get lifted doing the Wim Hoff Method? **** I need to try this! *Time slows down * What’s up everyone, if you’re burning flowers to get lifted, well then you’re doing it wrong and if you’re taking things, like this, to get lifted, well then you’re doing it wrong as well. Now the […]

Smoking Marijuana vs. Eating Marijuana | Marijuana

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