How to Throw a Wine-Tasting Party

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How to Throw a Wine-Tasting Party. There’s more to hosting a wine tasting than putting out glasses and crackers. These guidelines will help make your party a soiree to remember. You will need Wine Wine glasses Paper cups Plain crackers or bread Water Tasting sheets Pencils Paper bags (optional) and a prize (optional). Step 1. […]

8 Tips for Surviving Graduate School

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Recently, I was reading an article from a few years ago by CBS News – the link’s in the description – and it was talking about the 12 reasons not to get a PhD. And I gotta say, for somebody who has a PhD those 12 reasons were pretty on point. But if, like me, […]

South Park – Drinking Commercial

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You. Friends. Fun. Drink. Hot girls. You’re hot. Drink more. Expensive cars. Ass. Drink. Ass. Money. You in a tuxedo. Threesome. Vodka. Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Fun! You! In a tuxedo fucking this girl! Vodka! Drink! Drink! Drink it all you fucking pussy! More tuxedo! More cars! More pussy! Drink! Drink! Drink! Please drink responsibly.

Shocking Facts About Coca Cola (aka Coke)!

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>>MARK: Hi I’m Mark Perry the creator of And today I’m gonna show you how making even one small change in your diet, can add up to a big difference over time.And also I’m gonna show you five, kinda small changes you can make that will make a big difference in how you look […]

Cha Cha Tea | Loose Leaf Tea Beverages | MBS Festival Melbourne

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– Hi, I’m Sam from Cha Cha Tea and Madame Dry at the Mind, Body, and Spirit Festival. I would love to show you some products that we’ve got here today, showcasing. So, I’ll start with the Rose Water, which is a new product launching today. It’s a beautiful sparkling water with rose extract. It’s […]

Collage + Alcohol Ink Time-lapse

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♫ Music ♫ Over the past couple months I’ve been.. ♫ Music ♫ and because of all that I’ve felt like.. ♫ Music ♫ So, as a way of.. ♫ Music ♫

Hot Alcoholic Drink | Warm Up with the HOT TODDY

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– Are you looking for a quick and easy, comforting cocktail? Well, let me introduce you to the hot toddy. If you like your cocktails, then go ahead and subscribe and hit that notification bell, (ding) because I like my cocktails too. (upbeat clapping music) Welcome to The Spicy Apron Cooking Show. My name is […]

How to Pronounce Sangiovese? Italian Wine Pronunciation

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very very beautiful estate here… a who makes wine videos here on youtube welcome to my wine school here on YouTube where I share the passion and knowledge of wine so I am a French winemaker wine writer and founder of one of the most popular wine blogs in the world humbly that is called […]

Local Benton County Women Brings Horses Back Into People’s Lives

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(upbeat music) Trails in Benton Citytain is nestled among vineyards. fallen, but the horses you on a ride.ake says the businessn started as a suggestion. idea,’s to get more horses.have that opportunity. We give wine tasting tours, rides for families. ride tours as well. the vineyards and fix dinner. to go out on a […]

How To Keep Your Coffee Habit Healthy – Tamil Health Tips

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How To Keep Your Coffee Habit Healthy – Tamil Health Tips We start our day with a coffee and we feel refreshed the whole day. When guest come to our home / office we ask whether they would like to have a cup of coffee. Coffee exists for many centuries and coffee was invented by […]