5 EASY TIPS To Quit Drinking Alcohol ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

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“I only drink on weekends,” you’ve heard yourself say one too many times. Then you recall the past two occasions when you met friends for “a” drink, and ended up having ten. If drinking has become an unhealthy habit, causing you to resemble Mike Tyson after his ear-chewing moment, rather than a giggly drunk just […]

Robert Rex’s Shrimp in White Wine Sauce: Scampi Alla Livornese

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This dish uses a wine sauce that’s made with sweet white wine and shallots. Before I made sweet wine I used Malvasia Bianca, which is relatively inexpensive. We’re actually using a Deerfield Wine that is a Late Harvest Botrytis wine (“Gold”). It’s a little decadent, but you know, what the heck! We add shallots. I […]

Drink This Juice To Prevent and Treat Varicose Veins

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We all know that there are no miracles when it comes to eliminating varicose veins. However, through good nutrition and exercise, we can reduce its incidence and avoid deep vein thrombosis (otherwise known as a blood clot). If your varicose veins are at a very advanced stage, be sure to speak with your doctor immediately […]

6 Shocking Side Effects Of Almond Milk | Almond Milk Side Effects

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six shocking side-effects of almond milk following our the top six shocking side-effects of amun milk one raisin sugar levels almond milk includes sugar content excess of which may lead to various health problems as almond milk contains higher percentage of sugar its consumption may lead to severe complications – should be avoided to prevent […]

What drinks are safe when pregnant? | Parents

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[ SOUND ] Do you know what non alcoholic drinks are safe during pregnancy? [ SOUND ] Take our quiz and find out. [ SOUND ] First question. Is it safe to drink energy drinks? If energy drinks [ SOUND ] are your go to during an afternoon crash, time to find another option. The […]

90 BPM Carbonated Soft Drink Machinery

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www.sodahub.in, [email protected]

Plastic tea bags may leak microplastics into beverage, study finds

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Irish People Taste Test Non-Alcoholic Alcohol (Beer, Cider, Cocktails, Wine)

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Drinking! Drinking! Drinking! Drinking! Wait. Is this just like, everyday drinks? Is it beer? I’m so happy! It’s really nice! Ohhh! That’s…that’s…. I like it. No! Whoa! Kind of orange-y or something. Jaysus! That’s really um, like fruity! I’m kind of confused about the topic of this video. I don’t wanna have a cigarette with […]

How to Pronounce Château Lafite Rothschild? French Wine Pronunciation

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Château Lafite Rothschild is a classified first growth of the famous 1855 classification of the wines of Bordeaux, more precisely of the wines from Médoc. Chateau Lafite Rothschild. So how do you go about pronouncing this? Well, Chateau, you know about Chateau, don’t you? Lafite. So, I in French sounds like EE so it’s Lafeete, […]

How Coca Cola Became the KING of Soft Drinks

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You are watching Kings! Every Saturday we tell the story of how big brands conquered the world. Welcome to ALUX.com! The place where future billionaires come to get inspired! Hello Aluxers and welcome back! Quick question for you: Pepsi or Coke? You’ve probably been asked that a few times in your life. And while you […]