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Coastal Fishing, Chile, Salmon, Farm, Wine, Vineyards – America’s Heartland

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Hi, I’m Rob Stewart. Coming up on America’s Heartland. You may not realize it, but a lot of what’s produced on farms in America is all about you. Come along as we take a look at that country to consumer connection. We’ll take you to Wyoming where one farmer is hauling in a harvest of […]

Tasmania’s Best Wine on the East Coast | Discover Tasmania

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(♪♪♪) MAN 1: The East Coast was always the place you went for summer holidays or to get away. And now as I get a little bit older and I think I’ve developed a lot more of a relationship with the East Coast, because of its wine. My name is Ben Milbourne. I’m a passionate […]

The real truth about alcohol and drugs

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Do you or have you in the past drank alcohol? Yes I have. It probably have been so like the beginning of my senior year so like the beginning of this year for me. To be fairly honest I was pretty drunk this weekend. I wasn’t necessarily involved in a lot of drinking but I […]

Marijuana: Negative Health Effects

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Marijuana has many medical applications, most especially for patients on chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis patients, glaucoma and for chronic pain. It has a long history of both recreational and medical use. However, its popularity has led to a lot of myths about the health effects of marijuana. I’d like to do my best to dispel these […]

Best Milk To Drink With Honey | Seven Reasons To Drink A Cup Of Milk With Honey Before Going To Bed

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Seven reasons to drink a cup of milk with honey before going to bed. Not only is it effective on insomnia but also promotes restorative sleep. The combination of milk and honey helps bone health and is effective for anti-aging. Recent studies have proved that sleep quality improves by doing natural remedies that can be […]

The DARK SIDE Of Energy Drinks That Will Make You Question Drinking Them!

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From the sugar-ridden toll they take on your body to the brain-frying effects of overconsumption, today we look at the Dark Side of Energy Drinks That Will Make You Question Drinking Them. Number 13. Allergic to Energy Energy drinks are almost like a witch’s brew with the long list of ingredients used in their concoction. […]

Traveling in Northern Italy: Beyond Milan – Wine Oh TV

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Abadia Retuerta, Spain’s Ribera del Duero best luxury wine hotel & spa

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Hi, welcome to Eat Northern Spain I’m Elias Are you a wine lover? Are you ready to discover the most exclusive winery in Spain’s Ribera del Duero? Welcome to Abadía Retuerta an impressive winery and luxury hotel in the famous Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero A 12th century medieval abbey that overwhelms the senses […]