#FIXChallenge: Truth or Drink feat. Reza Chandika

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Can you hear me? — Yes Hold on… Why you playing with ’em titties? I’m not! Apa kabar Motha Fixers? Do we really have to speak english? Like… Calm down! Yesterday Putra and I played Truth or Drink That’s right! But today we’re inviting a guest over The one and only… Fix’s all-time favorite guest […]

8 Shocking Reasons Drinking Water While Standing Is Too Dangerous

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eight reasons you should never drink water while standing here are some shocking scientific reasons that tell you the difference it makes to your body when you have your water standing as opposed to sitting down one standing on drinking water can cause arthritis this may come as a great shock to you if you […]

Drinking Hot Water! Is It Good Or Bad? || Health Tips and Service

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today we are going to talk about drinking hot water is it good or bad please watch the full video if you do that you will learn the answer to the following questions one what are the benefits of drinking hot water – are there any side effects of drinking hot water 3 should we […]

D’Autrefois Pinot Noir Wine

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April is Michigan Wine Month | Pure Michigan

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What really distinguishes Michigan wine are three different things. From a winemakers prospective the word is terroir. It’s a French word and it means, kind of the wines neighborhood. It’s not just the soil, it’s the light, it’s the slope. Is it close to water? How much air does it get? Is it warm? Is […]


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Sports Drink PSA

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(Beating music) Just because kids play sports, doesn’t mean they need sports drinks. Sports drinks are loaded with sugar that kids don’t need when they get out and play. Water and a healthy snack is all it takes to bounce back. Water has no added sugar, no added colors, no added anything. It’s just water, […]

How to Taste Wine

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R. R. Phillips: Organic blueberry pressed under a wet rock from a babbling brook. Fresh cut thyme. Horse saddle. White grapes? Wine. R. R. Phillips: Wine tasting is like any other skill. It can be really intimidating, confusing and weird when you first get started. But with some basic tasting knowledge and a little practice […]

Wine Legs | The Tears of Wine

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Hey Tasters! Today we are going to talk about legs. Wine legs! Have you ever seen wine lovers lift their glass, stare at it with intense focus? Swirl the wine! What are they looking at? In a word: legs. The legs of wine. The French, who tend to have an innate sense of romance, prefer […]

WWS S4 Erik Koskinen “Six Pack of Beer and a Pack of Cigarettes”

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Honey well I quit my job ♪ Yeah, it just won’t pay ♪ I worked all year I worked all month Then they took my money away Yeah, now I don’t care ♪ Cause, they ain’t workin’ like me down here ♪ ♪ Hey now babe, I’m going deeper down […]