“Great is the Lord” // BREAD & WINE (feat. Kelly Smith) // Album: ONE

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“Great is the Lord” (Live) // BREAD & WINE (feat. Kelly Smith) // Album: One Written by: Ben Smith, Daniel Bashta, & Pat Barrett

The Main Wine Sub-Regions Of Bordeaux

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Bordeaux is the largest and undoubtedly, one of the most important wine producing regions in France There are over 7,000 Chateau, which collectively make more than 10,000 different wines each year No one need learn all these Appellations by heart, but just a few key pieces of information can help you to decipher What’s inside […]

Drinking Alkaline Water Is Dumb | A Doctor Reacts To Stupid Health Fads

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Hey guys, ZDoggMD. I got a Mr. Clean thing going on, ’cause (snaps) ladies love Mr. Clean. Anyways, alkaline water, it’s bullshit. Am I done here? (Tom laughs) Do I really need to explain to you why alkaline water is a complete waste of your money? God gives you free water. Some random hippie sells […]

Intervention: Jade Is an Addict (Season 19) | A&E

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Alcohol, Drinking, and Your Teeth! – Oral Care Club

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– Hello, Doctor Ellis for Oral Care Club, discussing alcohol and your teeth and gums. Around this time of year, there’s a lot of parties happening, a lot of celebrations, office parties, home parties, holiday seasons going on, and with all of these parties and holiday traditions comes a lot of alcohol consumption, so we […]

Is Alcoholic Mom in Denial about Drinking Herself to Death?

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Olivia Pope Red Wine Popcorn | MAKE WINE COATED POPCORN | Ritzy Recipes With Sarita

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Drama! Betrayal! Love! Hate! Scandal! Sadly, it’s all coming to an end with the series finale of Shonda Rhimes Scandal. Shonda why? But such a monumental show definitely deserves a gladiator send off with the best inspired food yet. No matter what Olivia Pope’s day is like, she comes home and she has a big […]

How The Success of Canned Wine Nearly Cost Its Founder Everything

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I know what you’re thinking, uh another ad spot. Where’s that fast forward button, but I’m not here to sell you anything. No promo codes first introductions. Hi, I’m Winston from HubSpot. Yes, the company that makes marketing, sales, and service software and also happens to make this show. Later in the episode we’ll hear […]

Would You Drink the Milk at This Indian Rat Temple?

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Having work drinks WITHOUT the boss – Work Drinks

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And we should probably get going yeah, right, I think Ellie’s already waiting at the bar for us, what are you doing? Uh ummm Going out for a drink. Where are you going? We were just gonna go to the Queen’s Head Hah oh my god… who else is…? Who else is going and stuff? […]