✅ TOP 5: Best Wine Fridge 2020

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Are you looking for the best wine fridge? In this video, we will top wine coolers on the market. Before we get started with our video detailing the best wine fridge options, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out. Starting off at number 1 […]

Riedel wine glasses: Do we need them?

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Dini: In this video, you will finally get an answer to the question, which wine glasses do I really need? And are Riedel crystal wine glasses really worth all the money? Stay tuned until the end because I’m also going to share with you my very favorite wine glass that I simply can’t live without. […]

Magic English Drink for kids + MORE | English stories for children | Steve and Maggie

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Hi hi. Abracadabra. Haha ha. Hi Ha hi ha ha. Ou, hey hello. How are you? Look, I am using some Maggie magic. Watch this. Abracadabra. Uh-oh. Hey, hello. Hello boys and girls. I am really thirsty. I need a drink. Great. Wow! I am really thirsty. Hey. Oh no. Oh hey. Haha. Some juice. […]

Top 10 Discontinued Soda Drinks We All Miss

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Sodas are a cultural staple of the summer. While there are many varieties and flavors on the market, sadly, some of them don’t last and are discontinued. While we mourn for the loss of these sodas, let’s relive the best ones as we look at 10 Discontinued Sodas We Miss. Patio This discontinued soda was […]

Chemistry of Beer – Unit 2 – Health Impacts of Alcohol

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>>When considering the chemistry of beer, we should also think about the health impacts—both positive and negative. There are components in beer like antioxidants that have positive health impacts, but there is also very negative impacts from the one compound that both made, historically, beer useful and enjoyable—and that’s ethanol. We need to consider that […]

Why Do People Lose Control Over Their Cocaine Use?

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[Male announcer speaking] Why do people lose control over their cocaine use? A recent experiment suggests an answer. Researchers studied cocaine’s effect on two types of neurons in the mouse brain. One type is technically called dopamine-receptor type 1 neurons, but in this animation, we’ll call these urge neurons. The other is technically dopamine-receptor type […]


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Weekly Korean Words with Jae – Drinks

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Jaehwi: Hi everyone. I am Jaehwi. Welcome back to Korean Weekly Words. Let’s see what we have for this week. This week’s theme is drinks. Is it alcohol? No, let’s see what we have for the theme. Okay the first word we have is 차 (cha) tea. I want to have something like beer, wine […]

Lil Rick x Shontelle – Wine Pon It (Tropikal Gas Riddim) “2019 Soca” (Barbados) | Official Audio

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Lil Rick x Shontelle – Wine Pon It (Tropikal Gas Riddim) “2019 Soca” (Barbados) | Official Audio

Wines on Wine – Rule Breakers (October 2019 Master’s Flight)

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There are some very famous blends in the world that are often copied. A great example is Bordeaux. In fact, we copy it. Our Lux Meritage is a take-off on a classic Bordeaux blend where there are specific rules about the varietals that you use. That being said, sometimes it’s fun to break the rules, […]