Ontario government announces further funding for wine, cider and spirits programs

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Ernie Hardeman>>I’m pleased to announce further funding for our wine, cider and spirits programs, while our government continues its overall review of the alcohol sector. The transition investment of over 15 million dollars
for one year, will help your sector with key business decisions and planning. Carolyn Hurst>>It really is an investment – that’s how I view the money – that allows our industry to grow. And if our industry grows, the province benefits. Ernie Hardeman>>We want to continue to help craft producers scale up, drive tourism and increase demand for quality Ontario grapes, apples and grains. We’re also allowing authorized wineries to
sell their wines at farmers markets and return unsold products to their onsite retail store
within a 72 hour period, rather than within the current 24. Carolyn Hurst>>The change is really important. More people will get VQA wines in more farmers’
markets because it’s just that much easier. [Ontario logo]

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