Olivier Straehli & Valerie Danan: Food & Wine pairing with Sweet white wine

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My name is Olivier Straehli, I am a chef at the Maison des 5 sens in Bordeaux. I am Valerie Danan, I am a speaker at Bordeaux’ école du vin as a trainer in Oenology. I have another cap, I am a teacher at GRETA in Talence. The Sweet Bordeaux, for me, are young wines. Original! Very aromatic, so this is very, very nice. They come from grapes with noble rot, which gives the wine both its softness and also all of its aromatic flavors: some flower, fruit, spices… What’s good with the Sweet Bordeaux, is that they are wines you can practically serve them with any menu. So, if you are snacking, tapas, maybe, for example, saffron and cheese pastry puffs. Just the foie-gras as a starter it can be done, we’ll go on the soft side. But it can also be done with an aperitif. Dried duck breast skewers with mango! So here, we find the sweet and sour side. Olivier, what have you got for us today? This board is very pretty, very colorful and it makes you want it. Listen, today I wanted to make tapas. You know, my friends arrive at the last moment, unannounced. You have prawns or langoustines, depending on the season. You say to yourself : I’ll quickly make a little tartare quickly, of langoustines with a citrus side the meyer lemon, a touch of acidity and crisp with green apple. the gingery side that will bring us a slightly peppery side because I use white pepper, which does not sting. Onion, chives, some salt and some olive oil. We will still have that little tarty note that can refresh the palate but without the agressiveness of the lemon, let’s say and which is sometimes a little too strong! I think it is quite interesting the very light side of the brioche to associate them with Sweet Bordeaux. I like this idea of lightness, a very honeycomb texture like that, And then the grilled side as well. The freshness is very important for those wines because we still need a very very good balance between the sweetness, the punchy side a little bit of enjoyable citrus. We will stay on this freshness, and we are having an apéritif, so it is better to keep light textures, Fresh and also very fruity. You can also serve a Sweet Bordeaux wine with a main course and I find that fish, it’s pretty original! If we are looking for contrast, we’ll rather go looking for a world cuisine where we’ll find the salty, the sweet, the spicy. A Sea bass, a herring, cooked in butter with a hint of acidity: a white balsamic vinegar for example or a citrus: a lemon or a lime And we do a sea bass meunière, It could be a very good idea So here, we are not all the same when it comes to sugar: some are very greedy, they love sugar. Rather prefer a fruit salad that is a little bit acidic an exotic fruit salad For example with a slice of ginger. Strawberries, Rhubarb, Rhubarb is very interesting ! Then for chocolate fans, we can offer them a macaron chocolate, a bit dark with a tonka bean ganache, for example I’d say, we rather go towards a white chocolate, worked with a touch of citrus. For example, A white chocolate and citrus tart Cheers ! Citrus, spices… Is it important to swirl the wine ? It will help you smell better in fact, as the aromatic molecules are volatile. swirling them they take the oxygen from the air and it helps reveal themselves better. Here, we have a somewhat narrower part that will really concentrate the flavors and allow us to smell better. Cheers ! To Sweet Bordeaux !

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