Old Kinderhook | Food and Beverage | Lake of the Ozarks

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I take a lot of pride in my work here at
old Kinderhook, not only just making good food, making sure the guests are happy,
but also we source from local farmers. You know all around us is farmland,
whether it’s fresh vegetables, beef, and pork which is abundant. The recipes that
we make have been made perfect. We all are following these recipes to
make sure that the food is consistent and when you get consistent food that’s when it
is special. We have two great restaurants here at the resort, The Hook has just
recently reopened. They did a fantastic job of renovating the restaurant, open,
airy, there’s some beautiful stonework and walnut panels to give it a rich
feeling. I enjoy going into The Hook in the morning and having a smoothie, but a
lot of people enjoy the breakfast tacos or eggs made to order, pancakes. We have a
nice variety of sandwiches, salads so you can get a healthy meal or you get a
double cheeseburger if that’s what you like. The Trophy Room’s atmosphere is
definitely lodge-like, a little bit of a steakhouse, but also with the open
windows that look up over the Golf Course. The Trophy Room is very approachable, you can come with your family, have burger and fries, you got chicken fingers, you can
come with your date and have Alaskan halibut, shrimp scampi, filet mignon, you
get the best of both worlds. As you walk in the front door it has
kind of a grand entry hallway. There’s a reception desk out there where you get a
really nice, warm reception. There is a beautiful bar area where you can belly-up
to the bar and have a cold beer or handcrafted cocktail. The dining room
basically overlooks the 15th fairway, a balcony that wraps around the front of
the restaurant, so you can dine out on the balcony or inside the restaurant if
you like. The Trophy Room is open to the public whether you want a hot dog in The
Hook or whether you want to filet in the Trophy Room, stop by and we’ll take care
of you.

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