NYC Travel Guide: Things to do, Where to Eat, Drink and Stay

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

Welcome to New York City I’m Jen and I
will be your local guide sharing the top 30 things to do. This goes beyond your
stereotypical list. There will not be any Empire State Building on this list but
instead this is about the experiences. This is what to do, what to eat, drink,
where to stay and when to visit. Keep watching and if you enjoy this
video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, click the subscribe button and if you
please share it with your friends. In a place nicknamed the Big Apple we
have to start with food, but did you know quick fun fact that it is called a big
apple not because of apples – it has nothing to do with food – but because of a
1920s racing column called “Around the Big Apple” So number one we have the
bagel in New York City we are known for the bagel there’s actually something in
the water that makes our bagels super unique and you can also try a rainbow
bagel at the bagel shop in Brooklyn Williamsburg I highly recommend it you
can try it with eggs for a salty sweet combo or with a smear of confetti cream
cheese which is super fun and colorful highly recommended it! Number two have a really good slice of
pizza. There are so many amazing pizza places that are definitely worth
checking out. In Brooklyn Heights there is a fun rivalry between Grimaldi’s and
also Juliana’s. I recommend Juliana’s which has a shorter line, just FYI, but
if you’re on a budget there are also some amazing $1 slices that you have to
check out and go check out my challenge video for more. …”It’s a little cold
because I was talking for too long…” Number three have a burger! Have a burger
at a place like Shake Shack, which is a super classic or The Burger Joint, which
is like a speakeasy hidden inside a hotel. Number four have a pastrami
sandwich you don’t know how good this is until you try it! Head downtown to Katz’s to have this
pastrami sandwich which is a little bit pricey but so worth it and whatever you
do don’t lose your ticket! Number five food markets if you tried
every single New York City restaurant one per day it would take you about 20
years to try all of them and that’s not even including new restaurants popping
up, so try a few different restaurants and a few different culinary styles all
in one at a food market. Some of my favorite places are Smorgasburg which is
especially during the summer and Chelsea Market open all year round which has
some of the best tacos! Number six have a decadent dessert. New
York City had some of the best, biggest, most delicious desserts so while you’re
here you have to try something like this ice cream here at the Brooklyn ice cream
factory in Brooklyn Heights. Number seven enjoy brunch. Come to a
classy Instagramable spot like the River Cafe behind me with beautiful
views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline or go to a diner dive
and have a milkshake worth sharing that’s so big but so fun and colorful at
a place like Big Daddy’s or Blacktap. Number eight have a “Cawfee” (coffee). No not Starbucks I’m talking about a cute coffee shop complete with cats,
board games, records you name it New York is known for some
really great coffee and coffee shops. Number nine take the subway or take a
taxi. The number one trick to figure out whether a taxi is taken or not is seeing
if the light on top with the numbers is actually lit up. If it is lit up that
means that it is free and available, if not that means that it is taken. If you
want to learn more about the subway check out my other video all about the
subway. Number ten take a helicopter ride. I’ve actually taking a helicopter ride here in New York City, in LA, in the Czech Republic and Australia and my absolute
favorite experience is here in New York because of all the tall skyscrapers you
get an amazing perspective of the whole city from the air! Number 11 take a free ride on the Staten
Island Ferry. The Staten Island Ferry is the best free ride views of the
Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty so you don’t have to spend a
full day visiting the Statue of Liberty especially if you have a limited amount
of time here watch my video for more of where to stand and where to catch it. Number 12 visit another island head to
the family-friendly Governor’s Island. Or with one Metro swipe head in a
red tram over to Roosevelt Island. Number 13 go to Brooklyn!
If you have time you must venture outside of Manhattan to other boroughs
like Brooklyn my favorite spot is right here in Brooklyn Heights where you can
have appreciation for this wonder by walking across it! Number fourteen visit a neighborhood! Travel around the world within New York City by visiting another neighborhood
like Little India, Koreatown, Chinatown or the new Little Italy along Arthur
Avenue in the Bronx. Number 15 go to the top of a tall
building. The top three observatory decks here in NYC that you have to pay
about $30 for with an amazing view are Top of the Rock, One World Trade
Center (behind me) and the Empire State Building. My top recommendation is to go
to the top of the rock! The Empire State Building in your view
for better views of the bridges head to the One World Trade Center, which is
further downtown and has better downtown view. 67 stories up we are on the Top of the
Rock. I recommend definitely come here for sunset but come two hours ahead so
that you make sure you get the right time slot! Number 16 go to touristy spots like Times Square even though some locals might warn you against it it is crowded
for a reason is truly one-of-a-kind place and I
remember when I first came to Times Square looking all around me it is so bright
there are so many lights that you really have to check it out. Even if it’s a
quick visit you need to come to Times Square just to see it at least once! number 17 go to a museum New York City
has over a hundred museums. I recommend you travel uptown to the Museum Mile, a
collection of ten museums including the Cooper-Hewitt, the Guggenheim and the
Metropolitan Museum of Art. If you have a short period of time come
visit my favorite Museum: the Metropolitan Museum of Art also known as
“The Met.” It has a really great Egyptian wing including the temple of Dendur,
which was fully relocated and saved from the floods of the Nile, also they have
seasonal costume exhibits at the costume Institute number 18 Go on an adventure! If you
enjoy rock climbing you will love coming here under the Manhattan Bridge and you
can climb and Boulder right here outdoors or on the actual rocks that
make up Central Park. Number 19 go to a park! Even though it is called the concrete jungle there are so many wonderful parks here. You can enjoy a beautiful day in
Central Park or even the High Line which is an elevated railroad tracks-turned park
or even a park near you number 20 Watch the sunset or if you’re
an early riser watch the sunrise! Two of my favorite places for watching the
sunset are here in Brooklyn Heights overlooking the pylons or in Gantry
Plaza in Queens. Number 21 get lost in a book. If you love
books you’ll love the strand bookstore or the Morgan library or the New York Public
Library, right next to Bryant Park. Number 22 See a show! Known for some
of the best shows in the world you can see revivals and classics on Broadway
and for more affordable shows go to off- Broadway or off off Broadway, the more
offs the more affordable it is! Number 23 see a movie differently!
Enjoy a movie under the stars in a New York City Park like Bryant park or have a
dine-in theater experience at a retro-style theater like Nighthawk. Number 24 Wear whatever you want! Most
New Yorkers do wear black but you can wear whatever you want even if you
wear a rainbow colorful tutu, New Yorkers wouldn’t give you a second
glance! Number 25 have a night out on the town! It is called the city that never sleeps for a reason. Enjoy classy cocktails at a hidden speakeasy or dive bars that have pool,
live jazz and ping pong, like one of my favorites Fat Cat. Number 26 go
shopping or at least window shopping head uptown to 5th Avenue for some of
these prettiest windows or go vintage shopping in Brooklyn. Head to Soho for
some more fun shopping and cobblestone streets. Also check out my video about
Soho for more! Number 27 follow in famous footsteps there are so many
iconic series and movies that are shot here in New York as their backdrop from
Friends to Seinfeld to Sex in the City and Gossip Girl you can
go on custom tours that follow all of these movies and series around the city. Number 28 stay somewhere unique! For
convenience Midtown Manhattan is the best location to see Times Square, a lot
of midtown Manhattan attraction and it’s really close to the subway but I also
highly recommend Airbnb. I have stayed in Airbnbs as staycations here in New
York City and definitely loved that local authentic experience if you stay
with a super host or just a really good host they will give you recommendations
of places right near you and some of their local hidden gems. You can also use
my code down below just get $40 off your first Airbnb you can stay in a modern
skyscraper or a Brooklyn brownstone just like this one! Number 29 do something
different! I wish I could include everything that is in New York City in
this whole video but I can’t so definitely look up your favorite thing
and see if there’s a museum or an exhibit or even a tour dedicated all to
it. You would be surprised there are some really fun quirky, unique things that
this city has to offer that you can’t find anywhere else! Number 30 visit again in a different season! As New Yorkers think New York is the center of the universe
you will likely want to come back again. So my favorite time to visit is
definitely the spring when you can see the cherry blossoms and it is not as
warm and crowded as the summer months which is the most popular time so my top
recommendation is to visit during the spring in April or May or in the fall
during September and October when you can hopefully see the leaves changing
color which is so beautiful and the fall weather is much better than summer. If
you love the holidays you will love visiting the city in December and
January that is when you can go ice skating at Rockefeller Center or the
less crowded Bryant Park. You can even enjoy beautiful window displays at Fifth
Avenue and see the Rockefeller tree! I’m Jen thank you so much for watching
the top things to do in New York City Guide, while you’re here feel free to
watch my other New York City videos and if you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up
click the subscribe and bell button and if you know someone who might enjoy this
video please click share! As always say YES to new adventures and I’ll see you next time! Bye!


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So excited to share this one! Do you have any questions about NYC? Would love to hear your thoughts and questions, comment below!


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my husband and I are going to nyc for the 1st time this may for a mothers day weekend. we are having a hard time trying to figure out where to stay. we are big foodies. but we want to be able to go to bars and nightclubs at night and want to be close to our hotel . what area do you suggest has the best dance club and bars and its safe at night? any good hotels you recommend? thank you!

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Morgain Le Fae

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Hey 😀 I'm making YouTube videos in Tokyo, Japan and I'm going to visit
New York for the first time between 11th and 14th September. I just had
the idea to ask you, if you'd be interested in a collaboration, as you
said you live in New York. I'm traveling alone and it would be great to
meet some people, but also to get to know other Youtubers in other
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