New York Steak With Red Wine Cayenne Sauce : New York Steak With Red Wine Cayenne Sauce: Ingredients

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O.k., let’s go over the ingredients we’re
going to use today. We’re going to start with our steak, we have a thin steak here, so it’ll
cook a little bit faster, but you can use a thicker New York or a Ribeye in its place
and it’ll be just as good. We’ll be going to cook this steak with butter, and inside
that butter we’re going to be putting garlic and rosemary. We’re going to be seasoning
the steak with cayenne pepper as well as salt and pepper and we’re going to have a red wine,
which we’re going to cook the steaks in, remove the steak and then reduce it, and we’re going
to spoon that steak over the top. For our vegetables we use Fava beans, if you can’t
find Fava beans then you can go ahead and use Lima beans and that’ll work just as well.
We’re also going to be cooking that in butter and we’re going to be adding nutmeg to it
as well. For our Scalloped Potatoes we’re going to take some Red B potatoes. and we’re
going to slice them very thinly and we’re going to coat a pan in butter. We’re going
to be using cheese, milk, and flour, and salt, and we’re going to be cutting up a little
bit of Thyme in there and we’re going to finish it off with Paprika and we’re going to need
some oil as well.

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