New Ranger Alcohol Ink Pearls & Yupo Papers, Boards & More Overview from Tim Holtz Creativation 2019

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hi everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
today I have for you the new Ranger alcohol pearls or some of the new
substrates as well so I’m super excited to share it with you I’m also a very
lucky girl that got an amazing package from Tim Holtz and Ranger on my birthday
so thank you so much to both of them for sending this out and now I get to share
it all with you and show you some amazing things it’s also a two video day
because we had this overview video and then I’ll also have a technique video on
the channel for you of how to use them as well so you get two videos today so
that’s exciting as well so let’s dive in and see what we have so first of all
let’s go to the most the best bit shall we let’s go to the alcohol inks
themselves so these are cool alcohol pearls and the difference is these are
regular alcohol inks as we all know and love but they also have a pearlized
element to them so thinking of kind of a fusion between the alcohol ink and the
mix ative and the best bit about these are the names they’re awesome we have
things like enchanted villainous deception alchemy I just think the names
are awesome you can buy them individually or you can buy them in
packs of three like this we have 12 colors to start with I really hope they
do more I cannot wait to play with these Hannah got to do the Ranger alcohol
class at creative Asian I was a little bit jealous she got to do that one and
I’ll show you some of the things she made in class as well but these are the
inks themselves so if you have used alcohol ink so you’ve watched any of my
tutorials we’re all used to our regular alcohol inks and then our mix ative so
the mixer tips when we start shaking you can hear they have that ball inside your
alcohol pearls are going to have that ball as well but they’re not going to
behave like a mixture they’re gonna behave like you’re alcoholic so you can
make sure our behinds and your alcohol pearls they’re gonna react together
they’re gonna react with your alcohol blending solution and they’re gonna do
all of those cool things that we used her alcohol inks doing but they’re going
to have that paralyzed element that our mixer tips
have so there be some really fun things we’re gonna learn to do with them that
being said they’re also going to do alcohol blending solution in a smaller
size like her alcohol ink so it’s gonna fit in your alcoholic ten if that’s how
you like to store them if you’ve seen pictures in my room you’ll know I have
an amazing shelf when my alcohol inks all sit in rainbow order on a shelf
which means I use them all the time now but if you do use the tin system they’re
gonna do it in this size for you as well so let’s now talk about those amazing
substrates they’re launching it for you as well so first of all we have the new
card stocks so we have three new card stocks coming we have this brushed
silver we have the matte black and we have the silver Sparkle and I have
sheets of each of them to show you as well so this is the matte black
so the matte black is matte black on both sides and I have tried lots of
different card stocks for alcohol inks that are black and I’ve always struggled
because the dye tends to run a lot of them are colored with an alcohol based
dye you start putting up alcohol ink so you mix the tears on and then that
diamonds and you have a lot of issues well this isn’t gonna do that this is
obviously formulated for alcohol inks and it feels kind of sweetie velvety it
has a really nice tactile feel to it comes in the standard 5 by 7 sheets I
lots for alcohol ink card stocks and it comes in packs of 10 sheets now what
they like when you use it well this is the piece that Hannah produced in her
class isn’t it gorgeous she learned to paint with alcohol inks and I think
she’s an amazing job there so she used the god the green and the red and I
think she did a beautiful piece there Tim it was saying he doesn’t actually
use his alcohol inks on the black but he mattes everything on that and you’ll
know I met everything on my tonic satin black card stock which I already do and
I will continue to do because this is a little bit more pricey or formatting my
cards on but I cannot wait to use my alcohol inks on it there is also this
sparkle cardstock so it looks like a glitter card stock
doesn’t feel like a glitter card stock it’s almost smooth and it is
screen-printed and we think that’s what Simon Harley said in one of our lives he
thought it was screen printed onto here so it has this amazing sparkle but it
doesn’t have any of that coarse texture like a normal glitter paper and so when
you put your alcohol inks on to it this sparkle shines through because they’re
slightly translucent so it also gives you some of those beautiful effects as
well and then we also have this brushed silver as well so how beautiful does
that look and again I can show you a piece that Hannah made in her Ranger
class she painted these flowers using alcohol inks in class I think again she
did a fantastic job this is a mixture of alcohol and alcohol pearl so you can see
how well they work together as well so they’re three of the new card stars
you’ll see that I’d remind you of some of the other card stocks we have
available to use and you can use these the alcohol pearls or your alcohol inks
so we have our alcohol ink yupo and you Poe is an acrylic paper so it’s made out
of plastic so you can’t tear it in things like that but it’s non-porous and
it reacts beautifully with our alcohol inks we have the alcoholic yupo heavy
stock so this is the thicker version and then we also have the translucent
version so this is like the vellum version I think this doesn’t get enough
of an airing because we can do some really fun techniques with this so you
can see if I put my fingers behind it you can kind of just about see my
fingers behind that so again just another thing that’s out there and I
think sometimes we forget about the mediums you already have because we get
so excited about the new mediums that we get
there’s also alcohol ink foil tape sheets these are fab – these are
adhesive backed and these you can alcohol ink and all those things and
then you can die-cut them use those background pieces and these are actual
metal sheets that you can then do really fun things with the alcohol inks as well
so they are also still out there and they’ve been around for a while so just
like throw those in as reminder and also if you check that top right hand corner
there’s some videos we did of Tim talking about alcohol inks we talks
about the glossy cardstock and something I don’t know about kasi
can’t stop because yes you can use your alcohol inks on them and because you can
use your alcohol inks so well I assume that meant that they were not in porous
well apparently glossy cardstock is the most porous cardstock in your craft room
who knew so there are also some other techniques you can do with glossy
cardstock so check that top right hand corner for the font of all knowledge to
tell us why glossy cardstock is so porous and all the amazing things we
could do with it that we didn’t know so you can check bonus out as well now
there’s also you post sheets that come in 8 by 10 for our larger projects and
for those of us that now want to make mix media projects larger projects home
decor projects we have hard core panels that we can alcohol ink onto so lots of
us have been trying and some canvas panels and things but Ranger have come
up with the ultimate answer of hard core panels so you can get NYX packs like
this so this one has the 8 by 10 the 5 by 7 and the 4 by 6 one of each and this
one has 3 4 by 4 panels and this one has 3 5 by 7 panels in it they are a hard
board in the middle and then on either sides you have two goes at it you have a
vinyl coating this is not yupo on here this is a vinyl coating where you don’t
say what vinyl coating but it means that it’s going to work perfectly it’s
non-porous it’s gonna work with your alcohol inks then again I’ll check that
top right hand corner because we did video to him a number of times a
creative ation doing different techniques with these and an amazing
technique with blending solution basically he discovered something one of
those happy accident techniques where he did something he hated it he tried to
wash it off and then he ended up with a beautiful result so do check that out as
well of how to do that now let’s talk about some of the other tools and things
that come with your alcohol inks because there’s an alcohol ink new pen this is
the new blending pen and I have my old blending pen here and I discovered in
the other video but this is way overfilled
so I need to sort that out but this is the old pen and these are the two tips
on it and I’m going to open up the new one because I haven’t filled it yet and
I will do video on filling it and how not to
overfill it so you can see the new pan has a thinner barrel so it’s kind of a
little bit easier to color with as well and it has different brush tips so you
have kind of more like the Copic style brush tip on here this is the large
brush tip and on this end we have the small brush tip whereas on here you kind
of have a very thin more like a bullet tip and then you have that small brush
tip that you also have on this end so they are your two now got to work out
which ends go on which other way around arcs there’s your two legs and you can
see this one just needs a little bit and this is the other thing about these is
they do have reservoirs in there so if you overfill it you could have seen that
it has this little area where I can take out the excess so Ranger does think that
there are going to be people like me who overfill their blending pen and I can
just let it drip out and next time I open it I’m not gonna have that same
issue so I’m also gonna put that over to Gregg because he loves seeing my messes
now he shakes his head at me you’ve also got your alcohol ink tool set so you
have a mini mister now just reminder to not fill your mini mister with alcohol
blending solution Ranger do not advise doing that because of the resins inside
of it I have done it and I was told off for doing that so there’s also paint
brushes in here this is what Hannah used for painting with alcohol inks and then
that goes perfectly with the Ranger alcohol ink palette and that’s how she
created those beautiful paintings in her Ranger class so those two are
accessories available and then of course you have your felts that go with your
blending tools and you can get the round blending tool or you can get the
rectangular blending tool whichever you prefer if you have them already for your
ink pads and things you’re blending foamies then of course you can get the
felts in the appropriate sizes as well so you can just use your same ink
blending tools and then just get the foams or you can buy extras depending on
how you like to do things and then let’s about alcohol lifting now you can check
out the link in the top right hand corner to my video all about alcohol
lifting and how from one print I created six different cards from one print of
Alcoholics amazing what you can do this is just one of the cars I created from
alcohol lifting now if you watch those videos I popped up earlier of Tim with
it he does caution that alcohol pearls do not work that well with alcohol
lifting something to do with the Pearl mica does not lift that well now the
pigments and the colors and things will lift well but the pile itself doesn’t so
your normal alcohol inks are gonna work fine and brilliantly amazingly with your
alcohol lifting the pearls not so much but that doesn’t mean we can’t create
some really fun technique by using pearls in certain areas and possibly
using this resist so you know we’re gonna be experimenting and things behind
the scenes and we’ll be sharing our learning with you I also thought I would
remind you how cool alcohol inks are and some of those fun things you can create
these with some lawn fawn cards I made with their full release and of course we
had that lovely foil technique as well so maybe we can do some things with
pearls as well I haven’t had a huge amount of time prior to this video to
play as I say at the same time I’ll be uploading some technique videos and by
then I’ll have had lots of time to play and have lots of tips and tricks for you
as well so check out that second video that’s going live at the same time as
this one so thank you so much for joining me do hit that subscribe button
and ring the bell for notifications of future videos what also have the same
videos we’ll have an overview and tips and techniques for you on the same day
of the new to stress launch which would include distressed sprays and the new
distress archival as well and lots lots more as well so check those out too and
I will see you again very soon check out the links in the description below
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happy stamping everyone buddy

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