My Fiancé Tries Korean Drinks For The First Time Part 2!

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

– [Together] Wassup, ninjas! – This is Slice. – And Rice. – This week I’m trying part
two of some Korean drinks. – So, ready to start with the first one? – Let’s do it. – [Rice] Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
– Hate this. Why do I always have to
close my eyes every video? Hey, no throwin’.
– Oh! – What’s takin’ so long? I’m about to open my
eyes in three, two, one. (record scratches) (laughs) Why is it so big? Is it supposed to– – They don’t come in small. So this is… Ooh. – Whoa, hold up, corn silk tea. – Get out my face! It’s called ook soo soo soo (speaks in foreign language) – Ooh, sooky sooky, now. What does that mean? – I don’t know. I just know that it’s corn something because of the picture of the corn. (magical harp plays)
I… – Can I smell it? – Matty. – Let me smell it.
– I’m gonna cry. – You gonna cry? – This reminds me of my childhood. – You gonna pour the drink? – Okay, okay, okay, okay. You have to drink the whole thing, okay? – Don’t pour too much. Yo, come on, man.
(laughs You just doin’ the most, yo. You’re really doing the most, for real. – No, I didn’t mean to do that! Why’d you have a napkin on deck? – Because I knew you was
gonna spill somethin’. Yo, why?
(laughs) Why are you doin’ that? Yo, come on, man. Wait!
(record scratches) You do it over it. – Oh. (horn trumpets) Do you love it? Matty? – You know what this smell like? – Matty? – This smell like some stale popcorn. (laughs) Okay, it is corn! All right. – We need to drink the whole thing. (bell rings) (moans) – It’s not bad.
(laughs) You know where I would drink this? – Where? I would drink this if like
I was on a desert somewhere, and I had no water. (crickets chirping) I’m so sorry. Alight, so the taste? It tastes like somebody
got a bag of popcorn and just put water in there. Just tastes like popcorn water. It’s popcorn water! I would name that popcorn water. And they would have a lot of sales. It’s not bad! Let me get some more of that corn water. – Really, you liked it? Did you really like it? – Like if I opened a fridge,
I’m not grabbin’ it first. – Matty, but you liked it. – Yeah, well, I said. – Like on a scale of yes or no – Okay, I’ll say yes. (winning bell dings)
(hoots) (claps) – [Rice] All right, close your eyes. (liquid swishes) – It’s all liquid. (laughs)
So I hear you doin’ that? All right, I’m gonna open my eyes. – (exclaims) Nah, I’ll let you
smell it before you taste it. Or you look at it, okay?
– Why? – Okay, you ready?
– Yeah (laughs hysterically) (laughs in slow motion) (gags) Yo, yo what is that? I’m opening my eyes? – Matty, okay. Matty, it’s fine. – What is that?? – It’s fine – Yo, that smelled like a trapped fart. That smelled like there was– – Did it smell like my jar in the fart? – One, two, three. (laughs hysterically) – That smelled like eight
butt cheeks lined up, and it was like one, two, three. (spits) (laughs) Close it up, close it! That smells so funky,
I gotta smell it again. (laughs) – It’s one of those addictive smells. – I don’t believe that was real. Oh! Yo! Yo. – Oh. Dude, that smells like
boiled eggs, straight up. – Is that even, you sure that’s good? – Matty, it’s fine. It smells like boiled eggs,
but it doesn’t taste like it. – What is that? – It’s um, a plain soy drink. – That’s it? – Yeah, ready? – That’s, I’m not finishing that. – Matty, that’s the rule. You have to finish everything! – And we have a sink right in front of us. Gosh, I’m not lookin’ forward to this. – Cheers. (bell rings) (moans)
(laughs) – That, yo, the whiff that
I just got was like mildew. – Wait, if you really smell it though then it starts to smell like vanilla bean. (laughs)
No, no I’m serious! No, just do it once, just go like this. I’m serious, I’m serious, I’m serious. I don’t even smell the egg anymore. (laughs)
(gags) – You got me, yo. – Wait, I swear. I wasn’t trying to get you. – If I have mud butt later… – It’s fine. Okay, ready? (bell rings) – How big of a gulp am I taking? – Like the whole drink. – All right, man. (gags) (gags) (gagging) – [Rice] (laughs) Oh, I can’t believe! I can’t believe you did. (laughs) Oh my god, Matty, look. – (laughs) You tricked me. – (laughs) I didn’t trick you. I just could not drink it. – I didn’t breath, I was
trying to hold my breath. And then when you coughed, I took a whiff of what
it would tastes like. (laughs) – Ew, dude. – I’ve never tasted something like that. That literally tasted like a fart. If somebody had a technology
that converted a fart in to a liquid, it tasted like that. – Well, if you guys are
interested in trying what a fart in a liquid tastes like. – What’s the name of this drink? – It’s, I said a plain soy drink. (spits) All right, next. I’ll give you something better, okay? Wait, so yes or no? (folly buzz)
– No, that was a heck no! – [Rice] All right, really
close your eyes for this one. I’m excited. – (coughs) That last drink. – [Rice] I’m excited about this one. (bottles clank) – You can’t break somethin’
over me, come on, man. – All right, ready? – Yes – Open! (claps) – I like pineapple flavor. – So this one is a little
bit of a challenge. – I realize everything
you show me is like, either like doo-doo or like a pee color. – This is pin-apple. – So you just gonna forget the E? (laughs) – All right, so there’s
directions on here, and you can’t mess it up. Peel off the seal, lift off the green cap. Push down the center
to release the opener. Go. Go! Go really hard. – Goddam! (laughs) This can’t be right. (squeals) – [Voiceover] Twenty minutes later. – What is this for? Oh wait a second. (horn trumpets) – Oh, that’s what they were talking about. Okay, now let’s do it. One, two, three. Palms, palms, go. – Palms? – Ooh! Ooh! That’s fun. – I am so lost. What kind of a drink is this? – Cheers. (bell rings)
– Is this ball edible? (record scratches)
– Come on! – Why you lookin’ like
that in slow motion? Yo, I hate this drink. I hate this drink. I never drank something that
was so difficult to drink. The liquid ain’t even comin’… The liquid ain’t even
comin’ out right, man. – Matty, I thought you would like this. Come on, you’re drinking it wrong. – It’s like they tease you, the flavor. – Like this. (screams) (screams in slow motion) No! No! – Why would you do that? So the flavors on this
drink is really good. However, if you’re stranded somewhere and you’re tryin’ to drink something this is the last drink that you want. Because, first of all, you gotta do a lot just to get it open, and once it’s finally open, you can hardly get the liquid out. (nurses) – What do you rate that? Do you like that, yes or no. – It’s definitely a nice fun party drink to do with a bunch of people. Tell ’em like, hey, open this, and just don’t give them any direction. You mad that you ain’t do that to me? (laughs) – All right, close you eyes. – How am I gonna drink some powder? – Matty, it’s fine. Okay, are you excited? – I don’t know what it is. – Okay, so I think I
grew up drinking this, and I just remember liking it. – What is it? – It’s like a drink. – I mean, no duh, the video
is about me tryin’ drinks. – I don’t know, mi soos karu, mikaru. Mikaru! (record scratches)
Wait, what? – What is it? – I just realized mikaru
in Korean is flour. I don’t believe, this is not flour though. It has a drink. It’s fine. – No, it’s not fine. I’m not ingesting something
you don’t know what it is. (speaking in a foreign language) (playback sped up) Okay, all right, thank you, bye. Mama Kim coming in for the win. She said we can drink it. (laughs maniacally) – You’re weird, yo. Is this done?
– Yeah, yep. (groans)
Any last words? You wanna smell it? – Smells like a nut. What?
(laughs) Yo, you nasty, yo. – All right, ready? – Yes. (bell rings) That don’t taste right. – It’s really good. – That… This look like we’re supposed
to add something to it. – No, Matt, it’s really good. – You fakin’, that’s why
you lookin’ like that. – Do you like it? – I don’t like it. I don’t love it. It tastes like what,
I don’t taste nothin’. – So yes or no, you like it or not? – I’m in the middle. – No. – Yes. – Okay, we just have two more. I think you’re gonna like the next one. – All right, close your eyes. Open. – Oh! Strawberry! – Yes, does this remind you of anything? – Was it that little, them
little small little things, just in a carton? – No. – What? – The banana drink. – The banana drink, oh yeah! – Ba-na-na. – It’s banana. – Ba-na-na! Sorry. – Yo, I’m excited about this.
– I know. – It can’t taste bad at all. – All right, cheers! (bell rings) – Yes, Mm-hmm. – Mmm! – Strawberries are my favorite. What other flavors they have? – They have banana… – Why are you saying banana like that? – Sa-tu-ra-bee-ah. Sa-tu-ra, Strawberry-ru. (laughs) – Uh day have uh Guh-ra-puh (laughs). – That’s huh. – And eh co-ca-nut-uh. – You just sound drunk. (laughs) You sound like an American
tryin’ to impersonate somebody. – Matty, su-tu-buh-ri-uh… – No, you sound like you’re
tryin’ to get your own language. – What, who says that? – You woke up, your Korean. Uh-straw-berry-duh. What are you doin’? – Come on, just repeat after me. Ba-na-na. – Banana. – Stu, stu-ra-bi. – What, why is your? Why when you talk like
that, your eyes close. It’s like you try to turn full Asian. – Uh, Stu-ra-be-ri-uh. – I’m not offending Asians. – I’m just kidding, okay. It’s called dalgi-matsu. – You said dulgi mats? – Dalgi is strawberry in Korean. That’s a new, your new word for the day. – Korea’s favorite. That’s why I like it. That’s what, this is, I can
see why this is y’all favorite. – So this one is a yes or no? – This is a heck yes. (bell chimes)
(claps) This I my favorite one out of all of them. You did good. I love my strawberry milkity-milk-milk. I wish my boob milk was strawberries. – Oh, me too. (laughs) – You ain’t extracting
any of these bad boys. – Really? – If you had strawberry milk, me and that baby gonna
be fightin’ over it. Me and that baby fightin’
over that calcium. – Or just one on each side. The best for last. – Oh, I know what this is. – What? – Please be careful how you… – [Rice] All right, you closing your eyes? (Slice scats a tune) (water runs) Now don’t peek. Don’t even think about it! – I’m not! I’m closing my eyes. I’m tryin’ to figure out
what the heck is goin’ on. – (claps) Open! (laughs) – Oh. Korean tea. Honey and lemon. – It’s cause you’re sick, baby. – Oh, okay, nice. – Isn’t this a nice wife thing to do? – I mean your hand’s around my throat (laughs) like you’re tying to choke me, but, um. – It’s ginseng tea. This is literally like Korean
love their ginseng tea. You know what that is? – G-sang? – Ginseng. – That’s a dope rapper name. Yo, comin’ to the stage, Ginseng! Yo, yo, yo, where my tea cups at? – All right, ready? – Alright. Sort of looks like bird seeds. This a big spoon for some tea! – And then we’re gonna
add some honey and lemon. – Did you take the cap off? – Yeah
– Oh you did. – To make it, like, good for your throat. – Why you say that like you unsure? If I ever had a doctor
that talked like that. Today, we just gonna take out your spleen. – All right, now the last ingredient. Close your eyes. Open. (laughs) – (screams) Help, help! – I knew that day was gonna come one day. What is that? That’s a tree. It’s like a big block
of ginger or somethin’. What is this? What? It’s ginger? That’s ginger? Oh, get out my face! (laughs) Okay!
– Okay! Are you excited? – Yeah, but it’s. Why is mine so big compared to yours? – It’s, Matty, it’s fine. All right, the final taste test. Ready? It’s actually, like, really good. – You must have more intense
taste buds than I do, ’cause everything tastes like water. (speaks in foreign language) – You know, it’s like really good for you. Like, you’re actually gonna
wake up, like, healthy. – So I been livin’ unhealthy all my life. – Yeah, actually. All right, so what do
you rate this, yes or no? – For a tea, I like it.
(magical harp plays) – Thank you, Matty. – I don’t know if this block here. You know this look like that thing, what is it, Groot? Well, ninjas. – The next thing we plan on doing is me trying soul food, right? – Yes, man. I think I might have my mom cook it. (cheers) – So let us know if you guys enjoy this, and let me know what else I can introduce to Matt that’s Korean. – Ninjas, I got a bone
to pick wit’ y’all, man. We just found out that you can see who got that notification bell on there, and only 20% of y’all do, man. And also, 45% of y’all
are not even subscribed! Why you ain’t tryin’ to subscribe? On the reals, next video that
number better change, man. It better be higher. So hit that subscribe
button, and hit that bell. As always ninjas, I got the slice. – I got the rice. (scat tune together)
(Rice fakes gun shot)



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ɪᴍ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ᴀsɪᴀɴ ɢɪʀʟ ʀᴏᴀᴍɪɴɢ ʜᴇʀᴇ

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