MUNCHIES Chef’s Night Out: El Comidista

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Oh, well, I was in
Burkina Faso too, I don’t know if
I’ve told you.>>And
there he ate maggots, as Jon Sistiaga would do.>>They were disgusting,
black and dry, and they tasted like…>>Like earth.>>Like sawdust.>>It was like eating
handfuls of earth.>>I’m always
living on the edge.>>That’s why
we like you.>>Sure. I’m Mikel Lopez
Iturriaga, author of the blog
El Comidista. A blog dedicated to food
in all its breadth. This blog is within
the site of the newspaper El Pais,
which is most-widely read in Spain. And I am food journalist,
too. [MUSIC] When I started there
were recipe blogs, restaurant blogs, and
blogs about food reviews. But there weren’t any
where you would find all three mixed. [MUSIC] And with a humorous
approach, recognizing your
own ignorance, your own fails in the
kitchen, my approach to gastronomy was very
humble on that side. Comidista, I hope you are aware that
with this article you might send some people
straight to hospital. Most of the readers of
your blog are probably unaware that can get
stoned with hashish.>>They probably
think that they can play dominoes
with hash.>>I like this one,
it’s not in season. It’s like talking about
Christmas cookies in August. [LAUGH] Monica Escudero
is also a food journalist like me. She also writes for
El Pais. And she is also helping
me with the blog. Dani Jimenez is
the illustrator of my two cookbooks. Jordi Luque, besides
having a food blog, he writes reviews for the supplement of
La Vanguardia, which is the most important
newspaper in Catalonia.>>Is Chispa
staying here?>>Yes, Ines will
take care of her. [MUSIC] So last night I went
out with my friends and collaborators and our first stop was
Bodega Montferry. [SOUND].>>Well, thanks to
Montferry Sants district is becoming Barcelona’s
nerve center for vermouth drinking.>>Right now, I think
that the places where you can get cheap and good food are not in
the cities center. I have chosen Montferry
wine bar because to me it is a symbol of
a movement which represents the recovery
of traditional wine bars. It’s a trend that I’m
really excited about because, after many years
in Spain in which we’ve been destroying
all of this for considering it
an old-fashioned thing. Suddenly, we seem to
have realized that these places are just
the opposite, they’re worth preserving. And luckily, Alberto and
Marc came and set up the place very
well, they renovated it, but respecting
the original decoration, the spirit…everything.>>Cheers!>>Look here!
The whole appetizer in general is
called vermouth. You have some nibbles
like pickles, salted food, generally small and
not too elaborate snacks. To me, they have the most spectacular preserved
fish. It is very easy to find
low-quality products in this world,
with very strong flavors.>>So, you don’t put
them in salt or anything?>>No. You just buy the
sardines, clean them and put them in oil.>>Wow!>>The sardine
is just amazing!>>The potato has
been looking at me for a while.>>They’re baked,
aren’t they?>>First you bake them,
then you fry them.>>Where do you
add the sauce?>>On the white and
red anchovies. On the white one,
for sure.>>Artichokes with
eggplant, wow! Bravo!>>Very professional! [LAUGH] Bye bye! With a little faith,
you can get drunk by drinking a coke
from a wine jar.>>It transported me back
to my youth in La Rioja. With a wine jar and
zurracapote.>>What’s that?>>It’s a kind
of sangria, but with cinnamon and fruit. You allow it to marinate.>>It’s a kind
of vermouth.>>So…a good toot. [MUSIC] Now we’re going to La
Pubilla where they serve my favourite menu of
the day in Barcelona and in the entire universe.>>Really?>>Yes,
that’s one of the great mysteries: How Pubilla
can give a menu for 14 euros so
spectacularly good.>>Maybe they sell drugs.>>[LAUGH] Now he
had to say the word. Very good, Jordi,
very good.>>Yeah, whatever.>>When I discovered
this restaurant, I freaked out. It’s like eating at
a fine restaurant but with tavern prices. They make very
traditional Catalan cuisine but very refined. We’ll have
the Pubilla xató. White beans with black
Catalan sausage and prawns, cod with calçots. There you can find
traditionally Catalan recipes that you won’t
see almost anywhere else. [MUSIC]>>We have a sign
at the door, and it says Catalan and
local cuisine. It starts with people
cooking at home. Here the concept
has evolved. It’s just about trying
to take the essence and be honest. Trying a seasonal
product that you find at the market and manipulate it just
the minimum necessary. And enjoy it.>>The Xató.>>The cod is
perfectly desalted. [MUSIC] It’s so good! Cod, anchovies, escarole. [MUSIC] They are really good
at mixing seafood with products from
the countryside, especially pork
products with fish. I think they master
this as very few do. From what I have eaten,
the beans were amazing, with black sausage and
shrimps, the beans were really
creamy, accompanied by the strength of
the black sausage, plus the fresh sea flavor
of the shrimps, well, it’s just
an incredible dish.>>Let’s go with
the next one! Sautéed beans
with shrimps. Battered cod with
all-i-oli and calçots.>>You don’t
like pork feet.>>Yes I do.>>Until recently you
did not like them. Come on! Shall I cut it? What I appreciate most
about a restaurant is that it manages to
excite me with its food. That doesn’t mean at all
that they have to be very elaborate things. I mean, it may be
the easiest dish in the world, but
if it’s well done, it will be as exciting
as a dish from Tickets, of the Adriá brothers. The combination
of scallops with crispy bacon and
mushroom…Good! What I ask for in a good dish is some
honesty, you know. There is a lot of camouflage cooking
lately. And suddenly adding
lots of one ingredient, such as cheese,
for instance. Cheese is present in
loads of dishes and it wasn’t before. Why? Because the cheese
hides all flavors, it disguises them. I don’t like that. Well, Coure…Since I
went there for the first time and
I met Albert, its chef, I have always been
fascinated by the lack of pretentiousness of
its food and at the same time
by their level, which is that of
a first-class restaurant. [MUSIC] Of all the delicacies
that Coure has, my favorite dish is perhaps
a very simple one, which is mashed potatoes
with fried egg and sobrasada on top. You see, three very
basic ingredients and without any pretense but
when put together, they make this dish
a real festival. Besides, this dish
is great because it makes you lose weight.>>Your body works so hard to remove it,
that you burn calories!>>[LAUGH].>>If you don’t
enjoy eating, you can hardly
make others enjoy. When I sit at the table,
I’m not Albert the chef. I’m Albert, the one
who wants to enjoy and have fun. It’s very important: if
you don’t like eating, you can’t be a good chef. [MUSIC]>>Since I don’t have
a restaurant myself but I love cooking, I took the opportunity to
prepare with Albert one of his best dishes:
sweetbreads in Port wine. The thing about seasoning…it’s
a natural thing. [LAUGH].>>Don’t make me nervous!>>No, no,
you’re doing fine!>>Ok, good!>>Sweetbreads are a dish
that, if 10 years ago I had been told that I was
going to like it as I do now, I would not have
believed it because it’s all offal, its flavor
is quite strong and it’s not a noble
part of the animal.>>The most valued
parts are the ones from the neck because they
are from suckler calfs. When the calf stops
breastfeeding, sweetbreads disappear. While the sweetbreads
get brown->>Mm-hm.>>We take
the artichokes.>>And the artichokes… My blog logo is
an artichoke so it’s one of my
favorite vegetables.>>Pour them here. We’ll brown them too.>>We just add some Port,
just to give them this alcoholic and sweet
touch, at the same time. And finally the black
truffle, minced, as an aromatic
finish to the dish.>>It smells good. [MUSIC]>>Masterpiece! [LAUGH]
Sweetbreads with artichokes and truffle. And the bread.>>Well,
we still make it here. Let’s see how long. He had a 10-year-old
sourdough, the problem is that I had to go on vacation
with the sourdough. You close for three weeks, and then you
have to take the dough to Ibiza with you
on the plane. The sourdough
is like a son! What else could I ask for
but spending an evening with
people I really like and have a lot of fun with? And they were all really
passionate about what we were doing: eating and
drinking! [MUSIC]


Sean Price

May 5, 2014, 4:56 pm Reply

lovn these vice episodes


May 5, 2014, 2:59 am Reply

This guy is a class act. He's not about that pretentious lifestyle. It's all love for the food.


May 5, 2014, 2:59 am Reply

This guy is a class act. He's not about that pretentious lifestyle. It's all love for the food.

Daniel Estrada

May 5, 2014, 6:26 am Reply

De lo bueno poco… por eso lo de las porciones pequeñas. Aparte de que la comida se ve deliciosa! 🙂  buen video VICE! 

David C

May 5, 2014, 7:02 pm Reply

I love this munches, he seemed like a passionate guy, and this was a great episode. The episodes where they all get sloppy drunk are just too stupid.


May 5, 2014, 2:20 pm Reply

Need more Munchies outside the US.


May 5, 2014, 2:20 pm Reply

Thanks for all the vids by the way.


May 5, 2014, 2:33 pm Reply

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Visca Catalunya.

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May 5, 2014, 3:21 am Reply

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This shit was tight


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