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– [Jennifer] Well hello, and welcome back. This is Jennifer McGuire. A few weeks ago, I shared a video showing how to use alcohol inks in a creative way to make very quick and easy colorful backgrounds. I’ll link to that video
here if you missed it. Well, I got a lot of requests
for a follow-up video so I thought I would
show you yet another way to use those alcohol
inks for fun backgrounds. There’re many more advanced techniques and I’ll cover those in the future, but this is really easy to do. So I’m going to be using
Ranger alcohol inks today. You could also use Copic refills, but these Ranger alcohol
inks are very inexpensive and come in a ton of colors. I have some blues here
today, a silver mixative, and the blending solution. I’m also working on a Tonic craft mat to keep my work surface clean. Now today I’m going to
use an applicator tool to apply my alcohol inks to my background. This will give like a polished stone look which you’ll see in a moment. Traditionally, people use the Ranger alcohol ink applicator tool. That’s the one you see here. And you put little felt pieces on it to apply the alcohol ink. Well over the years,
I’ve become accustomed to using the round ink blending tool, so I decided to take
the ink blending tool, remove the foam, and
instead put on a piece of the replacement felt. You can buy packages
of the replacement felt so that you can use
any tool that you have, either the rectangle
one or the circle one, with your alcohol inks. So the replacement felts
are very inexpensive, and you can use them a couple of times when you’re creating projects. So I am switching to that
round ink blending tool today, and I have a couple of
these prepared to use for the projects that I’m working on. But note that these are pieces of felt that I’m applying with, not foam. You want to use felt, it
gives much better results. Okay, I’m also using Ranger yupo paper. That’s what I used in
my previous video also. This is like a plastic paper,
is basically what it is. It’s hard to tear, so it’s wonderful. It’s a synthetic paper that
is wonderful to work on. It’s got this smooth matte
finish that is so cool, and it’s perfect for alcohol inks. If you don’t have yupo paper, you can use glossy card stock instead,
but the yupo paper does work much better. Now what I’m doing, is I’m putting drops of the colored alcohol
ink onto my felt here. After I have a few drops
down, I’m gonna also shake up my silver mixative and put
few drops of that, too. Don’t do too much of the
silver, because the silver tends to overpower the other colors. I also squirted on some
of the blending solution to help the colors blend and move. Now all I’m doing is tapping
this onto the yupo paper and kind of twisting the tool as I move. If you watch closely,
that when I put the color on the yupo paper, it keeps moving. So you can see it keeps
moving and blending and giving a beautiful background. Well I decided this
didn’t have enough color. I used to much blending solution, so I’m gonna go and add more color to it. I think it’s so much
fun how it keeps moving on the paper there. So onto the same applicator tool, I’m just putting more of the blue and of the dark teal color,
and then I’ll pounce that again onto the background. I think I’ll add one more
drop of the mixative, also. So, here you can see, since I didn’t use the blending solution this
time, it goes on really heavy and you can see how that silver
kinda moves around on it. And you get like this granite
or faux polished stone look that is just gorgeous. Love the look of it. Wish you could see it in real life, because the shine is amazing. I’m gonna set that aside and let it dry. Let’s do another example. On this one I’m using
a fresh piece of felt, even though I could reuse the last one. And I’m putting a line of the two colors, and a line of silver, and then I’m putting some blending solution on it. And I’m just swiping this
across the yupo paper, look at that beautiful
stripe effect that you get. It’s kinda hard to see
the silver in there, but it does catch the
light when you tilt it. Now what I wanted to show you is that you can change your mind on this. You can decide you’re not
happy with the results, and you can keep working,
and keep changing. You could even squirt a
bunch of blending solution over this and wipe most of the color off. But I decided to keep
working with this one, and show you the fun
things that you can do. Now everything on my felt at this point has kinda blended together,
so I’m gonna go and add more. So I’m adding more of the dark blue, adding more of the dark teal,
and adding more of the silver. I do always like to use a little bit of the blending solution,
just to help everything kind of blend together, instead
of having distinct lines. So I’m gonna go back over this, and look how beautiful that is. It’s just all starting to blend together, you can see there’s more silver this time. That was really quick to
do, I could’ve done that right from the get-go, but I wanted to show you how you can move it around. And here you can see in the light how beautiful that metallic is. So I’m gonna continue and
show you a few more examples, and by the way, at the end,
I’ll show the cards that I made. Now you can get really creative here, you can make waves, you can make clouds, you could do, like,
little circles of color, you can do all kinds of things. The more color you put down,
the more intense it’ll be. Keep in mind, alcohol inks
do come in softer colors, I just happen to really
like the bold colors like I’m using today. So you can see every time I’m going back and adding more to my applicator and I can keep bringing
it back to the project. Now on this last one,
watch the color move. How it slowly moves and blends out as it just sits there on the paper. It’s a really cool effect. And I also wanted to show you here, some of the other fun
things that you can do on these backgrounds. Here I’m dropping blending solution on it, which kind of erases and
pushes the color out, and really pushes the silver out, so you get these silver rings. You can even drop the mixative
direct onto your project, then add more drops of blending
solution on top of that. You can blow this, just
blow it with your mouth, like with a straw even, and move things, which I showed you in the last video. But today I really wanted to show you how using that felt on the applicator really allows you to
kinda control the color and get a really cool-looking background. There are many ways you
can do this technique, I just wanted to show you
some quick ones today. It really is addictive, I told
you that in the last video and I know many people have said they’ve become addicted since then. Really fun to do. Okay, so now I wanted
to show you the cards that I created with these backgrounds. Now in full disclosure, I didn’t videotape every part of these cards. The reason is, I created these backgrounds
while my daughter was at school, and then the next morning, before school, she said she wanted to
craft, so she and I sat down with these backgrounds and
turned them into cards. And I don’t have everything videotaped, but I’m gonna show you what I did. So the first example features
these cute little reindeer. This is from the My Favorite
Things Deer Love die set. It cuts two sizes of deer,
the antler, and little hearts that you can put on the top
of the antler if you want to. Now to keep the focus of my cards on the colorful background, I decided to keep all my die-cutting
out of white card stock. I also created little
snow slopes from this My Favorite Things Stitched
Basic Edges die set. So there are two that would
be great for snow slopes, so I’m die cutting that
from white card stock. The fun thing about these
particular boarder dies is they have faux stitching
on both sides of the cut line. So you have a variety of ways to use it. And I really like that
faux stitched detail. Now for this card, I’m using
the alcohol ink background that we created by swiping the
applicator tool side-to-side so we have those beautiful stipes. I trimmed it down to be
about 3 1/4 by 4 1/2, and I’m gluing the little snow
slopes right to the bottom. Then I can flip it over
and cut off the excess. Now I wanted my reindeer
to really stand out, so I actually die cut
four of each reindeer and glued them on top of
each other. I stacked ’em up. So it looks like a thick embellishment instead of just a flimsy little die cut. Really makes a big difference in the end. Now I forgot to add my sentiment before I put it all
together, so I’m using my MISTI stamping tool to make sure that I stamp it nicely
and don’t mess it up. I’m stamping this with a nice navy ink. Using strong liquid adhesive, I added little red gemstones for the little nose. And then I also put this piece onto a white stitched rectangle. So I matted it on a
white stitched rectangle from the My Favorite Things
Stitched Rectangle die set. And then I put that onto a top-folding 4 1/4 by 5 1/2 inch note card. There you can see the shine that you get from the background with that silver and those beautiful blues. You can see the dimension
that you get with the reindeer because I sacked them together, which I’ll show you how
to do that in a moment. And then the sparkle on the little nose. The sentiment for this card came from the My Favorite Things For
Owl You Do stamp set. There are some cute little owls on this with playful sentiments, but I thought that sentiment was perfect
for this card, too. I like this My Favorite Things
Deer Love die set so much I made another example using it but this time with only one deer. You can see the alcohol
ink background there, with lots of blues and silvers. Now the sentiment from this is from the My Favorite Things Essentials
Sentiments stamp set. I just used the Hello. And
then in the background, I added little snowflakes coming down and these are Lucy’s Cards Bridal Jewels. They’re like a white, iridescent
jewel, perfect for snow. For the nose this time, I used
a Your Next Stamp gumdrop. This is red with glitter in
it, it’s perfect for the nose. Now for the next card,
I wanted to show more of that alcohol ink background. So I used a smaller embellishment so more of the background shows. Now for this, I used
the My Favorite Things Ornamental Medallion Trio. There are three different dies
in here, but I only used one. And I die cut four of that die. What I’m doing is using
multi-medium from Ranger, putting little drops here and there on the back of one of the die cuts, then gluing it to another die cut, and then putting something
heavy on it while it dries. You could also use a glue
pen for this if you want to. This does take a few minutes
to stack up die cuts like this, but it makes a huge
difference in the final result because it makes that die
cut stand out even more. I again matted my alcohol ink background on a faux-stitched rectangle die cut, and this time I added some
of those bridal gemstones right onto that medallion,
just as a little bit of a decoration, and you can
see how they’re pretty subtle, but when you tilt the card
it really catches the light. And check out that alcohol ink background. This is the one that I
did by simply pouncing the applicator tool right onto the paper. Now for the sentiment, I
used the My Favorite Things All Smiles stamp set, just so I have a very simple sentiment in the center. This would be great for a holiday card, but I need a lot of
cards to send out during the holiday season, so that’s why I did some more generic sentiments on them. My next two examples use the
gorgeous My Favorite Things Mesmerizing Mandala,
that’s a mouthful, die. This die is beautiful.
It has such detail to it. Now for this example, I trimmed
my alcohol ink background down to a square and matted it with a faux stitch square die cut. Then I die cut four of the mandala, thick glued them all on top of each other so it was nice and thick, and then I glued little gemstones onto it,
so into different parts of the die cut, I put some gemstones. Even inside the little
holes and on top of it. Lila helped me out with that. Now with a little bit of
the alcohol ink background that I trimmed off, I white-heat embossed the “Joy from me to you” sentiment on that and glued it right on top of our die cut. I really think that alcohol ink background with the metallic look
to it is the perfect backdrop for this die cut. Now I did another example
using that same die. This time I die cut the die
from some alcohol ink background so you can see that purpley metallic look. Behind that die cut I
stacked three white die cuts so it stands off the card a little bit. So you can see the dimension
really well on this example. I added some more of
those bridal gemstones and glued it to one of the
faux stitched white rectangles and glued that to the card. That sentiment “Hello beautiful” is from that same Essentials Sentiments stamp
set that I showed you earlier. So this time, again, I die cut from the alcohol ink background. So if you create an alcohol ink background you’re not thrilled with, try
this. Just die cut from it. I also wanted to create a card that was a little more playful, and wanted to use this
cute little skiing guy. I thought this background
looked like a night sky, so it was a perfect backdrop. I again did the little snow slopes, and I attached everything to
that faux stitch rectangle and then onto a note card. Now this cute little guy is
from the Ski-sons Greeting stamp set that’s new
from My Favorite Things. I just stamped him, colored him quickly with Copic markers, and
added some shimmer pen to him so he had some sparkle. For the eyes and nose, I
used black nouveau drops so there’s a little bit of
dimension to that. And I just glued him onto the background
with some foam tape. Here’s a closer look at
the My Favorite Things Ski-sons Greetings stamp set
that I used for the sentiment and for the little bear.
It’s really an adorable set. I also wanted to show you how
I created matching envelopes. I used the new My Favorite
Things Mesmerizing Mandala stamp this time, and I’m
stamping that onto some Simon Says Stamp metallic
cornflower blue envelopes. Now I’m using my MISTI to do this just because I’m going
to stamp several at once. I’m also using Delicata sapphire blue ink. This is a new ink. It’s
kind of like a navy ink with some shimmer to
it, and it’s beautiful. So I’m stamping that
firmly onto the envelope and check out that beautiful result. This is a pigment ink, so I do need to heat set it to make sure that it dries. And I really like the shine
that I get from that ink. Especially on that blue envelope, because it’s a metallic envelope also. So this, I think, really works well with all the cards I made today. So I went ahead and
stamped that same image on all of the envelopes. Now before we go, I wanted
to show you this stamp set simply because it’s adorable.
I didn’t use it today, but I wanted to give you the heads up. It’s called New Best Friend.
And these little girls with the cat and the
dog look just like Lila. I love this set, and I
wanted to give you a heads up to be sure to check it out. I hope to use it in a video soon. I also hope that this
video was helpful to you to find out other ways
to use you alcohol inks for quick and easy backgrounds. I linked all the supplies that I used in my YouTube description below, but go to my blog ’cause I
have more photos of these cards since I know this video moved pretty fast. In the middle are a couple other videos that might be of interest to you, so be sure to check those out. If you haven’t hit subscribe,
you can do so here. I appreciate you stopping by
and I hope your week is great. Take care.


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Nov 11, 2017, 4:35 am Reply

I've watched this one and the first one a few times now. It's a good excuse to play with my alcohol inks again. 🙂 But I do have a question. I have been having the hardest time embossing without the Yupo warping. I try to go quick and not concentrate the heat, but I'm not having any luck. Any suggestions?


Dec 12, 2017, 11:38 pm Reply

Jennifer,  How do I find your blog/site so I can subscribe to you and receive your videos?  I've clicked on subscribe on YouTube before, as with Kristina, but it didn't subscribe me to her like it did when I went to her site.  Thanks.

Helene Houston

Feb 2, 2018, 7:34 am Reply

Could we use distress ink pads?

Tana Carroll

Feb 2, 2018, 6:43 pm Reply

Your videos are so professional and your cards with the alcohol inks are my favorite. These are absolutely beautiful.


Feb 2, 2018, 5:07 am Reply

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for all the terrific alcohol ink videos. I've purchased all the Ranger Alcohol Inks and am having lots of fun finding different techniques for using them. One idea I liked was to use high gloss photo paper as it is similar to yupo paper but much less expensive. It looks like I'm going to have to relent and start making cards as I've professed to be a scrapbooker but it's much easier and quicker to do cards. ? Thanks again!!


Mar 3, 2018, 11:24 pm Reply

Great video and beautiful cards. TFS


May 5, 2018, 4:45 pm Reply

Wooooowwwww! Love the first card at the start! ?????????

Lola Miller

May 5, 2018, 11:05 pm Reply

Just happened to find your video. I have the white mat you are using but having trouble getting it clean from the alcohol inks. Is there a secret product to make it clean again? Thanks.

Dawn Lewis

Sep 9, 2018, 6:39 pm Reply

WOW! I'm speechless as these cards are breathtaking!

Bean Fairbanks

Sep 9, 2018, 1:38 pm Reply

Thank you for more detail on alcohol ink


Oct 10, 2018, 12:11 am Reply

I tried going to the site to find that set of the little girls with a dog and cat but it says it can't find it. Can you send me a link to where I can buy that die and stamps set please?

Al Jessip

Oct 10, 2018, 2:14 pm Reply

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's like the inks dry faster than I can do anything with them. I've tried adding lots of blending solution or alcohol—but doesn't make any difference. Ink doesn't move much at all—looks like blobs of ink in place they were dropped originally. What do I need to do differently? Tried using paint brush, straw, and blending tool with felt. Thanks for any help you can give.

Karen Tarolli

Nov 11, 2018, 11:41 pm Reply

I forgot how much I loved making backgrounds with alcohol Inks.

Leaves Ongrass

Dec 12, 2018, 2:33 pm Reply

You could duplicate the part where you demonstrate your alcohol ink techniques and put that out separately. It’s very good and would help a lot of people!

Janice Walters

Dec 12, 2018, 2:19 pm Reply

Love your tutorials thanks so much for sharing

Marty Casey

Jul 7, 2019, 5:32 am Reply

that reindeer card is one of your prettiest ever!! imo!!

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