Monster Reign Energy Drink VS Bang Energy Drink; Monster Reign Product Review

By Brian Lemay 53 comments

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here. And today
we’re going over Monster Reign versus Bang energy drink….. yep. INTRO: C *THUD* M *THUD* *Lightning Strike!* Hey everybody, Caffeine Man, here thanks again for joining me, I’m very excited to be going
over this video today I mean, I’m so excited it’s not even Tuesday yet! This isn’t my normal Tuesday upload this is a bonus Saturday upload just because I wanted to get the information out to you as soon as possible. That’s right, I’ll still have my normal Tuesday upload, and for now, you got this one. It’s gonna be a busy weekend. Yeahhhh, I’m gonna you to go ahead and need you
guys to work the weekend. And if you wanna stay informed on all things caffeine related feel free to hit the subscribe button. Normally at this point of the video, I tell you what to expect from this video, but the title pretty much says it all. Monster just released it’s Bang rip-off…
What? I can’t say that? Monster just released it’s new brand called Reign, in order to compete with other energy drinks on the market such as Bang. Bang hit the energy drink market
hard! I mean, the way this stuff is gaining popularity, it’s incredible, the rate of
growth it’s had. I mean, it started out as a pre-workout energy drink and it just
exploded! According to sales from Neilson,
dollar sales of Bang are up 784%, which is 273 million dollars in 2018! So where’s that money not going to? The other energy drink companies. It’s no wonder that Monster wanted to try and compete. And they’re not the only ones trying to cash in on this. Rockstar came out with Xdurance, which is extremely similar to Bang and several other companies have
popped up selling similar drinks like Scorpion. Now, if you’ve watched my other
videos on Bang, you’ll know that Monster and Bang do not get along. Monster has
tried to sue VPX pharmaceuticals, which is Bang if you didn’t know, 3 times already, none of which won and they still have one pending lawsuit going on. But as the saying goes, if he can’t beat them,
join them! And that’s just what Monster is trying to do. They actually made Reign
into its own company, so there’s nothing that says Monster on here at all… but we
all know is made by Monster. So for this review I’ll try to refer to it as Reign
and not Monster…. no promises. That being said, Bang energy drink just
filed a lawsuit against Reign! Why? Well, because Bang already owns the rights to Reign! Man I can’t wait to see how this plays
out. Reign energy drink contains no sugar, no calories and 300 milligrams of caffeine, similar to Bang. Monster’s just starting out with six flavors and all
the flavors are similar to bang. And the six flavors are Carnival Candy…. Cotton Candy. Sour Apple … Sour Head Razzle Berry …. Blue Razz Peach Fizz …. Peach Mango and Lemon HDZ, which stands for lemon heads, if you couldn’t figure it out …. Lemon Drop. And melon mania … I don’t have one for that. And if sales are good, I’m
sure Monster plans on coming out with a lot more. But they have a lot of
catching up to do because Bang has over 22 flavors
out and growing. So what do we have in these drinks? Reign, in typical Monster fashion, has the nutrition facts panel as 2 servings per container, so when I
give you the numbers, I’ll do the math for you. Both drinks have zero sugar, zero
calories, zero fat, and zero protein. Minor differences between the two is that Reign has 2 carbs and Bang doesn’t have any carbs. And when you come to think of it,
2 is relatively insignificant. For the sodium, Reign has 200 milligrams of sodium,
which is only 8 percent of your daily value. While Bang only has 40 milligrams of sodium, which is 2% of your daily value. And once again overall not a huge difference. For potassium, Reign has 70
milligrams, which is 2% of your daily value, while Bang has 85 milligrams, which
is also 2 percent of your daily value, so once again, not a big difference. Some of
the bigger differences in the two? For the niacin, Reign has 100% of your
daily value, whereas Bang only has 25%. For vitamin B6, Reign has 100% and
Bang only has 25%. As for B12, Reign also has 100% of your daily value,
and Bang, once again, only 25%. Reign doesn’t have anything listed for vitamin C and Bang has 50 percent of your daily value for vitamin C. Next onto the “extra
stuff”. Reign doesn’t have any creatine in it. Creatine isn’t water-soluble, so it’s
difficult to be in drinks. The leg-up that Bang has is that they developed super
creatine. It’s the first water soluble version of creatine and since Bang made
it, they patented it… so other people won’t be for a while. But apparently, from third-party studies, there isn’t much
creatine in Bang to begin with. Since Bang didn’t list how much super
creatine was in the beverages, nor did they list how much CoQ10 or BCAA’s were
in it, third-party laboratories started doing testing on these drinks to find
out if what was in there was actually beneficial. Several laboratories reported
that they only found traces of those ingredients and they say that they’re
insignificant and negligible. Therefore, Reign actually skipped putting any
creatine in their drinks and focused on the other two ingredients. Although Reign
also doesn’t show how many BCAAs are in their beverage or CoQ10, Monster CEO
Rodney Sacks, said that Reign will have five times the amount of those
ingredients, compared to Bang. So it seems like Reign has studied Bang, found it’s
weakness, and trying to pounce on it. Now, on to the important thing, the taste test! I mean look at these things. They look identical. Now, first I just want to take
a second to say something. This is the first time I’ve ever said this on camera… *deep breath* I’m actually not a fan of monster. *phew* I finally got it out there! But it’s true. When I first tried Monster, I thought it was way too sweet and then I saw what
the sugar content was and that’s not good for anybody! But I didn’t give up. I
tried the low-carb version, but even then I still wasn’t a fan of it. So why am I
telling you this? Because I want you guys to know that when I do these reviews, I
will always give you my unbiased opinion. Even though I don’t like Monster, I’m
gonna tell you exactly what it tastes like and give it a fair chance.
Plus it’s not really Monster it’s Reign… …it’s Monster. So on to the Carnival Candy. Yes, that’s actually pretty good. I’m
finding a little difficult to describe it at first; it’s my first time trying it.
And I’m trying not to think of Cotton Candy too much, because it doesn’t
actually taste like Cotton Candy, but neither did the Bang Cotton Candy when I
tried it. It’s definitely sweet like candy and I can taste a hint of cotton
candy, and even, kind of a bubble gum kind of flavor to it. So if you like sweet and you
like candy you’re probably gonna like this. They did a good job with it… But you know what? Let’s get a closer comparison? I’m gonna try
some Bang Cotton Candy, it’s been a while. Okay, I actually take it back. The Reign
does taste very similar to the Bang Cotton candy and the Reign is actually slightly
sweeter. When I do my Bang reviews, I sometimes compliment Bang on its light flavor,
because it’s not too heavy, but if you like your energy drink to have a little
more bite to it / slightly more carbonation, that’s what you’re gonna get
from Reign. So I’m gonna take one more sip of Reign after trying the Bang, just to
see if it’s got that bite. Yep it’s got that bite to it. If I had to compare the
two I might be picking this one up. But I haven’t abandoned Bang just yet!
Personally I’m not much of a fan of carbonation, so the slightly higher
carbonation is a turn-off to me, but the flavor does seem slightly stronger than
the cotton candy for Bang. It’s a close fight so far. Good job Reign. Oh, I’m just sipping some milk in between drinks. Someone mentioned in the comments that they didn’t think my tasting was accurate because I drank them back-to-back. I let them know I drink milk in between. Why don’t you see me
drinking the milk? Because I edit it out because it’s boring and I gotta keep
these things down under 10 minutes!!!! I’m never under 10 minutes. Let’s move on
to the Razzle Berry. Yeah, that one’s pretty good too. It’s
definitely got a berry flavor to it, a little bit of blueberry, a little bit of
raspberry to it. If you recall from my original Bang review, I wasn’t too big of
a fan of blue razz. I actually prefer the Bangster Berry. But, this is pretty good
for a blueberry/raspberry kind of energy drink. I think it could compete with the
blue razz. Why don’t we find out? I got some blue razz right here. Well, from up there. Yeah, once again, the Bang has a lighter
feel to it. I don’t get as much blueberry or as much raspberry as I do from the
Reign, so the Reign has a stronger flavor to it. Trying the Reign again. It’s definitely got a different flavor to it. There seems to be a different ratio of berry flavor. This one seems to be maybe a touch more
blueberry, whereas the other one seems to be a little bit more raspberry, maybe.
It’s tough to say, but this one is a touch sweeter, you get a touch more bite,
it’s got a touch more flavor to it so, once again, Reign is doing a good job
competing. If I had to pick up either one of these, I’d probably pick up the Reign. Next up is the Peach Fizz. I’m excited about this one. I’m a big fan of the peach mango so we’ll see how they compete. Wow, okay … yeah this has got a strong peach
flavor, so if you like peach, you’re gonna LOVE this! It definitely tastes like I’m
eating a peach, or drinking a peach. Now, I’m not even going to taste the Peach Mango
from Bang because I know that it has a peach and a mango feel, but this, this is
full-on peach! And once again, if I had to pick this up or the peach mango… ohhhh… I’m
probably gonna pick this up because the peach is just so strong. It’s got a nice
punch to it. And by the way this is not a sponsored video. I’ve had people say, “Oh is this real talk or fake talk ?” “is he making this stuff up?”No, I’m not
sponsored at all. I buy all these drinks with my own money, then I have to pour
half of them down the drain because I can’t drink six energy drinks at the
same time. I mean I’m still under 1000 subscribers so hit that subscribe button. Help a fellow caffeine fiend out here! Oh, the subscribe is right over there. So, yeah, back to it Reign Peach Fizz. Very
Peachy! And the last one that I have is the Melon Mania. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my hands on the Lemon HDZ or the Sour Apple. I’m really confident
they’re gonna be pretty good compared to what I’ve seen with the last three. As excited
as I was for the peach one I’ve heard that the melon is even better.
So excited!!!! Oh yeah, that’s pretty good.
Not as exciting as the peach, but it still has a good melon flavor. It’s got a
bit of watermelon to it, since this is melon mania, you gotta have watermelon in there.
But, I get a hint of some other melons too, almost like a cantaloupe feel to it.
Maybe a touch of honeydew melon. Whatever it is, it’s more than just watermelon. And
the combination of the different melons make it Melon Mania; make it very good! I
gotta say four out of four on the Reign. Good job! So in the Battle of Monster
Reign versus Bang, who wins? I’m gonna say it’s a tough race. I really think that
Reign is gonna give Bang a run for its money. I mean, these drinks are good! I
think they got more flavor than Bang and with all the other ingredients being
close to each other, it’s gonna be a competition. Not to mention price. Bang usually goes for $2.79 at GNC, but you can find it cheaper at some of the places. I know that Walmart has them
for a $1.98, but the Walmart near me only has four flavors. And Bang
isn’t everywhere just yet. I had a hard time finding Bang. Besides going to GNC
and Vitamin Shoppe, it’s not in Cumberland Farms, it’s not in the
7-eleven’s, it’s not in many of the convenience stores around me. So I have
to make a special trip to a special store just to get the Bang. And I’m sure
Bang is gonna continue to grow, but until then Monster Reign is gonna be everywhere,
because they already got positioning in all the stores. So I’m interested to see
where the sales are gonna be at the end of the year. But, that was my opinion. Let
me know what you guys think! Do you think that Bang is gonna beat out Reign or do
you think that Reign is better than Bang? The battle continues and I want to know
your thoughts on it! Let me know in the comments down below and let the battle
begin! I just ask that you be civil because I will delete any bad comments. You Tube’s
been pretty strict. So try them out and let me know in the comments down below. Until next time have a great day…. or night.


Draise G

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Oct 10, 2019, 4:11 am Reply

The "Reign" logo does appear to follow Monster though. As it looks like an "M".

Sauce Boss

Nov 11, 2019, 8:48 pm Reply

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Nov 11, 2019, 10:28 pm Reply

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Your BP must be triple the norm


Nov 11, 2019, 11:30 pm Reply

Bang makes my heart race pretty bad. I dont notice it with Reign. Reign does increase it tho. My resting HR is around 50-60 BPM. Bang increases it to 100+ BPM, and has actually given me a panic attack. Reign increases it to 70-80 BPM. Bang also makes me jittery, and Reign does not

Scott Davidson

Nov 11, 2019, 5:25 am Reply

Great review bro. I'm a valet in San Francisco and I parked a Reign truck so thats why I'm looking into it. I haven't seen it at any stores where I buy Bang. My favorite so far is Lemon Drop

Tristan Hobart

Nov 11, 2019, 3:53 pm Reply

In this video you say that you're still under one thousand subscribers. . . . the video was posted eight months ago and you are now at 12.5K subscribers. You're doing good for yourself my man.

Noel Ebbert

Nov 11, 2019, 9:37 pm Reply

Reign is better. the razzle berry is so good. Put it in the freezer until it's super cold, pour it into a glass and enjoy. One thing i like about it is that it''s clear. There's not all that extra stuff that red bull has in it. It's not good for you don't get me wrong, but it's actually really good flavor chilled and not so many added ingredients like taurine and such. I like it for an occasional ( daily i mean) boost in energy. The other flavors i didn't like, but razzle berry, really cold, is super refreshing flavors. I just wish there was a liquor that would mix with it. I guess it would be a good chaser.

Joe Trujillo

Nov 11, 2019, 11:05 pm Reply

Which would you prefer ? Reign or bang ?


Nov 11, 2019, 3:24 am Reply

For some reason I prefer giving my money to Bang but I have to say. Reign has better flavors across the board. Lemon Hdz is freaking amazing. Its like a lemon cream sickle. I have yet to try a Reign flavor that is just off putting. I mean I definitely have my favorite from them but there are some bang flavors that are extremely disgusting.

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Nov 11, 2019, 11:14 am Reply

ehh to each there own I honestly like monster and rockstar alot redbull is okay but anything else I consider generic and not that great although when I was younger and had no money I would substitute a venom in every now and again but for sure the low carb blue monster to me is the best I enjoy your vids though and I tried reign I thought it sucked and I can't bring myself to try a bang drink just seems ewwwww with all the weird flavors but maybe I will explore now… years ago biglots had some bomb energy drinks that kicked all there asses I can't find anymore and I dont remember the name just know it was a silver can and said buzz or some shit and the logo was sorta like a saw blade anyways thx keep up the good work!

Rob Moore JR

Nov 11, 2019, 3:22 pm Reply

Picked up one of these drinks(Melon) figured I do some research on these drinks and came across your video. Wow, you were under 1,000 subs when you made this back in March and now your over 14K! Hell of a job! You got one more subscriber. Yea after I drank it I was pumped almost all day. I just picked it up because the can looks cool. I don't usually do energy drinks, but this one I actually like. Great Video by the way.


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Still dont do shit for me ? good thing i only drink them for flavor or if im dying of sleep.
Although Reign and Nos give focus, but I’ll probably stick to water.
Thanks for this though man!

Fernando Mescalito

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Cannabis can be an awesome performance enhancer if you take a little bit , just the right amount. Personally i can work better with cannabis than with caffeine. Caffeine for some reason makes me feel sick. Many professional golfers smoke cannabis to help them concentrate and perform better.


Nov 11, 2019, 5:15 am Reply

The difference for me is the taste. Bang has an obvious aftertaste that Reign doesn't have. I didn't realize until this video that Reign is sugar-free. I like the apple and peach flavors myself.

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Nov 11, 2019, 5:15 pm Reply

Cream soda is what the pink reign tastes like

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