Moíses Campos – Angolan Association of Beverage Industries

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Hello I am Moisés Campos. I am here representing the Angolan Association of Beverage Industries. This was my first time participating in a training of this nature. In my opinion the training was very useful, Considering the challenges that the country faces as well as the need to interact with the international organizations whether on regional or international levels. The training content was very insightful. The general aspects taught here actually helped me to reach next level in terms of knowledge on trade facilitation. The general approach of the training now needs to be deepen and detailed. Therefore, from now on, it is necessary to study, mainly to consolidate the knowledge. Concerning the National Committee on Trade Facilitation’ actions, the interaction with other members is very important. It is also important to transmit the value of the members participation and to know the articles of the agreement, as well as assisting in implementing the trade facilitation measures. So we can succeed in these goals. Thank you very much.

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