Mixing medications with alcohol

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Many of us enjoy having a drink. Many of us also take medications. And while medications are generally safe when they are taken as prescribed, things can go wrong when you
add alcohol into the mix. In Australia, one in 10 of us
have misused pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical misuse
including mixing medications with alcohol, can affect anyone. It’s important to remember that combining alcohol with medication can have harmful effects,
some of them serious. Strong painkillers, relaxant-type medications like benzos and your average ibuprofens
and paracetamols, are drugs that should never
be mixed with alcohol. Even in small amounts, alcohol can intensify common side-effects of many medications, such as sleepiness, drowsiness, and light-headedness. This not only affects your concentration, it also could lead to serious,
or even fatal accidents. Stay safe. Always take your medications
exactly as prescribed and keep track of what you’re
putting into your body. For more information, visit adf.org.au. (calm instrumental music)

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