Matt Fendley ’12, CEO Cannonborough Beverage Company

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(upbeat music) – It’s never boring,
not even a little bit, and it’s just always a
new challenge every day that we’re trying to figure out. I am Matt with Cannonborough
Beverage Company, the CEO, and we make all-natural
sodas made from fresh fruits, herbs and spices and we try
to go for more unique flavors. Cannonborough was started in 2012 with the idea of changing the
way people think about soda. We started the company
like my last semester. I always knew I wanted to start
a business with my friends. We make soda with all-natural,
whole ingredients. Natural flavors, extracts, concentrates. No high-fructose corn syrup. And we try to go for more unique flavors. Try to pair a fruit and
an aromatic component to make a new flavor
experience for you every time. We started sellin’ soda
at the farmer’s market and just scrapped and clawed our way to selling in restaurants and now we are selling in all
the Whole Foods in the south and all the Fresh Markets in the country. The biggest thing I learned
at the college was cashflow. Just learning that, hey, that’s more to it than just your revenue minus your expenses gets you a profit. You have to actually know
what your payment terms are and what’s going in and what’s going out and having that figured out. I really liked College of
Charleston because I’m from here and it feels like home.

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