Make an 18 Pack Beer Box Cowboy Hat

By Brian Lemay 10 comments

Well howdy there friends and
frienemies this is Walker with DIWhy.Life and in this here episode we’re
making beer box cowboy hats! Whoo! Alright here I’ve got the YouTube
video up on my iPad here, it’s by Danon Prosser I watched this video
and it’s pretty good it shows for the most part what you got
to do and I think I can make it based on this video but this is gonna be my first
time giving it a shot. A couple things he doesn’t really cover, first off he gets
his hand in the way of a few different cuts and people in the comments are
complaining about that. He also doesn’t really show how the brim gets attached
and he doesn’t really show the final cowboy hat product so I’m gonna work
along with his video but I’m also going to cover those topics as well.
Oh, and one of the main things he actually doesn’t touch on is how many
how much material you’ll need you’re going to need an 18 pack for the actual
hat (the part that goes on your head) and then I think you need another 18 pack for the
brim (the part that goes around the hat) and if you want it to have the Budweiser
logo all nice and pretty on both sides, you’ll need 3 18 packs but I kind of
cheaped out and I’m gonna try and do it with two 18 packs and a 12 pack so we’ll
see. I do think it’s worth noting that since you are making a beer box
cowboy hat you should absolutely be drinking the beer as you’re working! Cheers!
Okay looks like the first thing he does after he gets it open is basically cut
off these handle panels. He starts from the corner. 2 inches, 5 inches and 5 and a half. 2 inches, 5 inches and 5 and a half inches. and then we come down six inches at the
five and a half marks. It looks like he cuts this off right
here. That’s it, so he cuts this off right here. Like that. Then he repeats the same thing on this
side. Alright one thing I forgot was to make a mark at one and a half inches
down from here. So right here, one and a half. One and a half. One and a half. And then he has us coming in 10 cm from this edge and making a dot. There. Making a dot there. Making a dot there…. and making a dot there .And then he has
us connecting these dots. This this one with this one. And he has us connecting this one to this one. All right, he’s having us split this
middle section into three sections. 3…6…and 9… At 3 cm 6 cm and 9 cm I think he meant to say 10mm before. Not cm. He’s having us slightly score this middle one. Don’t cut it all the way through he says. Now he’s having us connect these lines…
oops all right he’s actually having us
connect… these dots. That dot and that dot. That dot and that dot. Man! This is hard work! (gulp) The next thing he’s having us do is
connect this line and this dot. This dot and this dot. This dot and this dot. This dot and this dot. This one and this one. The next step he’s
cutting all of these. He’s cutting along all these lines here. So you should have something like that. all right next, he has us creasing right
here along this line. Like that. And like this. That fancy roller would be nice to have. He bends this so it overlaps and goes
right in the middle like that. And he puts a bead of hot glue along that edge.. and it looks like he does it… kinda like this… Ow! Just glued my hand! and he flips it over and gives it a good
rub rub-a-dub. That kind of hurt a little. Alright I’m looking a little closer at
his video and I noticed I didn’t cut… I didn’t cut these all the way up, so these
need to be cut all the way up. Then when I think he does is he puts
a bead of glue along here. And he glues it like like that. He says 10 cm
but I think he means 10 mm… and he leaves a little gap
right here… this little gap So it sits like that. Now, he repeats that for
this other side… All right it’s looking good! All right
I’m on number 2! (sip) So this is coming along nice. Because we scored the top
of the hat right here, we should be able to just press this down a little? Yeah!
And it makes a nice indentation right there. You can see that. Cool. Now he seems to take
a pair of scissors and cut all this excess flapage off. Okay I just watched this thing again, and
he’s referring to this crease right here… he goes up ten millimeters from this
crease… and makes a mark… right there. right there. and then what he does is
using this edge here… he measures down 4 inches and he makes a few marks
around the hat… at four inches so like… there there so what he’s got is he’s got a line
going pretty much around the hat… He must add a couple of additional lines here… and here. he says it gets kind of eyebally here,
so maybe he’s just eyeballing it. Then he makes a series of snips they
look to be about 2 inches apart… So he’ll make a snip there, he’ll make a snip
here. These scissors really suck! Maybe use better scissors in these. I think the
idea here is just to make a series of flaps… that you can then bend over… All right, now he’s going around
the hat and he’s folding these tabs upward… around the hat. So it looks like
that. And then he goes around then he cuts off all these pieces on the inside.
And.. he’ll cut this off. Alright next thing he does is he shortens all these tabs. Looks like he leaves about a half inch of tab all the way around. And then he brings in… the brim of the hat. Which he’s already kinda precut. So let’s give
that a shot on our own… So before I start drawing on the box, I
just cut a piece of craft paper approximately the same size as the as
the main area here of the box and I’m gonna freehand the hat brim on
this piece of paper before I start trying to cut out the cardboard. Then I”l transfer it onto the 18 pack. Ideally I would have another
18 pack and just do the same exact thing… I have a 12 pack so I’m
gonna try and see what kind of fancy schmancy thing I can finagle out of a 12
pack, so we’ll give this a shot. The bottom of the brim might have these
little gaps in it but I’m fine with that. It’s just the bottom side. Alright, we’ll use some spray adhesive… and we’ll glue these two pieces together. All right so I got my brim all cut out. And it’s
kind of egg-shaped which I guess cowboy hats kind of are? Next I need to cut a hole in the brim
and it needs to be the same diameter… as the hat here so I’m going to use another
piece of craft paper so that I can get the right size. Yeah that fits nicely, and it worked out
nice with the patterning. And as for the bottom of the hat, I’m fine with that. I think that look still looks pretty cool. So I did just make one mistake. I
use the spray adhesive and glued it together a little too soon. You’re
supposed to drop it onto the Hat and then and then spray adhesive the bottom
here and then put the other piece on so that it covers this edge nicely. So what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go in here and I’m gonna try and open this back up cut
some slits and hopefully I can pry it back a little bit so that I can get
these in there and then just bend them right back. Get a good dip dip down on the front and
good flare on the sides like that and you’re starting to get
there. I mean it’s four it fits a very large head, it kind of I mean it’s fine
but I want it to be a little snug… a little more snug on my head. Because man
you got to ride the bull, you got to ride the horses, you don’t want this thing
flying off on you. So what I’m gonna try and do is I have this headband elastic
headband and I’m gonna try and hot glue this thing on the inside of the hat. Oh my gosh! I just tried this thing on again
and it fits so good! Like perfect! So yeah, so there it is! That about does it for
this episode of if you like this video hit that like button! Have a
question or comment? Write it below and we will see you next time!


Danon Prosser

Dec 12, 2018, 11:37 pm Reply

Omg that's awesome! I made my first YouTube video without knowing anything about how to do it.

36 Volts Son

Jan 1, 2019, 1:46 am Reply

You should of just left a link to the video you watched. All you did was talk about what "he" did

Craig Monteforte

Apr 4, 2019, 1:30 am Reply

Cool that you cleared some of the things up , it reminds me of the hats people made out of beer cans and yarn n the 70s i remember my Grandmother wearing one at a big family Clambake party and everyone wanting one I those days it was Rheingold and Ballantine brands that were very popular

Abel Flores

Apr 4, 2019, 10:33 pm Reply

Funny how both measurement systems are used

Fannie Manning

May 5, 2019, 1:59 pm Reply

Great!! My hat came out pretty good. Thank youuuu. 😄😄👍

Greg Przybylinski

May 5, 2019, 12:28 pm Reply

I made these for a western theme party I went to. I used craft wire in between the 2 brim pieces to help shape a mold the brim better.

M.A. Enriquez

Jul 7, 2019, 8:30 am Reply

Actually Dan Prossor made at least 7 videos showing how to make the hats. But your instructions are very clear, and easy – in one video. Thank you.

Hank Igoe

Sep 9, 2019, 6:36 pm Reply

red white and brew!

Jolanta Matys

Oct 10, 2019, 1:09 am Reply

Please Heineken taste better.

Zaphod B

Dec 12, 2019, 2:17 pm Reply

Ten millimeters. American edu-m-kashun fails again.

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