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Masters of Wine Hello, ladies and gentlemen I´m glad we see each other. If you haven´t watch us until now, this is our second part of a lifestyle magazine Masters of Wine. I´m David Winter. And today we will introduce a story about sucessful winemakers. Sit down and open a bottle of good wine, we start now. Masters of Wine
2nd part
A story about sucessful winemakers My guests today are the Frtus brothers from the Frtus Winery. Hello, Rado. Hello, Stano. Thank you for coming. Gentlemen, our viewers would like to know your story. We come from Podlužany, which is close to Levice. Podlužany are a part of Tekov region We come from an agricultural family both our grandparents made living in agriculture. A part of that were, of course, the vineyards. We were taking care of them later, with my brother. It was an impulse for us to go back to wine making, to connect again with the wine. We are in business from 2008. It was our very beginning, when we didn´t have any technology. But we had the will and we hope to have it for a long time. We use manual work for harvesting the grapes and put it into 20 kg boxes. We don´t want the grapes to get damaged. And we have a short distance between the vineyards and the cellar, where we process the grapes with great care. We use stainless tanks, for the producing and maturation of white wines. And also wooden barrels. We use it on Rizling or Chardonay. They mature in wooden barrels. We use a classic method with red wines, which our parents used to use. We grid it, let it ferment and we mix it around 3 or 4 times daily. Then it matures in barrels. We have multiple manufacturers, we have French, Austrian and Slovak. For example Alibernet Dunaj, the grapes come from Štiavnické vrchy and even the barrels come from there. it´s a symbiosis – the wine matures in wood, that comes from the same place. What is typicall for your region? Pesecká leánka is a kind, that literally everyone is growing. So if you imagine that every household has a vineyard, than everyone has Pesecká leánka in it. It´s not just Podlužany, but it goes for the whole region. It´s a wine that can be served at any occasion. It´s not heavy and it´s the kind of which you can drink a whole bottle during the evening and you won´t feel sick. I think that these kinds of wine are dedicated to unique people. Or original people? You can find our wines in selected wine shops, restaurants, also in our internet shop. And, of course, in our winery. Would you like a glass of wine? If you allow me Thank you. A wine from Frtus Winery. Thank you very much. Do you have any prizes? We take part in many regional contests – both slovak and foreign. But we do it because we want to let people and the professionals judge if what we do is good enough. It´s not as much about winning some prizes for us. It´s a matter of opinions. We want to know, if people see and share our opinion about our wines. We too came across the problem with bottling the wines. A part of it is the etiquette. And because we both are relatively young people, and modern we wanted to make an etiquette that´s actual and modern We don´t like little towers or castles because we live in modern times so we wanted to approach the etiquettes like this. When we chose the right for us from the many offers we got, we decided on one specific design. It was modern to me so we made an etiquette out of it and half year later there has been a contest in Slovakia about the most beautiful wine etiquette. I think that´s correct – wine etiquette. It was held in Bratislava. And there have been 350 wine makers And we were glad to hear from a phone call in the evening, that we won the contest. At the moment, we use only natural cork, for every kind of wine. Are those the classic kinds of cork? Natural cork. It´s from Portugal. And you are satisfied the most with this kind? At the moment, yes. What are your future plans? Well, we want to stay family wine makers with a maximum production of 80 000 bottles a year. And we want to stay true to ourselves and hopefully to maintain the quality of our wines, as it is now. Gentlemen, in our Masters of Wine magazine has each of the wine maker 30 seconds to tell our viewers, why should they buy your wines? Start now! We make our wines with love and true passion and our work with wine is also our hobby. I think we are working fair and good and that´s what we seek in our customers – the understanding of our work. Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I root for you. And you, dear viewers, if you liked this video, you can like us, share us and watch more videos. Cheers.

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