Mailchimp’s What’s In Store: De Wine Spot

By Brian Lemay No comments

We’re passionate, we like taking care of our customers. We always looking for new things in wine and spirits. I wanted to make this business a little bit bigger.
The best scenario for us was to go online. It opens the door for us to have more customer base. MailChimp automation allows us to have personal contact with first time buyers. They get the first email saying thank you for purchasing,
what does it give the customer? A personal feel and a lot of people appreciate that. The first customer automation definitely effects our business. It gives us a revenue of an extra $2,000 per month. It definitely give me free time to do something else,
which is looking for new product, looking for new wines,
looking for new allocated whiskeys. We like to be in the neighborhood. We do a wine and spirits tasting every Saturday and Friday and just to grow with community.

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