Magnetic water Health treatment II चुम्बकीय पानी बनाने की विधि और गुण II

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Hello, I am Dr. Bharti Chunnibhai Bhatt. Today we will talk about magnet water don’t put it on the floor Now, i am telling you the process of making magnet water. Currant releases by magnet is passed by the water. Drinking this water helps digestive system to work good as well as beneficial in blood circulation. A healthy human too can use this water. But, yes its quantity varies person to person. If a normal person drinks 1 glass of this water before going for work then throughout the day he/ she will feel healthiness in themselves. Those who have chronic disease they should drink 1 cup after every 2 hours. Those who have skin disease or problem. if you will use this water to wash that area then your skin problems will be resolved What more places where this water can be used? Those who have domestic animals or those who have pets like dogs & cats at their home if you will use magnet water for them then the animals too stays well. Along with this , those who have chickens , if this water is served to them then they deliver healthy eggs. Along with those who have plants or have gardens at their home. so make the water from the bigger size of magnet for once then give water to the entire greenery then even plants gives healthy and beautiful flowers if you want to test it then take two flowerpots for two different plants Give magnet water to the first one and normal water to another one. and then you yourself will judge that which plant is comparatively healthy. Now, will tell you the process of making magnet water. Here we have 2 magnets Plus & Minus If we put the glass on minus then with the plus magnet can cover the glass. The currant comes down till here and the plus magnet currant goes to minus currant. so with this process this water becomes magnet water. Now, let me tell you here we have a iron pin with us. we have put in this pin into water Now, this is just to tell you whether currant goes into water or not we have put in the pin into water, now let us see till where this pin got dragged as you can see that the pin has come to the magnet attached. that means their currant has come into the water. This way if we put on the bigger magnet and then put the bigger vessel of water we can make upto 3 litres of the water on the bigger size of magnet. 3 litre of water can be used by the whole family for chronic patients too 3 litre of water is enough. just like Cancer, Paralysis There are lots of disease which doesn’t get cured even after lots of medications. This water is very much beneficial there. Now how to make this water, completely magnet water . how much time this needs to be kept like this? If you have put in 3 litre of water on this , suppose at 10.00 pm in night. Then you shouldn’t touch it till 6 to 7.00 am in the morning. its necessary to put it for 8 hours . After 8 hours the currant comes into the water and the taste gets changes like nothing happens. Before using this water you have to put it on the wood. if you will put it on stone, iron or on the floor by mistaken then the entire efforts you put in through the night that will be wasted. so, in case you have any wooden plate, any mattress or any cotton mattress so put the water on them or on wooden stool Now the water you have prepared you have to use it from either plastic or glass vessel. entire family can drink a small glass each of this water for good health. you can give this water to an ill person & if he drinks 1 cup of water after every 2 hours Then their digestive system improves, blood become red and got strength too. If, we think the same thing this way then from the age of 1-5 years 5-7 spoon of water is sufficient. don;t give excess of water to small child and an elderly person too. Now, you must be thinking that that is this water is having any side effects also so, if you will drink a glass full of a water out of the magnet water vessel. then it can lead to constipation, hence don’t drink more than 1 cup at one time. but if you have any problem then can drink 1 cup after 2 hours Now, don’t put this water on the place of earthing else can use this water till evening. But you can’t heat up , put in ice or refrigerate this water. you have to use it the way it is now we have seen how to use this water with different types of people or patients. Now at the place of this magnet you have elders and kids at your home the milk you feed them usually which is full of vitamin powders but, if you are poor or medium class family and putting the milk same way you put the water then within half n hour the milk will be full of natural nutrients which you usually got artificially similarly, if you will put your food on the magnet and check out in the evening, in the taste it will be like that only a set of two magnet is actually a holy item as it is said in Ayurveda that its more precious . why it is said because it added lots of qualities to its actual qualities. You can also use and check this out. So, we have seen that how to make and use this water. In next episode we’ll see, what different type of ornaments can be made of magnet for different body parts. And how does that it is to be used for different kinds of problems that we will share it with you. Rest we hope that you stay healthy, happy & keep on meeting us. Thank you…


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Magnet to cure eye problem


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kiya is se height increase hota hai.

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Mam,esh paani se hypothyroidism thik hoga

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Mem pani ka glass dono magnet pr eksath rakh sakte h kaya..?

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Aug 8, 2019, 8:28 pm Reply

Can I use to be copper with magnetic? Please reply
I Wanted to put in drinking water both of the magnet & copper.. What will happen when? So please reply

Mayur Ramani

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Stereo's magnet is Saif or not?

Mayur Ramani

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Mam can I use copper cup to the experiment?

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