Madison Beer on The Meaning Behind Her Songs “Hurts Like Hell” & “Dead” | Ridiculousness

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– Madison, tell us
about “Hurts Like Hell”. What’s the concept? What’s that song all about? – It’s kind of the other
side of a breakup song. – [Rob] Okay. – That’s how I think about it. I feel like everyone when
they have a breakup song, it’s like “Oh, I’m so sad, I miss you,” but this is kinda just like “You messed up and now I hope it hurts,” you know? “I hope that you feel that.” – Okay, so you flipped it?
– Yeah. So you’re saying like “Look ass(beep), – [Madison] Exactly. – Like, “I hope your
(beep) in pain right now and you miss me.” – Yeah. “I hope your crying. I hope you see I’m cute,
and I hope it hurts.” – Oh (beep), look at that subtlety. (audience laughs) – I hope you see I’m cute, AKA Instagram shot, Instagram
shot, Instagram shot. – Done and done, all the way, yes. – All the way. Okay, look. This first category is
about people that also want to see someone hurt, but they love it so much they laugh. We call it “Happy it Hurts.” Take a look. (audience clapping and cheering) – [Rob] Tell you what, boom! (audience gasps) (cackle) – The laugh, the cackle really makes it. – Yeah, right, when you hear a cackle, you know you don’t really like it. (cackle) – Woo, that is a laugh and a half. (audience laughs) – [Rob] Go, go.
(gasps) – [Madison] Oh, my God!
(audience laughs) – [Rob] Oh you’ve never done that? – [Videographer] (laughing) – [Rob] You’ve never done that? Oh. Okay. Go back and listen to this
human hyena get to work. – [Steelo] Oh he hates him. – [Rob] Oh he does. – [Videographer] (gasps) – [Madison] The gasp. – [Videographer] (laughing) – [Steelo] He can’t even breathe. (audience laughs) – [Child In Video] Mom,
he’s got the drink! – [Videographer] Oh,
we’re doing some drink. Do your dance moves, Billy. – [Billy] All right,
well look then ladies. (crash)
(audience gasps) – Oh (bleep), bruh. – I didn’t realize they set him up. – [Madison] That is so wrong. – They (bleep) put him on
the rug and they (bleep) him to his face. – [Madison] No, that’s so mean. – [Steelo] And they
knew! And they knew too. (crash)
(audience gasps) (laughing) – [Rob} Ugh. Everybody. – He started doing a (bleep)
dance around his body. His damn body. Look at that. – [Rob] Oh. Yeah he did. He did like the Irish drunk guy dance. (audience laughing) – [Steelo} Okay. – [Rob] Okay. – [Madison] What’s homeboy
doing with the blindfold? – (audience gasping) – Why my man- Why is he positioned like he here for a lap dance? – [Madison] Yeah that’s
what I’m wondering, like, – He like, bitch.
– He’s ready to go. – I spent my money.
(Madison slaps legs) – You gonna do it? Just posing. – He really is. (audience gasps) – [Rob] Saturday night. Oh, oh. – [Madison] He loves it. Homeboy in the corner loves it. (blows fire)
(audience gasps) – [Videographer] He’s on fire! He’s super on fire! – He’s super on fire. – [Steelo] He’s super on fire! – Yeah no (bleep). (blows fire)
(audience gasps) – [Rob] Oh! Full body. – [Videographer] He’s on fire! He’s super on fire! – Yeah, look. I saw a tweet recently that was like, “For how
much stop, drop, and roll is embedded in me, I’ve never
actually had to stop, drop- I’ve never caught on fire in my life.” – Can you roll your face properly though? – [Rob] You got to. – No way.
– [Rob] You got to. There you have it. Happy it Hurts. (audience cheering and clapping) – [Rob] Okay Madison, let’s
talk about another song, Dead. What was, sort of, the
concept behind that? – [Madison] Again, back to
the, like, flip on something. I feel like in every relationship,
you kind of get told, “Oh, like, I’ll never be
able to live without you.” And then, (bleep) happens, and you end up not together anymore, and of course you’re both still alive. So I kind of was like, you
say you can’t live without me, so why aren’t you dead yet? – [Rob] Okay. – Like, c’mon homeboy,
like, that’s (laughs) – [Rob] Yeah, look, it
makes a ton of sense if he was saying- – It does. – Maybe, just maybe, he’s like
everybody in this category we call Death Defiers. Take a look. (audience cheering and clapping) – [Rob] I mean, I’m just out here working. Giving it all I got. I mean, shoot. I feel good. (audience gasping) I’m good. – [Steelo] Bruh! – [Rob] I mean, am I good or no? Am I good? I’m good. Wait a minute- oh, okay. – That was like, a full minute. – [Rob] Man. – That was a full minute.
It felt like it was. – [Rob] Like, his head has to be numb. – That patch ain’t never coming back. – No. – [Rob] I’m good! (crash) (bleep) – What town is this? – [Rob] Man. – [Videographer] Dude, are you all right? – Yeah, I’m good man. (bleep) – Like, why would you do that though? Like, what town is this, man? – I just want to know- Yeah, Long Island. This is what they do in Old Westbury. (audience laughs)
– [Madison] On the weekends. – [Rob] Uh oh, uh oh. Uh oh, uh oh. (crash) (audience gasps) – Okay, go back real quick. – Imagine sitting there
now though, like this. You just- your face is just like. – He definitely (bleep) his pants. – [Steelo] He’s stuck
in one little pods now. How about you just go
through the (bleep) (bleep)? What are you thinking? Just drive through it! (crash) (audience gasps) – [Steelo] I didn’t want to break the law! – [Rob] Perfect. Look.
And no wheels, no nothing. Just him in the cab. – Oh!
(laughing) – [Steelo] He lost his job though! – [Rob] He’s like, “Wow! Okay. Look. Well I’ll be damned, where’s my truck?” (audience laughing) – Where’d my truck go? (crash) (audience gasps) – [Rob] Hello! – [Steelo] Bruh! What is he doing? – He just perfectly- – Maybe he’s the one who caused it! It looks like he was sleeping. – He might’ve just been
masturbating and driving at the same time. (audience and Rob laughing) (crash) (audience gasping) – [Rob] Oh, man! – [Chantel] I think he got
pressed into that position. – I don’t know. – God wanted him to live. – That’s crazy. – Clearly. – [Rob] Oh, soccer, soccer. – [Steelo] Okay. – [Madison] Oh no! – [Steelo] He gonna hit a car (mumbles) – [Chantel] Oh, my God! – [Rob] Okay. – [Steelo] He don’t
see him tying his shoe. – [Chantel] Oh, my God. Oh, my God! (Madison screaming) (audience gasping) – [Madison] She keeps on driving! – [Rob] Oh, he’s fine. He’s fine. – [Madison] Oh! – [Rob] Oh, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. He’s fine. We’ll be right back with
more Ridiculousness. (audience clapping)


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nejc longyka

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