Low Calorie Wines: Can you Drink Wine on a Diet?

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

So, you want to lose a couple of pounds but you don’t want to give up on your evening glass of wine? I am with you!
Never fear, there is a way. Stick around and I’ll tell you all about it. All right, how to drink wine on a diet. The calories in wine come from its alcohol and its
sugar, and alcohol actually contributes more calories: 7 calories per gram of
alcohol as compared to 4 calories per gram of sugar. So you want to pay
careful attention to alcohol content. You also need to think about how much you’re
pouring. You may have read that a 13% alcohol, dry red wine is about 120
calories; that is if you are pouring a standard size, which in North America is
about 150 milliliters (or 5 ounces for my American friends) and it looks like this.
If you are pouring your glass up to the brim, maybe using a larger glass and
filling higher, you are obviously going to be consuming more calories. White
wines often have less calories than rosé and red so for the lowest possible
calorie count you want to look for a dry (under 2 grams per litre residual sugar)
white wine at around 11% to 12%. There are white wines lower than
11% but they tend to have a lot of residual sugar so that can ramp
the calories back up. You might want to look at wines like Muscadet from the
Loire Valley for example, Soave from the Veneto in Northern Italy. You can try
dry styles of Vinho Verde from Portugal, or early harvested Hunter Valley
Sémillon. Sparkling wines are often sweeter than you might think and so have
higher calories than the equivalent volume of dry, light white wines, but
they’re often served in smaller volumes (about a 100 millilitres when
they’re served in a flute) so they run you only about 85 calories. This can
be a good low cal option, and so glamorous! If you want the lowest
possible sugar content for sparkling wine look for terms like Brut Nature or
Zéro Dosage on the label. Dry rosé and red wines under 12% are usually pretty
tart, pretty lean, kind of diluted on the palate, I wouldn’t
recommend these, but in the 12% to 13% range you have a wealth of great
options. Look at Bordeaux, Gamay from the Beaujolais, or from the Niagara region, all
sorts of cool climate Pinot Noirs, Cabernet Francs, and some Syrahs; there’s tons of options out there. Calories will run from about 120 to 140 here. The
sweeter and the higher alcohol you go, the more calories you’re going to
consume unfortunately, but like champagne, dessert wines tend to be served in
smaller formats. Port is often served at around 75 milliliters the pour. This will
run you about 145 calories. It is about the equivalent of a 150 milliliter
glass of a medium alcohol red wine. So, what about low calorie wine brands like Skinny Girl or Weight Watchers? Well the calorie savings is actually
pretty minimal here; about the equivalent of a couple celery sticks (per glass), and the flavor is often pretty bland. Personally I would rather abstain altogether, and save the
calories, than drink a boring wine. If you prefer sticking to the wines you love,
here are a couple tips to help you drink with moderation. First of all, you could
try moving to a smaller glass, and that way it’ll seem like you have more wine!
Or, you could divide your portion into two smaller glasses, extending the
pleasure. Secondly, you can think about making yourself a white wine spritzer:
2/3 crisp, dry white wine, 1/3 sparkling water, twist of lemon;
very refreshing on a hot summer’s day! You could just slap on your running
shoes and burn the calories that you plan to consume later. As always, thanks
so much for watching. If you like this video please feel free to share widely,
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Hey Guys. If you have any questions or comments on how to keep enjoying an evening glass of wine (or two) while slimming down for summer, don't be shy…shoot me a comment!

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