Local Benton County Women Brings Horses Back Into People’s Lives

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(upbeat music) Trails in Benton Citytain is nestled among vineyards. fallen, but the horses you on a ride.ake says the businessn started as a suggestion. idea, actually.band’s to get more horses.have that opportunity. We give wine tasting tours, rides for families. ride tours as well. the vineyards and fix dinner. to go out on a ride,eady we look at is the health their herd dynamics.inda the horses that get for a ride,(chuckling) saddle ’em up,over, them to their riders rider’s abilitythe and maybe personality and size. – Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m probably a repeat customer, Theresa and Jeff.ve everybody as if their family. that we’re not even family, like I’m family. were part of the community. I mean, our expansion was built horses, literally. people are not, they exposure to horses. they quite understand horses can seem.spiritual that connection with them, they use words like majestic horse that they’re petting. that from any other animals.

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