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Hello everyone. Today we are talking about natural wine! What is it and why do wine lovers have such heated feelings about it? In very basic terms, a natural wine is one made with the lowest possible amount of chemical and technological interference. The vineyards are farmed organically, the grapes are handpicked,
they are fermented using the wild yeasts present on the grape skins (and in the cellar). There is no acidification, there is no addition of sugar, there are no clarifying agents used,
and there is none, to very little sulphur. Natural wines have developed a loyal and growing
following in recent years. In fact, if you go into a wine bar in pretty much any major
city, you are likely to run into a natural wine lover in the first 5 seconds. A lot of
these wine bars have a list that is heavily or entirely made up of natural wines these
days. Natural wine lovers will tell you that their wines have more pure expressions; that
they are a more authentic representation of the grape, of the soil, of the climate in
which they are grown. Natural wine sceptics will tell you that this
is simply not true. Why? Sulphur is a powerful preservative. It protects
against oxidation and microbial spoilage. Natural wines – with no sulphur – tend to
be a little bit more fragile. They might taste great at the winery but with the extremes
of heat, light, and oxygen exposure during transport and storage, they can deviate in
terms of flavour and aroma. Aromas and flavours that are akin to barnyard
smells, or sour apple, or even beer can develop. Natural wine aficionados call these smells
“funky” are really appreciate them. Wine traditionalists call them wine faults.
For traditional wine lovers, these wine faults taint the wine overpowering the natural fruit,
floral, spice type aromas and are therefore the opposite of a pure and authentic expression
of grape or place. It is up to you to decide which camp you fall
into to. I encourage you to try some natural wines and tell me what you think. Before you
go, I have a few parting thoughts. Just because a wine is not labelled natural,
it doesn’t necessarily make it a heavily processed, evil thing! The good news is that the majority
of conscientious winemakers are well below the legal limits of sulphur nowadays and many
are working sustainably in the vineyards and with low interventionist techniques in the
cellar. The only thing that matters when it comes
to wine drinking is what you like. Never let a wine professional tell you that you just
haven’t “understood” the wine! If you don’t like it, don’t drink it.
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