Leaky gut syndrome presented by: Dr. Andre Hines

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Hello everyone, thank you for joining me for my webinar Gut syndrome. This is by far the most requested topics that I get from my LinkedIn Instagram Do you name it? That’s because there’s so little Good quality information out there about leaky gut syndrome, so I’m going to cover this today. Obviously. I cannot cover the Massive amount of information that is out there From the research studies that’s talking about leaky gut syndrome and its causes in the next twenty to thirty minutes My goal is to just to give you as much information as possible and not make you head explode But also just to help you know that there are things out there that you can do naturally to help yourself with leaky gut syndrome So let’s talk about what are some causes of leaky gut and how do you fix it So before we get started, you probably want to know who I am. My name is. Dr. Andre Hines. I am a board-certified Chiropractor my specialty is actually in sports medicine and preventive and rehabilitative exercise science. I actually run a multidisciplinary or also known as a integrative medicine clinic here in Palm Harbor, Florida But the one thing that has changed me is even working with all these physicians We get patients coming in all the time that is overly medicated have all these different type of health conditions and what we realize is that it’s hard to help someone dealing with chronic pain and different type of health issues if you don’t address it the dut so with the the team that I have I’m one of the few to venture out on my own in this arena with other professionals kind of stay away from it because it’s so It could be tedious because when you’re trying to find out What’s the reason for a person having different health conditions? You really have to kind of be the Inspector Gadget in the physician world So what led me to move in to the gutter Rena after leaving? No, you should do Auto injuries a sports medicine like I said before Exercise science is that when they said that? 80% of Americans are dealing when you’ve got issues that mean that no matter what I’m doing on the orthopedic side That if I do not learn how to address the gut then I’m have a lot more patients that that’s no failing To recover properly and also to reach their goals and so one of the things that I wanted to do is position is I wanted to kind of take that extra step and Branch myself as far as away from the office as I possibly can. That’s because literally it’s branching out. So This isn’t probably not going to be the most scientific Presentation as you can see because my goal is to make sure that you understand and that you feel empowered after this presentation And at the end I will give you opportunity to be able to schedule some time with me or one of the other doctors who are participating in our treasure deck program and Hopefully this is something of value for you at the very least if you can find something no No What if you can find something in his presentation that can help you or one of your loved one or you go on your children? Find a solution that can Keep them from having to go and get on more medication or some unnecessary surgery that’s going to affect them So what today’s webinar will cover I’m going to cover the what who when where why and how and maybe not in that particular Order but my goals are covered those main points so you can have some sort of proper direction Now here’s the things that I won’t cover now, as you know, as I’m a natural physician I am NOT a medical doctor and so by law we must make these disclaimers that I am NOT trying to cure or treat any specific conditions or diseases I am NOT trying to replace any current medical treatments that you may be undergoing This is purely educational and for informational purposes So consult your physician before starting getting treatments and you blase Let’s jump right on into it. So on this slide right here you probably see that there’s different type of Bacteria inside of the get but before we do that There are some major definitions that I’m going to define to make this presentation of more useful for you But also there’s some major things that you should know So let’s talk about this word intestinal permeability. This is where they were a leaky gut comes from the leaky gut phrase is a Pretty much a layman term for intestinal permeability Which is a term that’s described to Talk about the material passing from a GI tract wall Which is what we also known as the gut lining and in the rest’ll body Obviously you’ve heard of viruses and bacteria or bacterium. What major about viruses is an Infective agent that typically consists of what we call a nucleic acid molecule in a protein cut code so instead of reading the slide the major thing that you need to know about the viruses and bacteria is that some of the health conditions are pretty much virus oriented or Bacteria oriented and the ones that are bacteria oriented. Those are the ones that Can be the major components for things such as leaders leaky gut a lot of the viruses can actually affect the DNA So before what I’m going too far down that rabbit hole I’m just going to keep going through our definitions as you can see them there. You can read quickly. The next one is probiotics So you’ve obviously heard of probiotic. It’s a substance which stimulates the growth of microorganisms now the major thing that I left off here with the word antibiotic everyone knows what antibiotic but we would take the time to Break down these words the word pro means four and the word bio Means life in or tick means an organism. So when we put the word together a probiotic is a a Organism that is for life. So now you replace that word with antibiotic a end time which means against bio means life and intake means organism you can see why antibiotics are no longer having their Positive effect on human beings at this stage of the game The next word that you see here is prebiotic This is something that stuff is talking about something that exists before or during the emergence of life so the prebiotic the first bacteria that human beings are supposed to in come into contact is Actually from the birthing process. Yes, the birthing process and The natural birthing process. Let me Energy add that into there because one of the things is we don’t we don’t see a lot of natural childbirth process he’s taking place as it once was well, when a newborn baby passes through the the vaginal canal the bacteria that it Gets in his nose in its mouth on its way out of the the birthing canal Allows the body to actually jumpstart. These is a good bacteria there are some other things that we should look into you that is really effective called such as like Lotus births, which are leaving the baby attached to the placenta and the umbilical cord until it literally falls off and versus the clamping and cutting that we do and modern day society candida and candidiasis These are fungal infections caused by yeast that belongs to the candida group Some of the hundred of Candida species can cause infections in humans The most common is called Candida albicans, which I’m sure that you familiar with The next terms that I added which is terms that have a very powerful impact on your understanding is inflammation inflammation is a localized or physical condition which the body which part of the body becomes red and swollen hot and often painful Especially other reactions injury or infection. So let’s focus on the word infection The infection is the process of either infecting or state of being infected so when you were undergoing a chronic inflammation, especially in the gut One of the things actually happens is your body begins to go through a reaction the inflammatory action Which is your body is going to trigger a healing process, which could be you know Trigging red blood cells white blood cells and other things of that nature Gastritis the word gastro means the lower intestines and itis means inflammation So chronic gastritis occurs when your stomach lining becomes inflamed right until the inflammation Bacteria consume bacteria, which can come which you can bother you. But which sorry I misspoke bacteria Consuming too much alcohol certain medications chronic stresses or immune system problems that can lead to inflammation so when inflammation encourage and your stomach lining it begins to change and then you lose some of your Protective cells and just as a while you hear about people talk about gastritis ulcers and even Crohn’s disease And what Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestines especially the colon the ileum and also associated with ulcers and festivals so – so what you can see like Colonics have become popular over the years Has really been something that’s been around for a long time with colonics and animals and things of that nature Now I don’t have enough time to talk about all those things But I can tell you that those are some some major things that you can view to help with your gut health But we’re going to carry on and then hopefully of you to chime back on in and some of those things Nature and so we talked about GERD, so you probably hear some when I talk about GERD Which is a digestive disorder that affects the loyal’ isaw esophageal sphincter there There’s ring muscle between the esophagus and the stomach many people including pregnant women actually suffer from heartburn or acid ingestion and question and We also would label it as Gert and the worst thing that you can do is have someone giving you ant Asses which is against your ass and when most your stomach is actually a city Eventually, I’m gonna do another work webinar that talks about alkalinity and acidity but for sake of time though, all these things have a a Can benefit from moving towards a more alkaline Protocol the last thing is that I think it’s important for everyone to know is we’re talking about adrenal glands adrenal glands are responsible for releasing the 3 different types of hormones that controls a number of bodily functions these include your Metabolism of carbohydrates and fats the cardiovascular system in the correct balance of salt and water Now when we talking about digestive systems This is actually one of the 13 body systems. I know you ain’t looking on at the chart. It’s a weight. I only count six Yes, there’s a reason for that These are all is the 12 systems that is talked about in modern-day medicine Now what we’re talking about now is natural so the frame of mind that you have to have it’s a little bit different in a Traditional medicine and the traditional things that you’re gonna find on Google So when you actually started to get deep into what controls the body and what makes the human being so special You actually can see that when we get to the 13 system You actually have a greater understanding of what those systems is. But you notice that the third taste is not listed here It’s gonna be very difficult to find it any other place online But I’m gonna go through that and some of you all know me very well. You already probably know what that 13 system is So some of the systems in the human body, we have the circulatory system Obviously to circulate blood your digestive system, which helps absorb nutrients or remove waste now this word endo current system well for to 1930s, it used to be called the endocannabinoid system Yes your ECS system. That is something major major major, which is now are you seeing why the CBD products? the medical marijuana products that we come very popular is because we began to More study and research on an endocrine system and this is the system that affects your body’s hormones In your Integra matures. Sorry you’re in take you’ve entire system I’m tongue-tied and also your exocrine system helps with your skin hair nails and sweat and things of that nature Your immune system and your lymphatic system defense your body against pathogens That can indent endanger the body and also your network of lymphatic vessels I Also have another test question and I want you to pay attention here 80% of your immune system is located where but I’m not going to tell you yet I want you to think about it. Once you write it down. You can even put it in the chat box if possible The next one is your muscular system Self-explanatory your nervous system. Your nervous system now is the first Organ to develop in the human body, which is your brain and your spinal cord Your brain sends signals down to the rest of your body over two hundred and seventy four point five miles per hour. What the Amazing amazing ously as a chiropractor, you know, I’m going to be excited about this But it’s so amazing that developed before the hard liver lungs kidneys anything like that and that’s how and that’s why it’s one of the only Organs inside of the body does protect it by bone. The brain is protected by the skull and the spinal cord is protected by the vertebrae the amazing third three vertebrae Next you have your reno and your urinary system. This is the system that helps filter your kidneys and push by Byproducts out through your urine your reproductive system your sex organs Your respiratory system your skeletal system and you know hemopoietic System if I was Canadian probably say that is slightly different now. Let’s get to this number thirteen now This is not me making it up. This is a something that’s been in the books around the world for many many centuries But now we’re just finding out How powerful this is and at 13 system in acupuncture in Chinese medicine we talked about either called the Your your chakras or also known as Europe Come on you got it anybody go on and said anybody Well, this is what we call the Meridian system So the meridians and she actually runs hand-to-hand. This is the essence of the human body So this is what you’re finding in a living body That you won’t find nobody just no longer living. This is what ignites the central nervous system And this is why this one was left out because this one has to do with our spiritual selves which we were designed or designed to be In tune with the earth and everything around us and when a human a natural human moves away from natural resources Moves away from the natural standard of the living. It’s not shocking that we end up developing these abnormal unnatural illnesses and disease So why when you not why wouldn’t I tell you about that is because there’s no money and cures as you are so You know, but when we look at it when we followed those twelve routes Let me tell you how this is not working out for us like in United States We’ve spent over 3.2 trainose and health care costs We consume over 75% of the world’s medications We only make up the 5% of the world’s population we get we’re ranked number 37 worldwide Industrialized nations as far as being the healthiest it’s a reason one is because we all have lost a lot of touch why should we love touch with all the things that we hold dear which is nature and the higher self We’re not going to get into you know deep down into that that rabbit hole But I just want you to know that it’s something that’s different that we’re doing here that other people are not doing because even when we look at ourselves compared to our other European eight neighbors we still rank less amongst them So people say well, you know you add in no Mexico India or something in there So this was making us our numbers look bad No, when you look at us compared to Australia Canada, France Germany and Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland UK we are in a very very Bob she’s still at the bottom of that so with that being said the answer to my earlier question, which is Where is majority of now now when I only confined right now and the nih.gov? Research what they said it’s 70% so I’m lot of people are saying to 80% I Personally believe it’s 80% And the reason I say that is because if you add the plasma cells To the immune system and makes sense. Well, I allow the force an 80 70 to 80 percent so to show you that important a good is 70 to 80 percent of our immune system is found and Now a lot of Mike my chart got cut off here. But what I’m gonna do is I want to highlight something You see this part right here This is all the bacteria that we should be exposed to by the time that we’re both Colostrum a lot of us Maybe have working moms or single moms, and you may maybe weren’t able to breastfeed or be breastfed by your mother So this is where the introduction of formula Similac and cow’s milk comes in And so what happens is all the bacteria that you supposed to be exposed to here You miss enough. This is what jump starts your immune system. So now you inject, you know, dairy cows milk synthetic formulas into the diet and now we’re shocked that our children are developing allergies and skin rashes and all kind of things at a very very young age and This is what woke me up because both my children were breastfed up into three years, but the biggest mistake that I made was Allowing them to continue to eat dairy products afterwards and so we were talking about that but one of the things is Most mammal species do not continue to and drink dairy products after the nursing age in our society We eat it drink milk to the very end. Actually. We eat the cow that produced the milk as well so Not trying to jump off any vegan tendon or anything my engine like that But I just want to kind of share that look at the data doesn’t lie. So if you don’t have the bacterial colonization being Presented here in the beginning stages life. You see you starting back body fighting already This is why we shocked it your children already constantly carrying fevers and ear infections sinus issues and to make this all worse you take this and you add things such as vaccines and antibiotics And all these other things to the end that the child does a new system is not even developed yet and we has a bombardment Especially if you’ve missing these two steps you’d make major steps right here So I am actually going to be doing another detailed webinar on this alone because just to going through just a Normal process of where we should be at by the time we reach it early adults. There’s no wondering Why you seeing kids allergic to peanuts allergic to? everything shellfish allergic to does allergic to sunlight allergic to this because the immune system has been destroyed and Compromised by all these different medications and all these other things and so I’m going to go through a brief list Medications and all this kind of stuff later and my goal is just to inform Everyone that’s paid. Something is not right and we move so far away from nature now, we’re starting to suffered her to repercussions of this types of bacteria found in the gut now These words are so nice big words and I am NOT gonna even try to butcher these words on here Young care from Chicago and I tried to put these words together. I can tell you that’s a lot now These are the six major types of bacteria of good bacteria And the three bad bacteria right now inside of these good bacteria and bad bacteria They are actually broken up into even smaller Categories so what does gut bacteria living inside the gut there are over 300 to 500 different kinds of bacteria Containing nearly two million genes genes Now we’re talking about DNA here. So this is where it’s really important to understand like wait what it’s going Why is it that everyone’s sick? And why is these conditions everyone keep saying there are genetic there are some cultures that are lactose intolerant we know that just like some lot of African Americans are lactose intolerant, right and so because a lot of these bacteria They have different impacts and effects on your ability to be able to break down and digest materials. For example, there are some patients who are from Asian descent There are certain bacteria and enzymes that are missing that that would cause them to turn red if they drink certain types of alcohol Because their bodies cannot break down or metabolize it all properly Like a fingerprint each person’s microbiota of micro bacteria is unique So the mix of bacteria in your body is different from everyone else Everyone else’s mix is determined partly by your mother’s microbiota. Okay, go back to birth We talked about missing out on that breastfeeding in that first introduction of the prebiotics coming out in the birth process and It’s partly from your diet as well. So as you see this is not me saying this I know you can find this on WebMD not saying that’s the best place to find all your information But you just when I was going to information, I like that they have more References that I can go and look up myself. So That’s a little bit of anatomy Quiz, as you can see, you know what people talk about they have acid reflux. Oh, here’s your stomach right here and This is your gallbladder right there you get your pancreas inside of there. Then you have your ace ending Transverse and descending colon. Obviously, you know what that is then when you have what we call the Small intestine here and Then this is part we call this the large intestine. There we go right here and so you there you go again with your pancreas so you can see the gallbladder and it’s the bile duct that puts in from atop it stings into the pancreas and This is how all these things are connected. So you ever see why people say when they eat fatty foods that affects their gallbladder Yeah that’s connected to your stomach people talk about to have acid reflux Yeah, why because it’s connected to the stomach people sitting there and you know, they can’t sleep when they lay flat Yeah Because all that stomach acid who they’re rotten material that ass is going all the way up and this Comes out sometimes comes out of that area and then also you can get other issues down here too as well And we all talked a little bit about that in a few seconds, so let’s get to the what you go game here is What is leaky? But what leaky guy that supposed to be a leaky gut syndrome? I change that later, but for sake of time, I’m just going to do that. So please just disregard my typo sometime I type fast and I talk to us also so leaky gut syndrome is a digestive condition that affects the lining of the intestines in leaky gut syndrome gaps and intestinal walls allow bacteria and other toxins to pass into the bloodstream When should I see somebody about the symptoms of leaky gut Well, there is tons and tons of symptoms that you can have that will let you know that you’re leaving that so first time go through the common clinical Symptoms which is for a lot of my dogs who are on here right now When patients coming in complaining of chronic diarrhea constipation gas bloating Poor immune system, they constantly sick all the time. We all know it that somebody’s around you every time you see them They got a Kleenex up to their nose. I’m gonna fifth ninety degrees outside or negative Fifty degrees outside. They’re always said experiencing headaches brain fog memory loss fatigue skin rashes include an excellent craving for sugar and carbs, which also is another sign of mineral deficiency if your mineral deficient, it’s a chance that you may be experiencing leaky gut, right So if your gut is passing all your nutrients out your body’s gonna correct and you also you see pregnant women experience this as well because of or they call Piko Piko whatever you want to call it when they’re craving like weird things such as I’m I’ll say weird. Let’s say different things such as cornstarch and baking soda and things of that nature That’s because their bodies and minerally deficient So so many other things that are connected to put leaky gut syndrome allergies flus acceptability nasal discharge Nasal itching asthma. Hay fever depression chronic fatigue syndrome emotional disorders lack of coordination lack concentration mood swings irritability abdominal pain burping bloating esophageal reflux heartburn vaginal discharge of burning Worsening of PMS yeast infections bladder infections. Yes. I skipped that word right there because I didn’t know what it was Actually, I’ve heard of it. It’s involve a dying eye, but you know Stop trying trying to beat for sake of time. I’m trying to keep them holding up you all I sound all these different words constipation diarrhea gasps irritable bowel syndrome anemia malnutrition spastic colon malabsorption syndrome rectal itching burning Diverticulitis leaky gut syndrome Crohn’s disease colic hold about now right to bitching by the way I know it’s like kind of like a side note that actually has to do a lot with Parasites as well parasites and even worms inside of the digestive tract So that’s why a lot of people when we go to our program When we get to the point where we start a detox and they start kicking no small parasites and even small worms because a lot of stuff can build up in your gut especially with you in a lot of like animal products specially immediate things of that nature Who may have leaky gut Well anyone who’s have an autoimmune disease thyroid problems hormonal imbalances celiac disease IBS is irritable bowel syndrome Crohn’s disease ulcerative colitis food allergies lupus rias’s hives acne eczema dermatitis cystic fibrosis asthma arthritis joint pain depression anxiety ADHD and more and I can almost guarantee everyone in these conditions right here You all have heard someone talk about what nutritional protocol to help these There’s rarely if any any medication that can truly help enemies if you know what Hippocrates said Let thy food be thy medicine and people say well who in a family can could be exposed to Leaky gut syndrome you got your father can have it Your dogs can have it your children can have it the mom the sons Neighbors everyone can actually experience especially we all eat in the same way, especially if we all taken multiple medications a lot of the dogs are eating processed food too and now we see in dogs with cancers and tumors which is as Mind-boggling to me and now your she see, you know you see commercials every single day or another child being diagnosed with the cancer as well and Case’ folks come into the world pure. All we have to do is go back look at what toxin have this child been exposed to you know, truly human beings only have two things that will create illness or disease or dysfunction is either toxicity or a Deficiency or a combination of all I mean in medical language, we you think we use it we use word hypo thyroidism hypo means less than hyper mean increase or hyperactive hyper hypo thyroidism a low dysfunction So you always hear those words hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper nice oxy Hypo means deficient and you can almost mark my word If you look at all those conditions you will see that they all have to do with some sort of Nutritional deficiency or your body’s ability to produce more of something or less of something? When should I start working to heal my gut and an answer is earth a lot of your Past birth some 20 years ago 30 years ago 40 years ago and even like myself almost 39 years ago And so is it too late? No, it’s not too late. It’s definitely not too late as long as you alive You can do something about but there’s a process you have to do that process village if you truly want to help yourself You know a lot of people goes traded to a detox and that’s why they end up having the problems because You start kicking things too fast. Your body is going to feel miserable and you’re not going to stick through it You’re going to give up I can almost guarantee it because I’ve been through it myself I’ve done Lemonade eyes. All these four types of clans is Me you think you name it? I’ve tried I tried it I recently in the past six months lost over 100 pounds. I know you like look at me practically I didn’t have longer pounds Extro me But I did and I was a big party a power lifter and I went from down to 389 down to 289 I did in his six months and I’m still shredding off by following this protocol. I can tell you what you follow this protocol I can introduce you to the next protocol and the maintenance phase to follow and you’re gonna be So happy that you found me and found this protocol and program Let’s talk about some things that cause leaky gut now this is going to get extensive I’m gonna talk about a few things but let’s think about this the medications that cause leaky gut now it’s There way more than us, but just for the sake of just slide. I just added a few Okay antibiotics Incense these is non-steroidal anti-inflammatories Steroids what is prednisone what is illegal steroids? What is uh, you name it anything? With the oids you can almost guarantee it is going to have or IDs. Sorry It’s gonna have an impact on your digestive tract birth control pills I’m not talking about things such as Condoms and and things that I’m talking about birth control pills anything that affects you by its hormones This can have a major impact on your immune system acid reflux and yep Here we go. Chemotherapy chemotherapy. Not only doesn’t cause people lose a hair It affects the gut and a lot of the patients that I see in my office. Alright, actually former cancer patients or current cancer patients that are dealing with neuropathy and they getting it in their hands and their feet because that’s that’s A byproduct of the chemotherapy itself, and this is not me trying to not chemotherapy I know some people have had their lives saved and their parents lives are saved But just to be honest the number cause of death for cancer patients as actually the treatment itself Foods that can cause leaky gut wheat-based products we always hear about wheat this whole wheat arms in whole weed and all these different types of things and I can tell you that no matter what it is that We would inflame the gut you always know you eat a week of Sandwich with wheat bread. You’re gonna feel bloated at Gluten-containing grains barley, which is also found in beer right over Satan And did you always see in a lot of the vegan products because I’m pretty much 95% vegan 5% vegetarian and it’s only by personal choice. I’m not necessarily telling you to do that I’m just telling you this is what I’m doing to heal my body to heal my mind have to plan years of football Deal with concussions. I’m trying to do whatever I can to to keep my brain and my body is healthy as I possibly can Processed meats, we also know all these processed meats have tons of nitrates baked goods all things that taste good Yeah, right there cakes muffins cookies pies pastries and everything else that you you shocked a gun and create Because they taste so good but anyways these it’s hard to tell people in moderation because I’ve never ate one Oreo and it You know second one to follow up afterwards. Just just me Snack foods such as crackers and lucely bars and popcorn pretzels and things like yeah because I got corn corn is also another good inflammatory Food junk food such as fast food potato chips sugary cereals candy bars and look I can almost guarantee We look 10 15 years from now. I don’t see a lot of people dealing with Gut cancers for all these Popeyes challenges and chick-fil-a and all these other type of stuff but this stuff is not meant for us as human beings to Consume not because women readily in any way And then you also have dairy products. I know it said But trust no one is but if you haven’t leaky gut symptoms You can you can figure out a way to get through these Refined oils canola sunflower soybean and say flower oils Yes, everybody say oh I use olive oil You need to make sure that your olive oil not disguise as one of the Chinese Brands that they add all these different things in there including some vegetable oils All right, so make sure that you know that source to be honest with you if I’m going through a leaky gut phase I’m actually trying to eliminate all oils to be honest with you our official sweeteners aspartame Also what I called it, you know linked to Alzheimer’s sucralose and sacrum Salsas, such as salad dressings like that. Coconut oil tastes the best Anyway, if you’re going to use any oil especially on salad as well as soy to teriyaki and host instant white sauce all those things that you were finding a lot of the Asian restaurant sushi places and things like that actually if he was going to eat sushi I have to tell you to stay away from all the teriyaki and the soy sausages and his pile up on the ginger and You play would be better off but I hate giving like little small little gray areas because great area I mean that’s the areas we agree in area for everybody because you’re gonna go straight to that and do that over and over again the doctor said I can But I’m telling young Now I know Football season is starting I can tell you these are the two beverages and every devroye is joining And on the alcohol and carbonate and other sugary drinks now I’m not trying to get on Too far down the rabbit hole on that but I can tell you it’s a reason the word alcohol alcohol come from everywhere weak Alcohol, which means the spirit which hence worried why they call it experience Because it makes you unlike yourself and bring something into you does not I mean you think about whatever you drink you don’t really you’re not s coherent as you would like to be and Another part of you come out and you like I don’t know where that came from. I was drunk. I was drinking Well, not only is it affecting your relationships and your friendships? Also in your criminal record is also affecting your gut Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this now it may be shocking Some doctors actually get paid more money To prescribe you a medication and drug or surgery than they would if they actually found a cure. Actually I came to think Of a cure that we’ve come up in our modern day That didn’t have to be discovered on Some sort of back-end web site of natural cure in this country is very dangerous actually even use the C word which is cure because you come up with a cure and Knowing that there’s no money in cures Don’t be shocked if you start getting non-set and weird phone calls, okay? So below is a list of medications that can cause digestive issues. Now, this is not me putting this together. I’m literally just pulling the information for you so you can see and Let’s go for rice, so just let’s see what I’m talking about so a glossary of medication so I went and I pulled up all these glossaries and medications and a glossary of medication talks about It’s a guide to medication and it uses to treat many medical conditions The glossary does not include all medications that may affect the digestive tract We started a digestive system If a medication you or you are taking is not listed here check with your doctor Check the warning labels the black the black labels on these different medications you google them You will find a lot of the side effects have a I mean more people in this country died from Tylenol dead from AIDS Because of the internal bleeding acetaminophen is either people use it for you know, the relief, you know Fever and pain and things like that when in fact fever is actually a natural Defense mechanism for your immune system. So obviously if your fever is over 117 degrees 108 degrees You may be in a little bit of trouble and you may need one of these medications in an emergency But in general when your body is fighting off infection and trying to kill bacteria and viruses You don’t really want to lower the fever and that’s in that case because it may affect your body’s ability to heal Acids antibiotics. We talked a little bit about some of these earlier today Anticholinergics Anticonvulsant, this is something that you also find in patients dealing with neuropathy. They give anti convulsions convulsive or also, no anti-seizure medications the people deal with nerve pain and also things like Neuropathy. So you’re seeing you’re seeing people coming in they have neuropathy and they’ve been taking liriko or gabapentin. Neurontin For years and years and years and years and all they have is more neuropathy They don’t have any help from the symptoms, but that is the standard protocol that’s given to those patients Antihypertensives anti-tuberculosis, I’m just gonna float these calcium channel blockers and keep going these synthetic iron that so they these iron Supplements that you’re getting from a lot of these places. You need to check and see what iron is actually being extracted from laxatives Nitrates for chest pain in says non-steroid flama towards a potassium chloride That’s also people they use it for all different types of condition. Especially high blood pressure And then there are some vitamins a lot of vitamins are not natural and they’re not naturally cured a lot of most synthetic vitamins They have DEA don’t regulate all vitamins for a reason so know there’s some good reputable vitamins to vitamins that we use I’m not gonna tell you date up best in the world But we do a lot of work reading them we have over 300 doctors in our group that we all use the same products because we Actually get a chance to look at what they’re doing We can go visit the laboratories we can see where they’re pulling up the things from from nature the farms and everything like that. So we moving on but a lot of the vitamins you can actually over to also combine this too as well because Sometimes too much of a good thing to be a bad thing as well Now let’s talk about how can you fix it Now if you want to do it on your own you go ahead you can do it Now there’s this is what is I found online? I’m not saying I agree 100% with what this is, but this is what Is found out on these medical websites that they’re telling you to do You with your gut issues now Probiotic dairy free yogurt. Okay, I can agree with that for mid to yogurt or kefir It’s completely up to you but like I said before we talk about the dairy in our diets but the there’s other natural solutions is good like sauerkraut and things of that nature and kimchi and you saw Sourdough bread. I think if I’m going through inflammatory condition, I’m taking a break from all the breads just get myself Look at what we’re trying to be You’re the body’s so toxic or so deficient from so many things it’s called and I can use this in the breakdown So what I’m going to do if I feel me if my house caught on fire I’m going to take all the furniture out of the house and then I’m clean the house thoroughly and Then it’ll fit new furniture and I probably will put some of the old furniture back in depends on what condition it is But I look at the human body the same way So we got to take all all the old furniture out and I put new furniture in but before we do that We’ve got to put the fire out and that’s hints which is why We don’t recommend detox or straight out the gate. You need to pick a fire out first So then also, you see other vegetables such as eggplant and broccoli and cabbage and carrots so they’re telling this is what you’re going to find online by the way carrots is not a naturally occurring as a hybrid version and so some of these nightshade vegetables you have to be cautious wait, especially when you’re trying to detox and And trying to help heal your gut and so we actually have a full program to detail the line item day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 – so if you need to do and I’m going through that a little bit in detail I’m showing this with the information you find online and this is why everybody’s on webinar now Because they can’t find someone that’s going to take the time to go through it and try to help obviously I’m going to present this same PowerPoint in a more technical Fashion for all my doctors were out there who don’t like the fact that I use a lot of layman’s terms But in in the grand scheme of thing the population is not filled with a bunch of doctors and science The population is filled with just regular people like you and I I consider myself a regular person I go through the same regular thing I pay bills and do everything like I love regular people so when it comes to By the way, the reason why? most of the doctor language and the legal language is in different languages is to prevent us as the Public from being able to understand what’s going on even in legal term when they call it legalese and then in medical language To make it way very difficult for you to do this stuff on your own. They put it all in Latin So it makes it very difficult and they use all these big words and things like that to describe things Instead of just using this the layman term which we can all understand They want to be able to talk over your head and things of that nature and I do mind you that I don’t want to Do that. My goal is to help people and at the end of the day when I leave this earth I want people to save me and that guy actually did a good job That’s like the greatest gift that I can win. Don’t bring me flowers. Let’s come tap on the casual a man You did a good job Where can I get help All right So now there’s a lot of tests that you can actually do some of these tests we will actually do for our patients if they go to our program and They’re not doing well after you know 90 days or eight weeks Then there is usually some other tests that we would do and those those other tests but includes, you know urine tests a parasite test a bacterial test which is a part of a Multi multiple kit that we would actually drop ship to your house and you could do it in the comfort of your house Pardon me getting it to telemedicine. I I Personally, I don’t like going to a lot of doctors I should do not I consider myself in my own doctor, but I try not to go to all that stuff because you know who wants to go and pay all these co-pays and exam fees and just was ready to come and talk to you for a few minutes and I feel like this is the best way because only I want to spend time talking to you We can also get more information about you and not rush because if you have so many pages waiting on awesome days like that But all these things we’re doing is just for the benefit of the patient and to be honest with you It’s like one of the greatest pleasures I have when I can sit there and talk to sway in a comforting home They tell you like, you know, doc I’m so happy that I’m nu because I’ve scared to go to doctor scum scared of what I’m gonna find out I’m scared of being put on the medication. I don’t want to waste time I don’t want to take off a work all these other things and Even a lot of medical doctors are beginning to see this and it’s a way everyone’s moving into telemedicine as well and so these are some of the tests though that we would do if you don’t respond positively to our program now most people respond very positively and But if you have more serious issues going on, these are the things that we would do down in life But in order for us to get there We have to go through this three phases of our process and that three phases our process. I’m cover a little bit it’s pretty extensive but most people they would be well in that so this is a test that we Love love love to do is it’s the easiest test and it’s I mean all the tests Requiring some sort of bodily fluid, but this was the easy test that you can do. You can do it at home if you if you want help with this, you know, and you’ll be able to leave your email with me and then you’re gonna Have us take them you can take pictures of it sending toys But this is something you can do yourself and one of the things that we test when we looking for gut problems is Candida And it’s a very simple task just you know You take a glass of tap water and place on your best bedside before you go to bed The next morning before you do anything he’s going to get what’s better than glass You’re gonna check to see the progress of your saliva every 15 minutes for one If your saliva does any of the variation of the three pictures below that’s a sign that candida overgrowth If it stays grouped at the top or disperses, then that is a sign of little-to-no candida overgrowth, right? So those are the three things and I can send you that in a second I’m going to go over a little bit about our the wellness survey that we also provide for our patients Now we have multiple tools of evaluation that we use and we actually send this to you via email and You can either a you can fill out the just got wellness evaluation Or you can send it back via email or you can on your phone consultation We can go through it and then we can add up your score as itself But what it is is in medicine today leaky gut ache a intestinal permeability is typically diagnosed However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not affecting your health any health issues related to leaky Gustin undiagnosed misdiagnosed or ignored by traditional medicine and it’s not shot because I showed you a list about 20-plus medications that In who wants to be the one to have to admit that the medication they gave us now You had it for your blood pressure? Now your blood pressure is still high and now you got leaky gut syndrome and now you have all the kind of problems coming on So you just take the quiz and you get the quiz back towards your goal work with you free of charge This is a free consultation And if we think that you’re a good fit for the program, you know, you’re accepting the program. Honestly, we can’t take everybody Because it’s only three doctors in our group is handling. I’m actually recruiting other doctors now From California people with functional neurology background severe to help us with some of the neurological conditions as well I just saw it’s really this first come first serve and we open up this opportunity to everybody But we just want to help as many people as possible Effectively, we don’t want to sacrifice the quality of the care that we can provide you and so that’s why we have you go through these steps because it shows us that you’re serious and Then we get to that point if you’re interested in the program We give you the final details of that and then you can move for Step two set up a one-on-one phone zoom consultation with one of our doctors I am one of the doctors thought you just mean Patel and just love a medical doctor on staff I forgot a couple medical doctors that are involved in the program, but to be honest with you We actually know more about this process because it’s dealing with naturalness natural nature Then a lot of the traditional medical doctors do because it’s it takes a long time to have a wrap your head around how to put together a program that’s from the best to the patient actually So you set up your phone consultation zoom consultation one of our doctors wrote the program consists of three phases over the next eight to ten weeks and There’s one shoots once you start when you anticipate you finishing it because obviously it’s not going to feel good when you Coming off your coffee and sugars and bread you need support doing that And this is why you probably tried it before but you didn’t make it through right? Yes, because I know because I tried it before many many times I didn’t make it through until I get myself an accountability partner and that’s what we serve as is your accountability partner So phase one the ultimate the Biggest goal for our phase one is to extinguish the fire like we talked about in the gut and then also to seal the gut So once we do that we go through the process of reintroducing Different foods back to your youth so that your body can actually begin to absorb some of those nutrients so you can do well Phase two now. Are we talking about detox and things of that nature but This is a different process There’s certain way to clear the debris or you’re not detox and then causing yourself To go through a heavy detox process. Think about anybody that you ever known that went to any type of program drug program Whatever it may be and they try to detox how do they feel within the first few weeks of detox it feel better worse Yes, absolutely. They don’t feel great if it works. And so that’s what will happen when you start off with the detox You’re gonna have a problem You can work your way up to that process till your body begin to naturally no longer crave things sugar on the other hand it lights up the brain just like cocaine does and so this is why we know that you got to be very methodical and strategic and when it comes to Getting a person off of sugar Now the fun part is the rebuilding the gut this is where you begin to reintroduce some of the foods you like Not foods that led you to the gut problem in the first place, but it’s foods that are better for you And so we’re gonna do that slowly but surely but the whole purpose of that is to make it where it’s not painful That you can actually start to join your life but then as you’re gonna notice is You know weight may change the gut and they go down here and there and skin’s gonna start to clear up when you start getting to that point and then we’re gonna move you into our Wellness maintenance phase and that’s the time that I’m going to introduce you to more advanced Protocols because now you’re ready you you went through boot camp now it’s time for you to go to bugs training Which is Navy SEALs training. Yes the whole next level which is Full-on accountability of taking your health to the next level. So now you don’t you can start eliminating Men Katia’s and all kind of stuff Hopefully with the help of your doctor if that doctor doesn’t help you find another doctor say hey, look how this lost heart pounds What’s the purpose of me being on this medication? Hey, my blood pressure used to be 140 over No 100 now is no 117 over 65. You’re gonna keep you on this medication Last not least these some of the references I use is more than supposed to be in here I should have put them all in there, but I know that there’s so much information out that you have they’re like fine to use a fine-tooth comb to get through a lot of the Jargon, because sometimes is very difficult as a patient I mean even difficult for me sometimes people understand the mass of massive massive amount of information now out of all this is probably one of the best Right here if I can highlight that I thought that was a good abstract if you can find it on the NIH website But but out further in do that wraps up our webinar And I wanted to say thank you all very much for taking the time to attend this webinar If you if you like it like it If you don’t like you, please don’t put a thumbs down, but I’m sensitive about my heart But if anything I would love for you to share it with your friends Share with your family and you’re just like it’s a very cool accomplice Conversation that the doctor is trying to help his patients no matter where how far you all are You want to schedule a free consult? Like I said? Each doctor only can handle so many patients about salsa’s literally first come first serve and to the next group graduate and the next group On graduated to eight to ten months from now We already have several individuals going through our program now you actually may be on this webinar right now Congratulations guys. We’re taking that first step to changing your lives, but send me an email At gut doctors at gmail.com gut gu t doctors at gmail.com You send me an email. I send me a time that you want to set up a consultation and What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna respond back with all of the paperwork that you need to fill out before we do our talk either myself doctor just meeting up or one of our other doctors on staff and When you ready to go, let us know that you ready to go. Otherwise god bless and hopefully hopefully you all find the solutions and Whether it’s from this webinar or even in the future, hopefully we all find healing in ourselves and humans in our hearts This is dr. Andre hines checking out. Have a good night or day or good evening

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