Key signs alcohol overdose

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Alcohol overdose (AOD), also known as alcohol
poisoning, is a serious and sometimes fatal condition caused by overconsumption of alcohol
in a short amount of time. Those at a higher risk include:
Young People. Individuals on prescription drugs or medications
that may interact with the alcohol and increase the risk of overdose
and Females, or persons of a smaller stature and those who have not eaten.
Alcohol overdose occurs when enough alcohol enters the blood stream and begins shutting
down the parts of the brain responsible for basic functions such as breathing, heart rate,
and temperature control. Alcohol overdose can affect your breathing, gag reflex, heart
rate, and consciousness and lead to coma or death.
Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning. Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning include:
Loss of consciousness, not easily roused. Confused mental state, in a stupor, and incoherent.
Vomiting, especially without waking. Slowed and/or irregular breathing.
Hypothermia, loss of color, turning blue. If you suspect a fatal dose of alcohol has
been consumed, get medical help immediately. Only proper medical treatment can help someone
who is suffering from alcohol overdose. It is a myth that you can reverse alcohol poisoning
by consuming black coffee or caffeine, taking a cold shower, walking or sleeping it off. Get help immediately for someone who may be
suffering from an overdose from Alcohol.

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