Kadena International Wine Fest 2018 Teaser

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(laughs) – Lizzy, listen to this. Are you loved, for sure, not maybe? I’m so thrilled to call you baby. Who’s my honey, clearly you. And I’m so happy you’re my boo. – You’re my boo, all right. (laughs) You need some wine with
that cheese, my goodness. – I would, actually. Cheers to that. (laughs) So tell me, what’s the
worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever gotten? – Definitely, the most out there one was my husband and I first started dating, it was this little bottle of sand from his vacation to Florida
that has my name on it. – It’s a sticker. Her name’s in a sticker. Why didn’t he like hand
write it or something? (laughs) It’s a sticker. Okay, so we’ve heard some other pretty bad ones around the office. One was a fat cupid card that had his face on the cupid. Not good, not good. (chuckles) My husband, this year, he’s got a theme. He got me beef jerky. (laughs) This is not a plug for this. I really do love it though. But no, not good. So if you want to be one of those people that doesn’t get talked about
on a social media teaser, (laughs) then you need to do
something really awesome that might involve some wine. So the Kadena International
Wine Fest is happening in April, but tickets are on sale now. – Yeah. – So for non-members it’s $55, but members, it’s a little better for you. It’s $45. So if you’re not sure what to
get your significant other, I’m not just calling out husbands. – Yeah. (coughs) – Except for ours. (laughs) But anyone, your significant other, you can get the tickets now, use it for Valentine’s Day this week, and then you can celebrate again in April. So tickets are on sale
at the Officers’ Club and Banyan Tree. So if you need any other information head to our website, kadenafss.com. You can also check out
our Facebook Kadena FSS. And Instagram at #kadenafss. (clicks tongue) Cheers. – Yep. (glasses clink) – Disclaimer, this is not alcohol. Please drink responsibly. And yes, we love Welch’s grape juice. – Yeah. (laughs)

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