Joy Beverage Booster Review

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– Hello, my name is Miriam and I’m sharing with
you about my experience with the Joy Beverage Booster by Kaliana, So here’s the bottle. And you can find this on her website at
under beverage boosters. I find that this product
definitely helps bring more joy into my life. It uplifts my spirits, whether I’m dealing with heaviness or challenges physically, emotionally, mentally in my thoughts,
or even energetically, feeling imbalanced, or
all of the above, right? As often these things come together. They’re linked. And when I take this product, I notice that my thoughts
become more positive. Or I’m inspired to do something that I enjoy that would lift my spirits. Maybe its listen to some music and dance or drive a different way and
see some beautiful flowers or a child playing with their puppy. Things that just naturally
help us feel better. And I find that when I
notice this change in me and relax into the fact
that I’m feeling better, maybe slow down for a minute, (chuckling) pause, that helps me feel even more joy. Or if I’m inspired to do something fun or someone calls me out of the
blue with some encouragement and I get excited about that
or just celebrate the fact that I’m feeling better, that
also brings more joy to me. So the product is amazing
in doing what it does and then it’s up to us
to take that upliftment and inspiration and take action on it. Like I said, relax into it, celebrate it. I find that it’s best to use my intuition, whether I might need a couple
of drops more frequently during the day or if I’m
going through something more difficult then taking
more drops at one time might be what I need to notice
that shift in my thoughts or in the way I feel. So I encourage you to trust your intuition and definitely give this product a try so that it can help bring more
joy into your life as well. Thanks Kaliana!

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