Jonas Brothers on Reuniting, Marriages and Drinking as Therapy (Extended Interview)

By Brian Lemay 100 comments

-Jonas brothers are back. Oh, my gosh, how exciting. [ Cheering ] “Happiness Begins.” I want to say it was almost
10 years ago to the day that you guys —
-Really? -We planned it all.
-On our show, yeah. -Specifically to come back here
10 years later. -Yeah.
That’s what it was all about? The whole thing?
-No break-up. -I mean, this is —
[ Laughter ] A lot has happened since then.
I mean, yeah. I mean, you did — you broke up. You had solo careers. Kevin, you had two kids.
-I know. It’s insane. -I mean, a lot.
-The best thing ever. -They are.
They change you. It’s the greatest thing.
I mean, do they — I mean, do they know who dad is?
[ Laughter ] Do they know who these guys are?
[ Cheers and applause ] -They definitely
don’t know who that guy is. -Do you guys know
who these guys are? -No.
[ Laughter ] -I mean…
-A real bad dream right now. -Oh, gosh.
-Anime characters, I think. [ Laughter ] -What would you
say to yourself, Nick, if you had to talk to yourself
back then? What would you say to yourself? -I would tell myself to find
some scissors and cut that hair. [ Laughter ] -I think it’s a good look, man. -Also, to, like, go in the sun. We’re extremely pale.
[ Laughter ] -You look very — yeah.
-That was during the “Twilight” phase,
so we’re trying to fit in. -Is it “Twilight”?
[ Laughter ] -Joe, can we even discuss this? -I could put somebody’s eye out
with that hair right there. -Yeah.
What was that inspired by? -Flat irons, mostly.
[ Laughter ] Actually, there’s a band,
Tokyo Hotel, from Germany, that I love,
and we met them recently again, but I kind of just thought the
lead singer just had it all. And his hair
was so straight and spiky. And I was
trying to emulate that. I’m not sure why, but… [ Laughs ]
You did it. You emulated it.
You absolutely nailed it. -Thank you.
-I’m so happy. I love the new album.
-Thank you. -Congrats on the great reviews.
-Thank you, thank you. -And all the singles have been
fantastic so far. “Happiness Begins.” Very kind of personal album,
as well. I mean, some of
the songs on here, you wrote, Kevin, “Come Back.” -Yeah, well,
we wrote it together. But that song, specifically,
I think, meant a lot for — in many different ways.
You know, I think from the — to the fans but as well from
traveling for the first time in a long time away
from my family and the girls. Like, that was a big deal,
obviously. And so —
-How old are your girls now? -They’re 5 and 2. -So they don’t know you
as a Jonas Brother? -They do now.
[ Light laughter ] But it was, you know,
touch and go there for a minute. They didn’t really know who
that was and all that stuff. But they got to come to their
first show the other day, which was amazing.
-Oh, really? [ Cheers and applause ] I have a very cute clip
of your daughter. You talking to your daughter
about you being — Anyway, here’s Kevin’s
5-year-old daughter being very excited about
her dad as a Jonas Brother. Take a look at this. -I’m Alena, and this is my dad. Should I say it?
-Mm-hmm. Yeah, you can say it.
-[ Laughs ] -This is one of
the Jonas Brothers. -What?
Who let him in this house? [ Laughter ] -“Who let him in this house?!”
[ Cheers and applause ] So cute.
-They’re so proud. It’s so awesome.
And she did tell her entire school that,
you know, the Jonas Brothers were coming back before
the Jonas Brothers were. -No!
-Oh, yeah. -She spoiled everything? -We were trying to keep it
a secret for basically a year. We’re making this documentary,
making the album. And we were like,
“We got this is on lock. No one’s gonna tell.”
Kevin comes home and says, “Guys, Alena
told her whole class.” [ Laughter ] -She told the whole school,
and it’s out. -Luckily, those 5-year-olds,
tight-lipped. -Yeah, they kept
the secret for us. -You gave me a little inside
scoop, and I was like, “All right, I’m just
gonna cross my fingers.” -Oh, I did, yeah, yeah.
-Appreciate that. -It couldn’t have been better.
-What did you tell him? -I told him that
we were coming back. -He told us the four of us were
gonna release an album together. -Wow!
-I never got the phone call. -“You told me a little scoop.” “I told him that the band’s
getting back together.” -Just a little scoop.
It’s a big scoop. Yeah, he trusted me.
-I forgot about that. -But since then,
you got married. -Yes.
-Is there pressure writing songs about your wives?
-No, it’s the best. I mean, we —
I think we looked a long time for the kind of inspiration
that we have, whether it’s kids
or wives and fans. Also, this journey
we went on together over the course
a year and a half, two years, making the film,
coming back together. It’s all in there, but it’s
the best thing in the world to be able to write
a love letter to your wife in the musical form.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah. It’s incredible.
-Yeah. And, I mean, Sophie,
we love her, as well. But, yeah, you just —
[ Cheers and applause ] You said to me
that you got married to her just so you could find
“Game of Thrones” spoilers. -Exactly.
-That’s good for you. -Good move.
-That’s such a good move. -Just trying to figure out
if I could write a song for the next season,
and she’ll tell me — Oh. -Oh. Oops.
Spoiler alert right there, guys. [ Laughter ] -Wait.
-Wait, wait. What? -He’s joke.
-Yeah, he’s just joking. -My heart stopped.
-Everyone in the room was like, “Wait a second.” -Everyone’s loving
the new record, but this is pretty funny. There’s one person out there
that is not a fan of this. -Who? -Someone’s getting apparently
text messages? -Oh!
-Oh, yeah. -So, explain
what’s happening right now. This is your fault? -I guess.
-It’s all your fault. -So, basically,
I changed my number. -Yeah.
-Maybe seven, eight months ago. Some people got my number. They were calling me
all the time. So, finally, I just changed it. But I forgot to text
a few people. So when the album came out, my brothers and I were all
in a group text together, but it was the old number. So a few people
that I had forgotten to text the new number to. So, this person
somewhere in the world is getting text messages
congratulating them on a new album.
-From probably a lot of numbers. -A lot of people.
And the last one that we saw in one of these group texts
was really hostile. So you should probably show it. -The last one here says,
“Congrats, dude. The album is sick.
Excited to watch you go.” This person says,
“Stop texting this number! You have the wrong number! If you continue
to text this number, I am going
to give it to the police!” [ Laughter and applause ] -So I just —
I love the idea that there’s someone in the country
so mad that lots of people are trolling them that
they have a new album out. -Yeah.
-I would love to see how that conversation would go
with the police. “People out here
congratulating me!” [ Laughter ] -“Can you believe what’s
happening in this world?” Congrats on that documentary,
by the way, as well. -Thank you.
-I did not know about that, and it is fantastic.
[ Cheers and applause ] I loved it.
And I just didn’t really know as much of the history
as I thought about you guys. Was that why
you wanted to make one? -Yeah.
That was one of the reasons. I think, you know,
the whole idea initially was just
a documentary. And then, from there,
it kind of evolved to wanting to do this again. And it’s all there in the doc.
But it also shows, you know, our childhood, our upbringing, you know, both in church
and then into performing together
and all that. And it’s a pretty in-depth look
and, you know, has been just phenomenal to see people
writing and messaging us about connecting family again. That was the intention, really,
more than anything was just to try to create
something that hopefully, you know, brother or sister
calls their family and says, “Listen, you know,
it’s been a while, but I love you,
and we can get through this.” You know,
it was kind of our story. -Yeah.
But it’s — But you also see how much
you lived together. And, I mean, you’re doing
all these malls out in New Jersey
and all this stuff, and you go,
“Oh, the Jonas Brothers didn’t just come out
and just do arenas.” -We’d be at a mall
at like 7:00 a.m., and there’s this thing
called mall walkers that — [ Laughter ]
Oh, yeah. -Go to the mall, and you
do laps around the mall. And it’s like —
I guess mostly when it’s, like, snowing outside
and it’s pretty difficult to go for your morning walk. And we’re performing
at 7:00 a.m. in a mall where these people are
covering their ears or booing. It’s like…
That’s how we got started. -At one point —
At one point, you weren’t gonna
be named Jonas Brothers. -No, there were
some other names. -Yeah, we had a few. -Actually,
Jonas Brothers came up, ’cause in our first show ever, Joe just got up on stage
and said, “We’re the Jonas Brothers.” But before that,
it was Sons of Jonas… -J3.
-…J3, which was never right. -Run, Jonas, Run.
-Jonas Jonas Jonas. -Oh!
Jonas Jonas Jonas is not bad. -I like that.
-I like that one. -Jimmy Jonas.
-No, that wasn’t… -Oh, man!
I got so excited. Oh, my gosh.
[ Laughter ] -That didn’t make the cut. -There’s one scene
in the documentary. It’s you guys
playing a drinking game. -Yes.
-And, basically, through that drinking game,
you kind of — It’s almost like therapy.
-Almost. -Our version.
-It kind of is. -Tequila-infused therapy.
-You were kind of asking each other, like,
“Why did the band break up?” -Oh, this is the heaviest clip
in the whole doc. -Yeah.
Isn’t that weird that — -The one that you chose to show?
-Yeah, exactly. -Well, I loved it, ’cause
I think it is really personal, and you go, “Wow.
That was fascinating.” The whole thing is fascinating. If you weren’t a fan
of the Jonas Brothers before, watch this documentary,
and you’ll be like, “Wow.” Really, hats off to you guys. I want to show everyone a clip
from the documentary. Here’s Nick, Joe, Kevin
in “Chasing Happiness.” Take a look at this. -This game I played
a few days ago. It’s fun, ’cause it’s questions we either have
to answer ourselves or it might be directed
towards everybody else. -The more we drink,
the more the questions are gonna be answered.
So, ready? -One, two, three. -Boom.
It’s on Nick. Bowl it. -Biggest regret
in regards to the Brothers. Season two of “Jonas.”
[ Laughter ] It’s a big regret. We shouldn’t have done that. It really stunted our growth,
you know? I feel like it was…
just a bad move. -Yeah.
-Like, it just was not the time. And, literally, we couldn’t
evolve because of it. [ Cheers and applause ] -And it’s real.
Very real. It gets more intense from there,
that particular scene. But that was a real moment
for all of us. We sat and watched an early cut,
and it was a choice to make with the director and
the producers of the movie to say, “Do we want to tell
the fluff story of our life and journey
and what brought us back or get into the heavy stuff
and lay it out?” And, you know, specifically,
with that clip, Disney was a great chapter
in our lives, but at a certain point, did make
things hard to grow, you know? And when you’re shaving
your face twice a day ’cause they say you can’t have
a five o’clock shadow… -“You’re 10 years old.”
-Yeah, exactly. -Forever.
-It gets tough. But I’m glad we made this movie, and hopefully
it brings people together. -It’s great.
The Jonas Brothers, everybody. “Happiness Begins” is out now,
the new album. And the documentary,
“Chasing Happiness,” is on Amazon Prime video.


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