‘Jilly Juice’ Creator Denies Claims Her Beverage Caused Strokes

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when you do the Julie juice and you have detox and things it includes diarrhea chills sometimes even fever there’s a lot of salt and there’s a lot of water that is induced into your body that will cause a bit of a headache a little bit of a nauseating feeling my body is the little bit swollen when you are water falling you are purging out with some force the things that do not belong in your body well Jillian the creator of Jilly juice says part of the protocol after drinking the concoction is purging which clears the gut if parasites and fungus but Karen and Mickey say the purging process almost caused them to pass out Jillian targets the sick in the week she goes after people who are desperate for a cure I originally started doing the Jilly juice in order to do a proper detox and whatever Jillian was saying made a lot of sense how harmful could cabbage juice be my experience with Jilly juice was horrible it tasted like swamp water I’ve always called it sewer water the more I took a bit the longer I would be in the bathroom I had nothing but trouble my kidneys hurt my pancreas hurt I had a headache that I could not get rid of pain cramps – felt like there was a spike in my head my blood pressure was so high my face was drooping I was slurring my words I wasn’t going to have a stroke for Jillian my hand wasn’t done it was tainting the fingers I couldn’t pry them apart they were stuck together I talked to the doctor and he says I think we need an MRI they were able to definitively see the fact that there were two strokes when I went to my cardiologist he was the one that said yes dehydration happens with that much salt when I did finally talk to Jillian I was just trying to warn her like you really need to make sure you protect yourself her reaction was well you don’t have to worry about that I’ve got plenty of lawyers and she says you were supposed to keep drinking the juice that was just a symptom you didn’t die I said no I didn’t die am I supposed to die to prove your theory well ladies thank you for being here anything you want to respond to that you’ve heard so far okay you guys had positive results I think that’s absolutely fantastic and I applaud you and I think that’s wonderful but you need to take responsibility for the people you’re hurting instead of kicking them out telling them they’re wrong telling us we did something wrong and it’s our fault it’s not our fault it’s your fault because you lied to us okay so substantiate the lie that was told that it can’t hurt anyone and it certainly could never kill you well here’s the thing honey did you read all my bio honey did you read all my bio me honey did you read all my files yes and I listened to those nauseating videos now I think your intention was really to reinforce your belief system but you try this with a Hail Mary without real theory at all it was a rule every day I brew I don’t know interacting with you that’s right you don’t yeah tell me why you started this to begin with I have really bad fibromyalgia and the doctors have tried several things and they don’t work at all and there’ll be days I can’t get out of bed and so when you started ingesting this it was difficult Oh horribly difficult and what happened the first time I threw up uh-huh it took a while to sip at it did it look like this yeah unfortunately and then what started happening it caused you to stop the first symptoms were that there’s this bone-chilling cold the headaches of course the waterfalls which are just horrible diarrhea rashes this this this headache that would come on and I couldn’t think straight I wasn’t able to communicate properly for sometimes half a day and did you ask about this did you contact Juliana oh definitely and what was the response we were told those were healing symptoms you’re doing fantastic to keep it up you’re gonna you’re gonna get through this and everything will be fine it can’t hurt you why did you ultimately stop I ultimately stopped because one afternoon I was sitting on the sofa sorry and I was talking to my husband on the phone and I was slurring my words so bad and he said take your blood pressure and I took my blood pressure and it was 205 over 185 and I knew I was just a minute from a stroke

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