Japanese Wine – Koshu Grape

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Welcome to Underneath The Bottle I am Michael, and today we are going to talk about grapes. “What kind of grapes?” You are asking? We are going to talk about Koshu! Koshu is this grape from Japan. It is a Vitis Vinifera. “What is that?” You may ask. That is a grape that comes from Europe. So by saying it is a Vitis Vinifera, a European grape variety. It means it came from there. Right? So, we are talking a thousand years ago. They took it from…ehh… Caau..ca..sus…? So they took it from Coke-ausus Cockasus..? cucusususus… *blaming on the latin language* Which is Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkey those kind of places It came from there a thousand years ago then brought it through the silk road, China. and then it established here in Japan. Meanwhile, thousand years later, here we are… the grape variety has adapted to the environment it was rediscovered in the Yamanashi Prefecture It is the same region where you can find Mt.Fuji …and fun fact for you! I have climbed Mt. Fuji! Koshu is also very light, Delicate I have it in my glass right here It is a really pale looking grape in the glass Personally, I like it Because it is so polished and clean that is it’s uniqueness I’d say it really reflects the Japanese culture and flavors and by saying that is that they have a really clean palate they don’t like too complicated things *wine mouth mumble* Koshu makes crisp, acidic and nice wines As I said, they are delicate typically, low on alcohol So when I am tasting this, I am getting like.. Nashi pear It is like a hybrid between apple and pear sometimes it gets a little floral tones citrus minerality just keep it clean all good So I went to my local wine store and talked to the owner, here is what she had to say about Koshu: What kind of style can Koshu make? What is your favorite food and wine pairing with Koshu? So with that said, Koshu pairs really well with Japanese cuisine You gotta think light, fresh and clean flavors With Japanese cuisine you got Sashimi, Yakitori and Shabu-Shabu or you could go outside of the Japanese Cuisine. You could do a… Scallop Carpaccio or even a Chicken Mango Salad which I made today …I am…just goonna…keep eating this..Chicken Mango salad You gotta go see another Video, I ain’t got time for this Kanpai! You should listen to the locals… …I interviewed a…. loco Locococlocolcoloclcoclcolocolcoclcoocloclcolcoooclcococo my local wine shop


Sinichiro Hagiwara

May 5, 2016, 7:12 am Reply

Thank you so much,such a wonderful video message!

NYC Match

May 5, 2016, 10:31 pm Reply

In the U.S., ask for Koshu wines at your favorite Japanese restaurant, or in your local wine shop. If they don't have it, tell them they can order it from Park Street Imports:
For more information on Koshu wines, go here:

UnderneathTheBottle Wine Sommelier

Jun 6, 2016, 9:08 pm Reply

日本語字幕付きです!Now also with Japanese subtitles!!

Erik Wait

Oct 10, 2016, 2:02 pm Reply

You: "KOSHU!"

I've tried and reviewed a few Japanese whiskies which I really liked but I have not had a Japanese wine (yet). I am always interested in trying to wines from new regions, even if I don't like them, such as odd American-European hybrids commonly found in the mid-west of the USA. Hopefully I'll be able to try Koshu one of these days.

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