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you do this all day nearly every day it’s a routine it’s easy to forget the
important role you play in preventing the sale of alcohol and tobacco to
minors while trying to do your job keeping your
customers and your manager happy with fast quality customer service yet the fact is that millions of
American teens under 21 drink alcohol alcohol kills six times more young
people then all illegal substances combine and is a
factor in half all teenage auto crashes the leading
cause of death among teens statistically about 30 percent of the
time miners trying to buy alcohol in a retail store they get it if you add in second party
sales when miners get adults to buy alcohol for them then retail stores like this store like
your store where far too many kids get their
alcohol and where they get their tobacco too the
fact is that because you were to check out your store you’re on the front line at the effort
to prevent illegal alcohol and tobacco sales and while it may not have been on your
job application refusing illegal sales is an important
part of your job it may also be the most difficult part of your job let’s face it
no one likes to refuse a sale to anyone especially if your customer is an angry
teenager or someone who was intoxicated but like
it or not that’s part of your job and it is your
responsibility no matter how hard someone tries to get
you to sell them alcohol or tobacco illegally you are legally responsible for
preventing the sale that’s the law down there are serious
consequences if you don’t follow the law if you’re caught selling alcohol or
tobacco illegally you’ll probably have to pay hundreds of
dollars in fines out of your own pocket you’ll have to go
through special training just keep your job and you could end of with a criminal record and lose your job
anyway now you can avoid these problems by
remembering some very basic information and learning how to use certain
techniques when you sell alcohol and tobacco products that’s why we’ve created this video it gives you the information you need to
decide whether a sale his legal for not it also shows you how you can spot some
problem sales even before the customer reaches the
check stats and you learn how to quickly and accurately check ID so you can be
confident about whether to accept it or not this
video can help give you the confidence and
skills to refuse and illegal sale in a way that prevents embarrassment and
anger so let’s get started learning how to
handle alcohol and tobacco sales in your store
because get your job the pope let’s begin with the Oregon laws that
apply to alcohol and tobacco sales in your store that you must be 18 or
older to sell alcohol in Oregon legal age for buying alcohol is 21 and a legal age for buying tobacco is 18 tobacco includes tobacco-related
products such as pipes and cigarette rolling papers the legal
hours for alcohol sales are between 7am and 2:30 a.m. customers may not open or
consume alcohol on your premises now before you sell
alcohol you must read sign and date the OLCC brochure what
every store clerk needs to know about selling alcohol or you may use other OLCC approve
training Oregon law requires that you check the
idea anyone who appears to be younger than 26 if they want to buy alcohol it’s
recommended that clerks ask for ID if a tobacco customer
looks younger than 27 many store set a higher standard to at a margin of safety some people look
older than they really are it’s against the law to sell I’ll call
to any person who appears to be visibly intoxicated we’ll talk more about intoxicated
customers a little later so what can happen to you if you break
these laws well for clerks selling alcohol to a
minor is a Class A misdemeanor and can result in a criminal record and
fines as high as one thousand dollars and up to 30 days in jail store owners can be fine several
thousand dollars or have their liquor license suspended
for 30 days or cancel clerks who sell tobacco to
minors under 18 could be fined up to six hundred dollars
if you sell alcohol to a minor or visibly intoxicated person you could be held responsible for any
injuries or damages caused by the customer to an innocent third party in what’s called a third party liability
lawsuit that’s when the alcohol you sell
contributes to a car crash a fight or an assault you can avoid
third-party liability problems and getting fined by simply following
the law don’t sell alcohol to minors or visibly
intoxicated persons now we all know how easy that is to say
but how do you avoid making illegal sales well here’s how the while the legal age for buying alcohol
and tobacco are different the techniques for recognizing miners
checking ID and refusing sales are the same for both
products observation is the best tool you have to
avoid problems when you sell alcohol and tobacco observation helps you recognize a
potentially illegal sale it helps you check ID and get help she
refuses sale here’s how when possible observe customers before they enter your
store sometimes and illegal sale begins in the
parking lot when a minor approaches in adult to ask
the adult to buy something for them the physical appearance and behavior can
give you clues about someone’s age look for smooth online faces some young men have giveaway peach fuzz
beards while others still under 21 may have
beards and moustaches that make them look older look for youthful trendy or dramatic
hairstyles school jackets shirts and accessories
that indicate age pay special attention when close may
hide a person’s appearance like cats and sunglasses look for heavy
and overdone makeup if a customer’s
companions look youthful or if an acquaintance seems to be
waiting outside that may indicate and underage customer
or a possible second party sale behavior such as avoiding eye contact
being unusually silent or acting impatient or rushed can also
be warning signs sometimes a minor will try to distract
you with conversation while you’re checking their ID others will buy decoy products like milk bread or gum to drive tension away from
the alcohol or tobacco the second party sales are one of the most
common ways miners get age-restricted products if you have
reason to believe in adult customers buying alcohol or
tobacco for minor you must refuse the sale watch for young people loitering outside
your store approaching an older person or giving an
older person money inside the store watch for whispering
between an adult and a young person particularly near the
alcohol stock often if you indicate to an adult that
you’re aware of an intended second party sale you can deter them from trying to make
the purchase here are some sales situations that you
probably see in your store hey a cases maybe please the close this customers wearing might
indicate that he is an adult but listen,I left it in my car I’m sorry but the law requires that I check ID
for alcohol sales What’s the big deal? I’m 21. I’m sorry but I can’t
sell this without valid ID What if this customer was really
21 he’d probably get his ID and come back
this customer didn’t come back now take a look at this sale when the
stop screen appears stop the tape and write down how you
would handle the situation when you finish restart the tape and
watch how the clerk handles this customer looking to get for
it on the lights have you already handed
what you can do for Pakistan a hoax stop the tape now and restarted when
you’ve decided how you would handle this sale the it’s not my choice, it’s store policy and
the law I can say cigarettes that I D so who now I’m sorry I’m gonna have to pay the fine
and they can lose my job can say casi siempre doubt I D stupid
whatever sometimes it’s tough to refuse a sale
but you have to follow the law now take a look at this situation morning good morning sir how are you
today Maroga are you on good thing to find everything you needed
well I think so good I’m sorry sir I can’t say line people what’s the problem my side to minors
give you the money I’m suing that you’re buying for them what road is for me its nice to cuba second party sales is
against law I could lose my job okay well forget
about the wind is some interesting stuff ok now those illegal sales were fairly
obvious but what about this situation tight how you doing Tatum not good messy Smith
an application please sure no problem ok could you pick it up from me please context how would you check this ID to
be sure it’s valid do you know what to look for to see if an ID has been altered what’s matter glad he’s alright well s
just kinda beat up and I’m I can read the date over 21 it’s obvious that unless you know what to look for on
an ID and how to look for it it’s easy to let a
false ID slip by so let’s review what you need to know
about ID’s and what to look for when checking the
first time all if anyone appears younger than 26 ask
for ID that’s the law there are four kinds of
ID that you can accept by themselves as proof of age a valid driver’s license with a photo from any state a valid
passport a valid US military ID card and a valid DMV ID card from any state which
must contain the person’s photo name date of birth and physical
description a valid ID is an original document that
hasn’t expired if someone has changed and I D in any
way after it was issued it is an invalid ID and unacceptable here are some tips for
reading ID’s Oregon driver licenses and EMP ID cards both have a photo with a blue background
on the left the expiration date is printed in red
under the photo the data birth is immediately to the
right of the photo when an ID is issued to someone under 21 there is a minor until dade printed in red on the far right of the
ID it lists the date the minor will turn 21 years are printed in four digit numbers there is a whole a graphic overlay with rose the word Oregon and the state of
Oregon seal current ID cards have both won and two-dimensional barcodes on the back
the old-style Oregon ID encased in plastic will be used until
2004 the most commonly altered areas on fake
ID’s are the photo data birth the expiration
date and the minor until date since most in
the ID’s you’ll see our from oregon it’s a good idea to memorize these areas
and checked them first although there’s no foolproof method of
checking ID one thing you can do is establish a
routine and stick to it every time you check ID here is one
routine that has proven effective for checking ID’s start with three keywords touch always ask the customer to remove the ID
from their wallet wielded by the edges so you can see all
the surfaces of the ID feel for raised edges around the photo bumps in the surface irregular
lamination cuts for slits in the surface peeling
lamination or on even corners if you feel anything unusual pay extra attention to
the next step the second keyword is look don’t just glance at the ID really
look at it start with the expiration date if an ID is expired you cannot accept it even if everything else on the ID is OK check
the date of birth look at the photo does it look like the
person in front of you compare the consistency a printing on
the ID if any letters or numbers look different or don’t line up chances are it’s been
modified turn the ID over and checked the
information on the back often there are barcodes person
signature and other information on the back the
third keyword is ask ask for a second P so I D if you are unsure of anything ask the
person questions that they should be able to answer if the ID
is really there’s which is that code how do you spell your
middle name what’s your address how old are you what
year did you graduate high school now even if you don’t know the answers
to all these questions the responses can often tell you if
they’re lying listen for I’m sure answers hesitant
responses or obvious gases if you have any doubt about whether someone is old
enough or if an ID is valid don’t sell the product to the customer
now some stores have age verification
equipment that can help you determine the customer’s age there are different types and they can
be very helpful but remember age verification equipment
is only as good as the judgment of the
person using it entering numbers or swiping a card
cannot replace a careful feel look and if necessary asking a few
questions to determine if someone’s ID is really there’s and if it’s valid take a look at these ID’s and we’ll show
you how they’ve been modified this Oregon ID card has the minor until information completely covered with
white out look closely at the data birth the last
two digits to the year have been covered with white out and the digits 75 have been typed on top these digits art is clear is the other
numbers after the changes were made a second
laminate was placed over the entire card the double Aminat is a clear indication
up an altered ID the minor in till date on this driver
license was also changed noticed the last digit
of the date has been white it out and replaced with a new number the new
number 6 is darker and is printed on top of the
original laminin covering the Oregon seal the data birth on this ID has also been
changed in the same way and finally look closely at the
expiration date the last digit of the year does not line
up with the other numbers and the surrounding background is of
color now you will probably see many other
types of modifications on ID’s and once you know what to look for they
become easier to spot remember any change to an ID makes it
invalid now we talked earlier about typeof sale
it can be difficult to deal with recognizing and refusing sales
to visibly intoxicated persons take a look at this situation that why there i dun how can you tell if this
person is visibly intoxicated how would you refuse the sale if you
decide the person he is visibly intoxicated if you can tell by looking at someone
that they’ve been drinking or using other drugs that person is visibly intoxicated and
you must not sell alcohol to them some common signs of intoxication are
slurred speech swaying or a staggering walk bloodshot glassy eyes and trouble handling money intoxicated people may smell strongly
about call be unusually clumsy carry-on rambling conversations or be
loud and boisterous overly friendly for happy and their clothing and hair may be
unusually messy I’m just wanna be signs doesn’t
necessarily mean that someone is intoxicated you need to be careful to avoid
confusing intoxication with a disability for someone who is ill for just tired but if after carefully looking and
interviewing the customer you decide the customer is visibly
intoxicated do not sell alcohol to that person
remember if you’re not sure don’t sell the
alcohol now when she made the decision not to
sell how do you handle a customer who isn’t pleased when you refuse the sale here are some techniques that will help
you through the refusal and probably also help you avoid a
confrontation or other problems the start with your attitude be confident because that will convince your customer
that you’re doing the right thing be courteous customers are more likely
to cooperate if they feel you’re being polite and respectful be tactful avoid accusing the customer because that may provoke antagonism and
aggression be discreet try not to embarrass someone
in front of other customers bacall stay relaxed and maintain eye
contact be firm don’t act ensure yourself and back down if the customer tries to
bargain with you remember you are in charge of the
situation using the right words can make the
difference between putting the customer on the defensive and making them angry and working with
the customer to help them understand that you have
nothing personal against them but you have to follow the law avoid judgmental or personal phrases
like I think you’re too young to be drinking
your job whatever your reason for refusing the
sale make it clear that it’s not your decision but the law or store policy that
prevents you from making the sale and be sure to stay why you must refuse
the sale your customers more likely to accept the
refusal if you explain clearly and simply I’m sorry but I saw those young people
give you this money I believe you trying to buy this beer
for them we would both be breaking the law for soldiers or lower requires me to see ID before
signing of the whole if I sell this to a thousand already I
could lose my job this idea appears to be modified I’m
sorry I can’t tell you cigarettes without acceptable ID I’m sorry man but the law says but i
cant I’ll call the someone who appears to be visibly intoxicated began bizarre liquor license if I saw
that why refusing a sale can be difficult but there are some techniques that can
make it easier and safer when you decide not to sell the product
moving away from the counter and place it out at the customers reach
and if possible out of sight if your store has signs
like this point to them to remind the customers
have the law or your store’s policy people are more
likely to understand and accept the rules and laws when they both here and see them pointing to assign can also help your
customers focus their anger on yet rather than on you finally be sure to maintain eye contact
throughout the transaction try to move on to other customers or
work to signal a clear and to the refusal but don’t turn your back on the customer
that could be considered discourteous and may not be safe now let’s go back to our tipsy customer and
see how the clerk handles this situation fine how it is even under
great grey with a belt today and no I’m gimme
sum it up to I’m sorry man I can’t say it is here why
not the losses like answer our call to anyone who appears tax acadia are you are you crazy I know man I’m just doing my job I
pollen the law show that I can seriously it’s not up to
me if the law I’m fine just tell me the damn beer sigh can about a column and their fire like
text and template when you have to refuse a sale it’s a
good idea to keep a record of what happened in Internet longer report if your
employer doesn’t have an incident long-form you might want to keep your own log to
protect yourself here’s the typeof information to keep in
your log the names and addresses have customers
coworkers and any other witnesses that date and time
of the incident a description of the incident and the
license number and description of any car that was involved right this information as soon as
possible after the incident its easy to forget details very quickly keep the record for at least two years now take a look at this last sale and
describe how you would handle it I don’t exciting unique stop the tape now and restarted when
you’ve decided how he would handle the sale try to use all of the things you’ve
learned today the with all of his 21 and what your birthday I’ll november 6 I’ve stuff sorry I can accept this is
not a valid we may not valid what I mean well it
looks and feels like it’s been altered so it’s not a valid sorry plant this is
mine I can accept my day here obviously going
to share the bear you’re not 21 accountability it’s not
legal it’s not my choice test of cool color laws that he’s 21 why can’t he just buy them here if I
sell it to him that makes it a second party sale I could get fined or lose my job it can
be very difficult when customers try to pressure you into selling them alcohol
or tobacco when you know it’s illegal to do so but
the clerk did the right things she asked for ID because our customers appeared to be
under 26 she used the touch look and ask technique she wouldn’t let
the customer pressure her into selling the alcohol and she put the alcohol I’m psyched explain why she could make the sale and
confidently stuck to our guns when our customers got upset she made the right choices and handled a
difficult sale while maintaining control urself and the
situation that’s not always easy but you must
refuse illegal alcohol and tobacco sales to
customers who are underage who present false or
invalid ID customers you think are buying alcohol
or tobacco for minors people who are visibly intoxicated and
those who try to buy alcohol after-hours remember if someone appears
to be under 26 you must check their ID before
selling them alcohol and we suggest you check the
idea of any tobacco customer who looks under 27 you are in charge not the customer it’s your responsibility
and your decision to sell or not to sell and you are
required by law to refuse and illegal sale a sale that could cost
you an expensive fine or your job and finally never underestimate the role you play in
keeping alcohol and tobacco products out of kids’ hands it’s an important
part of what you do every day it’s your job the welp


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