Inventory Management from Oracle Food and Beverage (EN)

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this is Lauren Lauren runs a chain of restaurants serving great food to happy guests but two years ago the business nearly folded food costs went up and the restaurants stopped making money Lauren turned her business around with inventory management from Oracle food and beverage inventory management gives Laura control of her food costs the solution shows her what she should have in stock what has been sold and where there are deviations for example what has been wasted it starts by helping Lauren with her ordering inventory management suggests in order based on a forecast or template which Lauren can adjust ordering with the forecast takes less time and saves her a lot of money per restaurant per year Lauren is ordering less because she’s using less food and drink with inventory management she now knows what she should have on the shelves that means she can prevent theft her team’s know that stock is valuable and is being checked and if items are being stolen she can take action but theft was not Lauren’s main issue with inventory management she realized that food waste was her problem the cooks were over portioning and giving food away food was being kept too long until they had to be thrown out thanks to inventory management Lauren could see the deviations she no longer over orders so that food is wasted and Shira trained her staff on portioning this has saved her money every week in every restaurant inventory management is also integrated with Lauren’s vendor silver invoices are online if crabmeat seems to have doubled in price Lauren can compare it to last month and take action she can then negotiate a new price with the vendor using data from inventory management or she can use menu modeling are her famous crab cakes still making a profit should she put up her prices or change the recipe all of this is possible because inventory management is integrated with Lauren’s point-of-sale system it provides real-time stock on hand every time a dish or drink is purchased her inventory is updated she knows what’s been ordered what is being used and what is being lost through waste or theft joso knows the cost of sale of every item on her menu with that information she’s more profitable than ever great job Lauren find out more about how inventory management from Oracle food and beverage can make your operation more profitable contact your account manager or visit us online today [Music]

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