INTOXICATED prevention campaign targets alcohol-related crime

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My name is Hardyal Dhindsa, I’m the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire. I’m here today in Chesterfield at the Chandlers Bar launching the campaign for a Safe Night Out and Intoxicated campaign to say we want people in Derbyshire, which is one of the safest counties, to stay safe and when you go out be responsible. Because if your intoxicated you will not be sold drink. And that is something we want to work together with the pubs and clubs and the owners, and our Licensing Team, Trading Standards, Pub Watch, the Pastors. We work together to make sure that Intoxicated campaign means a safe night out and no sale if you are intoxicated. Not just for Christmas, we want to have this campaign 365 days of the year so that we know we are working together in partnership.

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