Identical Twins Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

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– Aww…read it with me, – [Both] is life better as a twin? Yes. ♪ Eine Klein Nachtmusik, W. A. Mozart ♪ – My name is Shane, I’m twin number one – My name is Brad, I’m twin number two – I’m Terence Spencer
– I’m Tanola Spencer – The T twins
– The T twins (giggles) – We’re twin sisters
– Twin sisters – Oh yeah
– Yeah – If you’re a twin like, they
always group you together like you’re never your
name anymore, you’re always – [Both] the twins. – Kind of, I mean we think very similarly – Three, two, one
– (both) Night Moves – Ohhhh! Shit! – Oh, three, two, one
– [Both] Marcus – Favorite drug? – Three, two, one: Claritin?
– This’ll be… (Shane laughs and claps, crew laughs) – What the fuck is…? Who came up with these questions? (Tanola laughs with crew)
– [Camera Man] Can you read… – Have you ever thought of
killing me and taking my place? (laughter)
That is dark! – Have you ever thought of
killing me and taking my place? (laughs)
– The fuck? Nope.
– No. – Nuh – Yes, like…
– What?! – Just to have my own identity – I wasn’t aware of half of this Blair.
– I concocted a whole thing. – Ooh, you would know this too! Have we ever slept with the same person? – Have we?
– I don’t know, have we? – I don’t know, have we?!
– I don’t know! (both twins laugh) – Have we ever slept with the same person? – No
– You probably slept- (laughter)
– What else don’t I know? – No chance baby!
– Yuh! Brad is of the homosex persuasion, and I’m of the heterosex persuasion. Therefore, I’ve never been in
a B, he’s never been in a V. – Cheers bitch
– Toast – What’s the funniest trick
we played on people as twins? – We didn’t play fuck
with anybody that much – ‘Cause we’re not dicks!
We don’t wanna like… – No, no no…
– “Be those twins” – I think it’s just
’cause we were pussies. I think we just got nervous.
Remember? ‘Cause in seventh grade,
“lets switch classes,” and then, right when we did it, I remember sitting in class like so, so nervous!
– Sweating, like bullets Just this stuff, it’s
gonna come any minute. – Yeah, like something bad’s gonna happen, or Ms. Jacobs is gonna come and expel us on site or something. – Yeah
– I went right back to class – What are your biggest
complaints about my partner? – Hmmm
(nervous giggles) – Okay – What are your biggest
complaints about my partner? – Oooh… (giggles)
– I knew that this… – He’s selfish, and he acts
like an only child all the time – He’s a good guy, but I don’t… – Do you think he’s attractive? – No, I don’t think he’s attractive at all – Oh really?
– No – Is there anything
physically different about us? Are even our genitals the same? (laughter) I’m pretty happy with my penis size. – I don’t think that’s the question dude (laughter) – You have slimmer cheeks than I do – Slimmer cheeks…
– You’re more rugged, you’re like the…
– Bigger these ones? – No!
No way! – Yes
– No way! What?! – How do mom tell us apart?
– She guessed. – Facts.
For most of, oh… Hey Tano, Tey, Tano, Tey, Ter-, come here. (laughter)
Come over here. – Yeah – Would you ever…this
is fuckin’ great dude! Would you ever have a three-some with me? – Absolutely not
– Why not man? – Next question.
– You didn’t say why not – No
– For the record, I wouldn’t either, but I wanna know… – Why do we need to get into it then? – Just answer the fucking question dude – Why I wouldn’t have
a three-some with you? – Yes
– It’s because we’re twins! – All the time, people
ask us, but I don’t think ’cause like at the end of the day, you’re gonna favor one of us.
– Yeah – And I will be pissed if it ain’t me – Yeah
– So… – Hey no, next question: do
people try to fetishize us? Yeah.
– All the time – All the time – Could we have a two-for-one deal? – Yeah, no
– No, there’s no coupon for us – There’s like a whole
fucking section of like twin fetish porn, and it’s really gross. – It’s like when you
accidentally scroll through, and you’re looking for
something normal and racy – Yeah, right.
– Like I’ve seen it, fist thing grows, seen it, seen it… – Yeah yeah yeah
– twin-cess, eh. – I feel like I’ve had girlfriends
who have come up to me, and been like: before we were dating, I pictured both of you two fucking me. – Just Eiffel Tower,
– Not that we would do it. – Isn’t it like she’s below-?
– No no no – Doing that
– Yeah – And we’re just like
– Other in bow – This in bow
– It’s a one-time Eiffel Tower It’s like a
(high fives) We’re doing it!
– What?! – What do we hold a fuckin’ teepee? For the whole time?
– Yeah, yeah I think so. – That sounds like a lot of arm work. – Can you please ask another question? – Yup – Who would win in a fist fight? – Probably me.
– Probably me. – Well I did take martial arts. – Oh you took martial arts
(laughter) – Fuck you!
– You took martial arts huh? – Yeah! – Oh it’s bad, this is so bad. – What if we’re locked for eternity? – Incoming
– What if we can’t move? – And then, we’ll…
Oh no! You’re so much stronger than I am! I worked out earlier
today, you did nothing! – Yes
(crew cheers) – Godammit, that’s
embarrassing, that’s on film. – What’s the worst thing
that I have ever done to you? – To me?
– Yeah. – When you were in a ska band, the nine of you…
– Oh, don’t – Wrote a song called, “Brad is Gay” – But they didn’t hear
it, they couldn’t hear what we were saying, we
were just yelling it. – ♪ Being ridiculously
attracted to dudes is GAY! ♪ (nervous laughter) – I think anyone would hear that – Aw, I’m so fucking sorry dude. – What would your reaction be if you got a call saying I was dead? – Oh god.
(giggles, nervous exhale) – What would your reaction be if you got a call saying I was dead? (long exhale) – Oh, I thought about it so much. I just have thought about you
dying, like now in my life? Now, and I hate it like I…
– You hate me in your life? – No, fucking listen to what
I’m trying to tell you bro (exhale)
I love you (laughter) – I would think I would
feel so much emotion that I would just shut
down, but the thing is, which is weird, I think
I would know it happened before they got their call.
Like I think, whenever you would take your last breath like I would feel that. – I don’t know why, I think sometimes I catch myself
thinking about it, and like tear up
(giggle) – Really? – No, but it would, it would suck so much to live without you.
– Yeah it’d be the worst
(exhales) – I would like I don’t
know man, I would like (exhales) – Hey, I’m still up, still here. – It sounds like the worst thing. It’s like the worst
thing I could think of. – ‘Cause I mean, you’re your own person. But you really are like a part of me – Yeah
– You know like a part of me (clears throat)
so… – Is life better as a twin?
– Yes – Two brains, two perspectives on life? – Yeah – A 100% no, I feel like I
am blessed to be a twin… – If you buy us a showtime, I have no idea how to answer it because I don’t know life without being a twin.
– Yeah, yeah. – This is like my best friend, right here. Hey, I love you.
– This has been great, I love you too. – Like I love you
– I’m mad in love for you – Yeah, I’m mad in love for you too – Here, we did it! (applause, cheers) – Thank you. – Yeah!
– Yeah – Yeah, definitely.
– And it’s not often that we really listen
to each other that much. So I learned,
– Yeah – What you’re comfortable sharing with me. – Yeah yeah, thanks Truth or Drink.

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