icywave, hızlı içecek soğutucu | fast beverage chiller

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ICYWAVE is an innovative blast cooler for commercial and home use designed to chill drinks in a fraction of time when compared to conventional fridges, chillers and coolers. Cooling with ICYWAVE is quite easy Place the beverages you want to serve, in the receptacle, First select the cooling time suitable for your beverage Then set the desired duration.
– Finally, press the START button. – That’s it ! ICYWAVE chills the canned beverages (330 ml) in as little as 2 minutes. Plastic bottled beverages (500 ml) in 3 minutes and glass bottled beverages (1 L) on an average of 4 minutes ICYWAVE has two different models manufactured to meet consumer preferences. The ICYWAVE R2 model is designed for home and small size enterprises. 6 cans of beverages or 2 bottles of 1L can be chilled at the same time. The ICYWAVE R3 is designed to meet the need for multiple and consecutive chillings. 9 cans of beverages or 3 bottles of 1 L can be chilled at the same time. ICYWAVE can be used in restaurants , bars, cafés,hotels, event organizations, beaches, sailing boats, yachts, caravans and campers ICYWAVE
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M.Yakup TUNA

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kısa bir sürede soğutma özelliği yanında cihazın az yer kaplayan kompakt yapısı taktire sayan bir özellik, böyle efektif bir cihazı tasarlayarak hizmete sunanlari kutluyorum.

ayhan baris

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