Ice Gula Asem Drink / Ice Tamarind & Palm Sugar Drink

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Hi, welcome to Krupuk Aci Hey guys today we’re going to make Gula Asem drink to start this off. We need the following ingredients After that, the first step is to put the tamarind into the pan and pour the water in After that we boil it with medium heat and continue stirring it When that’s done filter it and throw the residue away After you filter it you pour the tamarind water as well as the gula jawa into the pan and repeat the previous stirring process And there we go, we get everything we need to make an iced Gula Asem drink Now all we need to do is get a glass, fill it with ice and Pour about 70 ml of gula asem water as well as some water to dilute it a bit And now all you have to do is stir it and there we go And there we go that is how you make a good some drink Thank you for watching (4 serves)
*Ice Gula Asem Drink is known to induces weight loss

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