Hydralyte Full Service Mini Fridge Package RM wraps

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I welcome to Rm wraps this is Hydralyte company and they they hired us to do these mini fridge full-service mini
fridge wraps and so what they did is they they got I’m actually walking it through
them for that so guys this is this is it it’s actually looking really good
tell me what you guys think if you’re happy with that and we’re gonna ship it
out today we’re actually gonna box it up right now after I get done doing this
video but everything looks diamonds you can see the inside I’ve got that side
right there I got that side right there let me show you the back the back sides
alright there’s nice and glossy lips brand-new hey guys so yeah okay I guess
I’d use video right now and then we’ll go from there but if someone sees this
and they’re if they like something like this for a full service go to arm wraps
com full service and this is a Danby it’s 120 can 3.3 cubic feet or squirt
whatever it is oh it’s right over here it’s that side down but that’s that’s it
so alright guys thanks for watching you go to our rmwraps.com or you can
contact me your [email protected] or phone call me at 208-696-1180 thank

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