How To Tell If Your Wine Is Corked

By Brian Lemay 3 comments

– I’m Patrick Cappiello
from Rebelle restaurant in New York City. Today I’m gonna teach you
how to determine if a wine is corked. (upbeat music) So a corked bottle of wine
is probably one of the most confusing and dangerous
things for consumers. And I think often it’s
confused as to what it actually means. People sometimes think, oh if
the wines corked it’s vinegar, or it doesn’t taste right, or
it’s fizzy, or all of these things that can be problems with wine. And all those things are
potential problems and should be looked out for. But when a wine is actually
corked there’s an infection that gets inside of the wine. And it get’s there because of this thing. The cork. Corked wine is affected by
the chemical reaction that’s caused by a fungus coming
in contact with a chlorine. So cork comes from a tree,
the cork tree, and when they clean the corks they usually
rinse them with a little bit of bleach water to make the
cork sanitary before putting it inside the bottle of wine. But when this happens, if
this fungus is present, it triggers a chemical reaction
and something called TCA or Trichloroanisole becomes the result. Essentially a funky, kinda
moldy smell that gets inside the cork itself. And once it infects the cork
in the wine it will affect the wine. So you smell the wine, you taste
the wine, if you smell that kinda musty, moldy smell, I
recommend at that point call or simulate your waiter over. Tell them you think there’s a problem. Let them taste and hopefully
you can get a new bottle and your evening off to a better start. I’m Patrick Cappiello from



Feb 2, 2017, 4:57 pm Reply

Sometimes TCA occurs because of other reasons. Cork is not always the culprit. Sometimes it can also be confused with a close relative, TBA which can even be found on plastics which was very problematic for drugmakers just a couple of years ago.

Paulo Da Rendeira

Nov 11, 2017, 6:03 pm Reply

The right name of cork tree is Sobreiro

Shubham Patel

Oct 10, 2018, 3:09 pm Reply

Cork is ancient stupidity, still continued today. Back then people have no other option. Now, there r wines with normal caps

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