HOW TO STORE WINE AT HOME | Get the right location and temperature

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One important thing is how to store bottles Can you just give some quick guidelines on how to store, the temperature and the position of the bottles? So, if you’ve got a real cork in your bottle, then it’s best to store it on its side That means you get the liquid in contact with the cork which keeps the cork moist and therefore it’s air tighted If you put it straight up, the cork will dry out and let oxygen in to spoil your wine That racional works for every type of wine? Even sparkling wine? In sparkling wines, if it’s got a screw cap actually it’s better to stand straight up And the temperature? Usually people put in cellars why is that? Well, you don’t have fluctuations in temperature warmth can damage wine It can make it mature too quickly so it looses it’s fruitiness The ideal temperature it’s an easy one for me to remember when I say thirteen degrees It’s an easy number to remember Thirteen so, that’s not too cold and not too warm so, at thirteen If you want to keep it for a short term, maybe you bought it and want to have it in a couple of weeks as long as you put away from any source of warmth and not on top of your dishwasher or by the oven you”ll be fine The important is to have it very stable so, not on top of the dishwasher…

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I would love to know how you store wine at home. Do you use any fancy equipment?

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