How to Prepare a Greek Feta Cheese Salad : Complementary Beverages for Greek Feta Salads

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Hi my name is Rich Buccola and on behalf of
Expert Village today we are going to show you how to make a Greek feta cheese and tomato
salad. Okay this is your lunch you have a little bit of spread, you have your salad,
pick a light beer, light white wine is good, even red wine is actually good with this.
You are going to go what taste good for you. I believe a lot of the beer now is actually
as good as some of the wine. You want to pour a nice I’m using like I said a amber a amber
logger which I like for this salad it is really good. Take a big bowl of it share it with
your friends, just cook you don’t have to be in a story where all the Greeks have to
have a great great salad all you have to know is someone on Expert Village and I thank them
for letting me be part of your everyday. Eat. Definitely have a good appetite, share with
your friends and have a good appetite.

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