How to Pick an Italian Wine

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How to Pick an Italian Wine. Italians are famous for being fine artists,
but there’s more to choosing a fine Italian wine than just looking at the art on the label. Buy wisely with these tips. You will need Knowledge of major Italian wine
regions Information on types of grapes and meaning of wine regulation classifications. Step 1. Look for wine from the most popular of the
20 different wine regions in Italy. The Northern Italian region of Tuscany is
famous for its popular Chianti, Chianti Classico, and Brunello di Montalcino — red wines made
from the Sangiovese grape. A general rule is to pair red wine with red
meat and white wine with fish and white meat, but it’s not written in stone. Lighter-bodied reds can also pair with white
meat. Step 2. Try wines from Piedmont. Two excellent dry red wines it produces are
Barbaresco and Barolo made from the Nebbiolo grape; Asti Spumante also hails from this
region in Northwestern Italy. Step 3. Seek out wine from Veneto, home to Venice
in Northern Italy, for light and simple varietals. White wines include Soave and Prosecco, a
sparkling, semi-sweet wine made from the Prosecco grape; Valpolicella and Bardolino are two
of its light, red wines. Step 4. Sample wine from southern Italy, such as Taurasi,
a full-bodied red made from the regional grape, Aglianico. Wines from southern Italy are generally thought
of as mediocre, resulting in government incentives for improving quality. Step 5. Know the Italian government’s wine classification
regulations. A wine labeled DOCG meets the strictest regulations;
DOC is the next strictest classification; IGT is classified as excellent value for the
cost; and VDT or table wine is the lowest classification. DOCG classification doesn’t automatically
mean a better-tasting wine, but ensures a higher level of quality. Step 6. Pick a Super Tuscan. Developed by winemakers in the late 1970s
in Tuscany, Super Tuscans are a blend of Sangiovese and French grapes. They are considered some of Italy’s best wines. Did you know The DOC laws regulating wine
in Italy were enacted in 1963.



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I hear chianti is great with liver and farva beans


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Apulia is the heel of the boot. But I like your video.


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this video is highly simplistic. nice try anyway


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Great informative video! Can't wait to share with our fans. Love, Don Pepino

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