How to Make Wine : Additional Ingredients: Learn How Wine Is Made

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Now that we have our starter bucket we basically
got enough yeast in here to do about a barrel of wine. We’ve got 2 big 5 gallons of grapes
so this is really going to get going. That is why it boils. Now this is what we have
to do is get this prepped for tomorrow when this is going in there. We are going to put
and we are going to have Austin open it up. This is the sulfite that we use and we are
only using 2 teaspoons; that is virtually nothing but it is enough to neutralize the
yeast. So pour that around there, Austin? Next we are going to put in the super food.
Okay. There are a couple of chunks in here; I’m just trying to break down. We are going
to put in the super food. Actually we need an adult to do this because this has some
nasty odors so don’t want the kids to. Just spread it around evenly. This is the super food. This is to help the yeast….It
binds to the sugar. This is all natural. Where do you buy these things? You buy them at a
company that actually makes chemistry for wine making.

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