How to Make Sangria | Easy, Fruity, Wine Cocktail

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The perfect brew to put you in the holiday
mood, Sangria is fruity, light and super easy to make! You don’t need crazy tools or any bartending
skills to make this fresh, fruity and fabulous drink. Red wine Sangria is festive and fun, a perfect
party punch to pair with a drunken brunch. Start by making a cinnamon-spiced syrup for
sweetness and flavour! Mix equal parts water and sugar. Add cinnamon and star anise. These flavours perfectly complement red wine. Mix this until all the sugar dissolves and
the syrup thickens slightly. We recommend you make this in advance to reduce
hassle on the party day and allow the flavours to develop. Now for final assembly, add wine to a pitcher. Try to use inexpensive wine for this, as you
will be masking its true taste with the additions. Next add the cinnamon syrup, some orange juice, a tipple of brandy for an extra boozy kick. Now we’ll slice up some crisp apples and some juicy oranges and add those in as well. Fruit infuses the wine with fresh flavour
and sweetness and gives the sangria a fun confetti vibe. Refrigerate this until you’re ready to serve. When serving top it up with some club soda and garnish with a cinnamon stick and some rosemary for colour and fragrance. Even the laziest cooks can whip up this sangria
right in the serving glass with no chopping or minimal effort. Start with long stem glasses and squeeze in
some lemon juice. A couple spoons of caster sugar, which will
dissolve faster than granulated sugar. To this, we’ll add a splash of brandy which
is optional but recommended. Stir it all in until the sugar dissolves into
the amber liquid. Then go in with the rosé. You can vary the sugar to your taste, of course,
because rose is a sweeter wine. Then pop in your berries. We’ve got fresh raspberries, sweet blueberries
and some beautiful strawberries which we chopped up cause they were a bit large. You can also mash them up and add a puree
to this for some extra fruity flavour! Top it with club soda and a sprig of mint
for freshness and just like that you’re ready to get your bubbly on! If you’re a white wine junkie, then this
Sangria is perfect for you! We start by cubing some honeydew melons and
musk melons. We’re using a melon baller to get some cute round shapes but you can just as easily cut the fruit normally. We’re also going to make a fruit mixture
using the honeydew and some white wine. This will help infuse the sangria with a sweet
melon flavour. If you’re making this last minute and don’t
have time to soak the fruits for long, then this method is a great little cheat. Now add the puree to a jug or even a large
mason jar. Follow this with some brandy or some white rum – both of which are optional. Now, add in the wine. Any inexpensive type will do. Add the melons, some vibrant kiwis and a few slices of lemon and let it chill. When serving you can add some club soda or
seltzer and garnish with a lime wedge. You can choose to add ice to these or skip
it based on your preference. Serve these up at your next shindig and we
promise people will be begging for the recipes! We hope this video lifts your spirits. Thanks for watching! And until next time stay tuned and stay Glamrs!


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