How To Make Carbonated Drinks with Dry Ice

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that is exactly what a carbonated soda
should look like hey guys King Yoshi left the comment down below asking if WE
could make our own carbonated drinks using dry ice with almost 800 likes this
is by far the most popular comment so that’s what we’re trying today we’re
making fizzy drinks on the DIY now we’re all familiar with that customary hiss
that you hear when you open a bottle of soda the actual noise that we hear is
the pressure in the bottle rapidly escaping at the top and the reason that
most sodas begin to fizz as you do is because the carbon dioxide dissolved in
the solution begins to nucleate and rapidly come back out now the first step
in making fizzy soda or a fizzy drink is to start off by making fizzy water now I
just went down to the grocery store and pick up a bottle of San Pellegrino
sparkling natural mineral water very posh stuff right but if you open it up
and pour some out you’ll find that it’s basically just water with a little bit
of fizz and that fizz is really the only thing that makes it Sparkle there’s
really no sweet taste to it at all it literally is just fizzy water and that’s
exactly what we’re going to make next so now that we know what high quality fizzy
water tastes like let’s go ahead and take a shot at making our own quick
update guys here’s what I just did I took a little water import it into a
separate glass and then got a chunk of dry ice and picked up the grocery store
and use my mini master sword to smash it up into small chunks now watch very
carefully to what happens if we grab some of those smaller chunks and toss
them into the water that’s pretty much the typical dry ice water reaction but
something else is taking place that you may not have realized the last time you
said it’s done the water around the dry ice is actually getting fizzy eventually
the water around the dryest will get so cold it will form a layer of ice which
will acts as an insulator and will actually prevent the dry from bubbling
off as quickly but right now you can see it’s forming a vapor barrier a gas
barrier around the dry ice which looks really really cool it almost makes it
look lacquered alright guys so it’s been about 4 minutes our driest is almost
completely dissolved now occasionally I’ll get somebody who asked me what
would happen if you drank the water has the dry ice in it so I’m going to try
that for you now Hmm, its fizzy and you know what it almost tastes
the same as our San Pellegrino we just made fizzy water by throwing dry ice
into it isn’t that interesting the San Pellegrino does have more of a bite more
fizz and I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s got more carbon dioxide dissolved
into the water however if we drop in more dry ice and let it run longer I’m
pretty sure we can achieve a very similar effect with our homebrew so now
that we know we can make our own sparkling water using just a few chunks
of dry ice let’s go ahead and take it to the next level and see if we can make
carbonated drinks so all the gusto it like turned into a
mash okay so not a great way to get orange juice so here we are guys they just poured
some drinks and cut up some fruit and now we’re left with four different
glasses we’ve got lemonade apple juice orange juice and watermelon juice now as
is none of these drinks are fizzy at all I’ve tasted each of them and they’re
completely flat so the next step is to grab a few handfuls of dry ice fill our
glasses full and let them sit for about 20 minutes to see if our drinks
carbonates them sell quick word of advice if you ever try making orange
juice for yourself don’t include the peels this stuff tastes terrible yeah
mmm oh yeah watermelon that’s a win here we go guys here we are it’s been about 25
minutes and each of our cups is still bubbling away however one thing that’s
very interesting is the dry ice is so cold it actually forms a layer of ice
around it and acts as a little bit of an insulator so it does slow down the
bubbling process quite a bit so this is all looked really cool we made a huge
mess but here’s the real question after 20 minutes of experimenting have our
drinks turned into fizzy drinks here we go very cold and I do feel the carbon
dioxide bubbles tingling on my tongue just like you would with a soda we’ve
effectively just turned our apple juice into sparkling cider that’s very cool
it’s too bad half of its frozen, You know it had an idea for that frozen stuff if
we scoop that out we’ve got ourselves a nice carbonated slushy mmm cool fizzy and
refreshing alright next up we got our sparkling lemonade as I call it chilled
beverage see how it tastes yeah it’s fizzy it’s carbonated that
actually has a really Pleasant taste to it mmm it’s tickling my throat that’s cool
yeah I quite like that I highly recommend dry some lemonade
good combination all right this monstrosity of orange juice that I
attempted to make very fizzy it tastes terrible but it definitely is fizzy very
cool this one I’m very much looking forward to this is the watermelon which
tasted great before can’t wait to see how it tastes
fizzy effervescent yep pretty much what you’d expect carbonated watermelon juice
it tastes like it is nice but honestly I think I prefer this one flat big win on
the lemonade’s oh that’s good stuff go try just for fun I went ahead
and filled up a big bowl with the rest of the apple juice through in a few
chunks of dry and just let it sit for about 20 minutes then I took some of
that juice and I transferred it using a funnel into this coke bottle and screw
the cap on tight and if you shake it up you can actually feel it pressurized and
looking at it you can see all the same soda bubbles and fizz they would expect
to see out of a carbonated drink so I think at this point we’ve effectively
turned regular apple juice into something very similar to that sparkling
cider you get for special occasion homebrew non-alcoholic sparkling cider
and if I remove the cap yep I’d say that’s fizzy we did it homemade fizzy
drinks makes the mess just like the rest taste test you can see as we were pouring those out
the Martinelli’s actually had a little bit more foam for us a little bit more
of a head at the top there and that’s because it’s got more carbon dioxide
actually dissolved in the fluid but now that’s sitting out at standard
atmosphere let’s go ahead and give it a taste test .Oh! my goodness that is
really really good I mean really good that’s our homemade stuff – all right
original Martinelli almost identical they taste almost
identical that is super cool I’d say this one pickles the tongue is a
little bit more now I take that back this one is distance busy so ad standard
atmospheric pressure these things taste almost identical this one tickles your
tongue it’s got a nice aftertaste it’s delicious they taste identical and
I think I prefer this one because you know we’ll look closer a natural side
effect amusing drives so interesting stuff guys the purpose of this
experiment was to see if we could use dry ice to make our own improvised
carbonated beverages and apparently the answer is yes we can although it’s not
nearly as practical or as easy as just going down to store buying something but
it definitely is a lot of fun you might be wondering if you can use this trick
to rejuvenate a flat soda as well the answer is yes if you take a very small
chunk of dry sand I mean very small like no bigger than your thumbnail and drop
that down into your container and screw the cap on site the bottle immediately
begins pressurizing and the carbon dioxide begins to dissolve back into
liquid and honestly this really isn’t something that you should try at home
because putting dry ice in a sealed container in a lot of cases will make it
explode so there you have a guys that’s how to use a little bit of dry ice some
juice some water or whatever else you like to make your own carbonated drinks
at home just make sure you don’t use too much dry ice and don’t put it in a
sealed container because it could explode and of course a big thanks to
King Yoshi for requesting this experiment and to everyone who helps
support them go ahead and check your youtube inbox mr. Yoshi I’m sending a 25
bucks thanks for joining me for this experiment I’ll be looking for you the
next one talk to you then is it a really cool shimmer it’s so shiny yeah this one
I’m very much looking forward to this is our watermelon juice it tasted so good
before I’m very much looking forward to how it tastes now hey guys thanks for
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