How to Make a Kisses & Wish Box : Kisses & Wish Box: Add Glitter

By Brian Lemay No comments

Step ten. To make our container just a little
more special, I’m going to add some red glitter glue. I love this stuff. It’s so much fun
and it’s a lot easier than the old fashioned method of drawing it on with the glue, whatever
design you’re going to draw on and then sprinkling the glitter on top of that. This way the glue
and the glitter are combined all in one, it’s inexpensive and it’s very very easy to use.
So, what I’m going to do, see, I already have some contrast between the red and the pink,
I’m going to add a little bit more contrast by simply drawing another heart inside the
outer edge of the small pink heart. And, there we go, it’s coming out nice and smooth and
there’s no glitter to clean up, isn’t that fabulous. Just like that.

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